12 Cloudy White Crystals

White crystals and gemstones symbolize innocence, purity and wisdom. You can often find them in jewelry or as single healing crystals.

12 Cloudy White Crystals

Gemstone experts also call white crystals colorless stones. While clear crystals, such as diamonds, are very popular, you can also find cloudy white stones with a solid color.

In this article, we explore 12 cloudy white crystals, their meaning and symbolism.

Milky Quartz Crystals

Also known as snow quartz, milky white quartz is one of the most popular cloudy white crystals available. This stone can withstand natural weathering as well as any chemical treatment. It is highly durable and hard.

These properties make white quartz the perfect gemstone for many different types of jewelry and other pieces. Spiritually, white cloudy quartz is said to absorb and neutralize negative energy. It also transform the energy and releases it back into its surroundings.

White quartz is often used for problems with envy or jealousy. You can also ward off other negative influences with a white quartz crystal. Cloudy white quartz is often considered a more natural substitute for diamonds and other clear white gemstones.

White Jade

While green jade is well known around the globe, you can also find many jewelry pieces made with tremolite jade which has a cream, beige (see also, ‘5 Beige Crystals‘) and white color.

White jade is an extremely hard stone that has been mined since the Neolithic times. It is often used in Chinese sculptures. White nephrite jade is the most prized color of jade in China. It comes in different shades, from translucent to cloudy white.

Any type of white jade is considered to be very meaningful. These gemstones are said to have healing properties and it has been used in Chinese medicine for this purpose for hundreds of years.

plenty of healing properties. White Jade has been used for treating joint illnesses, such as arthritis and hip pain, for hundreds of years.

White Scolecite

White scolecite is used as a powerful communication tool to get in touch with the spirit world. It is said to have the highest vibrations of all gemstones. This can help to awaken the heart and heart chakra which can create a sense of inner peace and greater wisdom.

Some people also think that white scolecite can help you manifest everything you want in your life. It also protects you against negative energies.

Like some other cloudy white gemstones, white scolecite is a symbol of deep love which makes it a great stone for an anniversary or wedding gift.

Cloudy White Moonstone

Just as its name suggests, the moonstone is related to the moon. This makes it the famous birthstone for the zodiac Cancer.

Moonstones have a milky hue with a slight shimmery surface. You can place this lovely gemstone under a light and it will show many different colors like a prism.

You can wear a moonstone every day. Thanks to its classic white color, sterling silver moonstone jewelry pairs well with almost every outfit. After you have worn your moonstone for a while, it’s a good idea to clean it in the light of a full moon.

This will remove any negative energies and recharge the gemstone, so it can absorb any negativity and evil to keep you protected.

12 Cloudy White Crystals

White Topaz

Topaz comes in many different shapes (see also, ‘Does the Shape of the Crustal Matter?‘) and colors, including cloudy white. White topaz is another great alternative for diamonds. These gemstones are affordable and they have a beautiful look. But cloudy topaz also has a wide variety of spiritual meanings.

It stands as a symbol for inspiration, peace, love and hope. This makes white topaz a great gift for friends and family who need a little more support in their lives. White topaz is believed to expand our horizons and strive for more knowledge and enlightenment. 

Topaz in a cloudy white color is believed to encourage spiritual growth and self-confidence. This pure topaz gemstone is also a symbol of new beginnings and new life.

Cloudy White Zircon

White zircon is slowly getting more popular on the gemstone market. It is a hard stone which comes in a variety of colors, including white. White zircon stones are considered quite inexpensive, even though they are often traded as a diamond substitute.

If you want to celebrate your 60th wedding anniversary but you cannot afford diamonds, then crystal white zircons are a fabulous gift. These crystals are perfect for any times in your life when you need good fortune, luck and wealth.

White zircon gemstones are said to protect their wearer from any evil energies and attract positive energies. These beautiful stones are also believed to improve the quality of your sleep, such as warding off any nightmares.

White Opalite

While opalite (see also ‘What Is Opalite?‘) isn’t a real gemstone because it’s man-made, it is still a beautiful white stone. This artificial crystal resembles natural opal which is created from volcanic ash.

White opalite doesn’t occur naturally and it has to be manufactured. This means that it is often more widely available and cheaper than natural opal. This being said, it doesn’t look like a cheap gemstone. Opalite has a beautifully cloudy color that comes with light blue hues.

In addition, opalite is said to have similar benefits to organic opal, including powerful healing properties, wisdom and calm. Opalite is often considered a way to instill peace and self-confidence in the holder. It helps to improve personal and business relationships.

This charming gemstone can help you ease the heavy burdens in life and heal trauma and emotional pain. It is also said to clear the mind increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue. This is what makes it the perfect gemstone for meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices.

White Coral

Coral is a beautiful, natural gemstone that comes in a wide range of colors. White coral is very popular because it is so rare. Coral comes from underwater reefs which makes it especially meaningful for everyone who loves water and the seas (see also ‘15 Beautiful Water Crystals‘) .

Many people believe that white coral can heal painful wounds of the heart as well as heart break. It is also said to help with sorrow, depression, anxiety and other illnesses of the mind. It’s believed to give courage and strength to its wearer.

White coral is associated with the zodiacs Taurus and Libra, so these two signs can benefit a lot from wearing white coral. In addition, this gemstone is also a traditional 35th wedding anniversary gift.

12 Cloudy White Crystals

White Selenite

White selenite is a combination of different gypsum minerals. You can find it in different colors, including satin spar and desert rose (see also ‘Desert Rose: Meaning, Powers, And Healing Properties‘). However, cloudy white is still most popular. Cloudy selenite is considered to improve consciousness and give clarity to its bearer.

The symbolic meaning of selenite is closely related to Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. She has the power to light up the night and transform lives.

This symbolism of selenite can be transferred to many items made of this gemstone. You can open up your mind to the universe when you work with selenite stones. It can also help you create change and move negative energies to improve your life.

White Aragonite

Similar to other cloudy white gemstones, white aragonite is usually used for creating peace and pave the way for greater wisdom. This gemstone is said to stabilize energies and bring calm. That’s why, it is mainly associated with the crown chakras as well as the third eye.

Aragonite can also foster a greater understanding of the world and help us perceive different perspectives of reality. You can use white aragonite to clear your mind and enhance your tolerance towards other people and the world.

White Gemstone Opal

Just like its man-made variation opalite, opal also has a beautiful cloudy color that shows different shades of blue and pink. Opal is formed from volcanic ashes and you can find it in a range of different jewelry and decorative items.

White opal is believed to create good fortune in your life and make you see the world with greater clarity (see also ‘What Are The Metaphysical Properties of Opal?‘). It can bring order into chaos and transform negative into positive energies.

Organic opal gemstones are a traditional 34th wedding anniversary gift as well as the birthstone for everyone born in October (see also, ‘What is October’s Birthstone?‘).


Apophyllite also has its name from Greek origins. This is thanks to its flaky raw form. Despite the non-uniform edges, apophyllite is a great spiritual stone.

It is believed to restore positive emotions and absorb negative energies. It can also resolve any energetic blockages. White apophyllite is also said to help increase psychic powers, such as visions and clairvoyance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Crystal Is White And Chalky?

There are many cloudy, white crystals (see also, ‘6 Blue and White Crystals‘) that also have a chalky texture, including white calcite. You can use. this chalky white crystal to clean your aura and chakras.

What Crystal Is Clear And Cloudy?

Quartz comes in a variety of colors and translucence, including crystal quartz and cloudy quartz.

Final Thoughts

There is a large variety of cloudy white crystals that help you gain greater clarity in your life and strive for wisdom.

Andrea Daehma