15 Colors And Types Of Aragonite Crystals

Aragonite is a versatile stone that has many uses, including being used as a crystal for spiritual and metaphysical reasons. 

However, there is much more to the stone that is aragonite than just crystal use. 

15 Colors and Types of Aragonite Crystals

In this article, we will be taking a close look at fifteen different colors and types of aragonite to see exactly what they can do on a practical level as well as from a crystal focused, metaphysical perspective. 

Let’s begin by looking at exactly what aragonite is and how it is formed.

What Is Aragonite?

Aragonite is a calcium carbonate mineral that occurs naturally in the world, being one of only three minerals to do so (with the other two minerals being Vaterite and Calcite). 

Also known as Sputnik aragonite or Golfball aragonite, this mineral is most commonly found in its crystallized form. This form is made up of small, prismatic crystals, though they can also be found as stalactites and masses. 

One particularly interesting fact about aragonite is that there are various marine animals that are actually made of aragonite, such as mollusks, as aragonite occurs naturally in their shells. It can also be found in underwater cave (see also, ‘12 Most Beautiful Crystal Caves in the World‘) as stalactites and in the skeletons of coral. 

Now that we have a thorough understanding of what aragonite is, let’s now get into the different kinds of aragonite as well as the different colors of aragonite crystals. 

1. Raw Aragonite

As the name suggests, raw aragonite is simply aragonite in its base and natural raw form. 

Often shaped like a star cluster, raw aragonite has a certain sparkle to it that gives the stone a beautifully mesmerizing look. 

In terms of the metaphysical nature of raw aragonite, it is often associated with self-assurance and the feeling of security thanks to its grounding nature. 

2. Tumbled Aragonite 

Tumbled aragonite has a distinctive pattern, is a brown/bronze coloring and has a smooth texture and rounded shape. 

The patterns of the tumbled aragonite are reminiscent of a sea mollusk, much like how the shells of these mollusks feature naturally occurring aragonite as previously mentioned. 

The tumbled form of aragonite is thought to be well suited to releasing negativity and creating a balance of darkness and light within the user. 

3. Aragonite Beads 

The prettiness of aragonite makes it well suited for use as jewelry, particularly when it is turned into beads for use in jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 

It is important to note that aragonite beads can be fragile, so you need to take proper care when cleaning and wearing them. 

To wash these beads, use mild soap and warm water and make sure to avoid any harsh chemical cleaners as these could potentially dull the sparkle. 

You can also use these beads in cichlid aquariums, offering some variety to their habitat. 

4. Aragonite Sand

Otherwise known as oolitic aragonite sand, this sand is made up of aragonite and is often used in aquariums to create a natural reef environment. 

Aragonite sand is also well suited for aquariums, as it has a hardness to it that makes it suitable for the burrowing and caving tendencies of the fish. 

5. Black Aragonite Sand

Similar to regular aragonite sand, black aragonite sand is also an excellent choice for aquariums and much like regular black sand, it is an excellent substrate to use in an aquarium as it is inert, thus reducing the chance of pH problems. 

As well as that, the natural coloring of black aragonite sand provides a more natural environment for your fish that isn’t too bright. 

15 Colors and Types of Aragonite Crystals

6. Blue Aragonite

Let’s now move on to the different colors of aragonite crystals, beginning with blue aragonite. 

Blue aragonite (see also ‘15 Powerful Blue Crystals‘) forms crystals in either an acicular or orthorhombic style and is thought to 

have healing qualities that can improve self-worth, enhance confidence, and lessen stress and anger within the user. 

As well as that, blue aragonite is also thought to create a sense of patience as well as a natural intuition. 

7. Black Aragonite

Black aragonite is more general in its metaphysical properties as, much like blue aragonite, it is though to be a crystal that can aid with emotional stress and fight against any anger issues that the user might be dealing with. 

8. Brown Aragonite 

As mentioned, brown is a common color for the aragonite crystal, and so it has various properties associated with it. 

Some of the most well known properties include offering a sense of clarity, turning negative emotions into positive ones and encouraging a feeling of strength to overcome any challenges that you might be facing. 

9. Green Aragonite 

Another kind of aragonite that has a grounding nature, green aragonite, is well suited to those looking to improve their mediation. 

Green aragonite is also a color of the crystal that can help with decision-making and problem-solving thanks to emphasizing the importance of a steady mindset. 

There are various different shades of green aragonite, from leaf green to gray green. It can often be layered with other colors too, such as orange aragonite. 

In terms of texture and appearance, green aragonite tends to have a waxy look and a smooth sheen. 

10. Orange Aragonite

Orange aragonite crystals are thought to offer a feeling of warmth and understanding, with a specific emphasis on truth and honesty.

These are also healing stones that have been used to overcome anxiety, tackle stress and assist in the emotional healing process. 

As well as this, orange aragonite is also know as a “conservationists stone”, thanks to having a vibration that surrounds caring for the earth and encouraging general conservation.  

11. Pink Aragonite 

Much like some of the other colors of aragonite, pink aragonite focuses on healing and gentle grounding. 

This crystal specializes in allowing the user to find their heart’s center to obtain a sense of balance, whilst also encouraging being patient with yourself and those around you. 

Pink aragonite is all about letting your inner self bloom by releasing yourself from negativity and instead embracing the beautiful aspects of who you are. 

15 Colors and Types of Aragonite Crystals

12. Purple Aragonite

Purple aragonite is similar to the pink version of the crystal in that it encourages finding the perfect balance in order to feel more comfortable in your own skin. 

It does this by focusing on balancing comfort and harmony, leading to a deep healing process for the user. 

With this balance also comes the stabilizing of emotions, with this kind of aragonite being well suited to those who suffer with an influx of instability with their emotions. 

13. Red Aragonite 

The red version of aragonite is a powerful crystal when it comes to emotional growth and development, encouraging patience and bravery so that the user might be able to make the changes necessary in their lives. 

It is also similar to the other forms of aragonite in that it gently encourages balance in our mind and bodies, with a positive energy that radiates from the crystal that can lead to the user feeling all the more empowered to make those changes (see also ‘18 Positive Energy Crystals‘). 

14. White Aragonite 

Also known as “Cave Calcite”, white aragonite is another powerful healing crystal that helps to ground the user by emphasizing the importance of patience as well as the necessity to take responsibility for both ourselves, our lives and the planet on which we live. 

The stabilizing nature of aragonite in general combines with the healing elements of white aragonite to create a crystal that is perfect for those feeling a lack of balance and stability in their lives. 

15. Yellow Aragonite

Last but not least, we have the rare color of aragonite crystal: the yellow aragonite. These stones are often either sunflower yellow or vivid gold, making for a particularly eye-catching crystal. 

The yellow aragonite crystal focus on building both compassion and confidence for the user, as well as emphasizing the importance of finding the energy and the courage to continue to grow as a person and as a human being. 

The warm and bright grounding energy of the yellow aragonite makes it well suited for those who find themselves constantly engaged in deep and personal work practices, as it gives the user a chance to find clarity and calmness. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have fifteen different kinds of aragonite, including all of the different colors of aragonite crystals and their different properties. 

No matter what you are looking for from the beautiful stone that is aragonite- whether it is a healing crystal or useful sand for your aquarium- you are sure to find the kind of aragonite that suits you best from our extensive list!  

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