Complete Guide To The Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers Of Unakite

There are so many powerful crystals that are available in our world. 

Each different crystal has its own meaning, healing properties, and powers.  Because of these things, each crystal can provide different benefits to your life. 

Complete Guide To The Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers Of Unakite

They can also be used for different purposes and to help treat different issues that you are struggling with physically, mentally, and spiritually.  

Unakite is one of the most aesthetically beautiful crystals that you can add to your collection, but it has so many practical uses for your spiritual and emotional well-being beyond that. 

In this complete guide, we will cover the meaning of the stone, its healing properties, and the powers that the crystal possesses.  

What Is Unakite?

Unakite is a metamorphic rock that forms when granite is altered by the process of hydrothermal metamorphism.  During this process, the granite in the stone is replaced by a substance called epidote. 

It is this substance that creates the stunningly beautiful green and pink colors that make this crystal so striking and unique.  It is also responsible for the clear or milky quartz element of this gemstone.  

Many people who believe in the powers that crystals possess believe that the process that Unakite has to go through to be brought into existence provides extra powers from the earth. 

This results in Unakite being a crystal that is perceived to have stronger power than some other gemstones. The transformative nature of this crystal can provide extra meaning to this particular gemstone for many people. 

What Is The Meaning Of Unakite?

Unakite is often used alongside other crystals as a means of symbolizing the ground or the earth. Matching this gemstone with other gemstones that symbolize different elements can help you to attain universal equilibrium.  

Unakite is known to be a harmonizing crystal by nature. Because of this, you can combine it with other stones to create a notable increase in the quality and effectiveness of the powers that the stones possess. 

This is really useful for dealing with problems and situations that require multifaceted approaches and different sides need to be appreciated.  

Unakite is a gemstone that commonly signifies energy centers which makes it a perfect addition to crystal collections that are used for chakra work and rebalancing. 

One of the main things that Unakite is associated with in terms of spiritual and emotional meaning and healing is authenticity. This gemstone can be used to help you become more genuine in your socio-cultural settings. 

Unakite has been known to help you connect with your heart chakra which is linked to mental transparency and our ability to control our interpersonal interactions with the people around us. 

3 Benefits Of Unakite

There are three main benefits that people get from using Unakite crystals in their meditation or daily life.  

Living In The Now

Something that can be difficult to do in a world that is increasingly focused on the image that you can project online.

More and more experiences in life are being filmed to be uploaded and, therefore, are experienced through a screen rather than with our own eyes. 

There is also increasing stress in the world that can prevent us from being truly in the moment.  

Thankfully, Unakite can help us to gain the mental clarity and universal equilibrium that will help us to become more present and live more in the now. 

This can be a particularly useful benefit if you find yourself on the outside looking in when you spend time with friends and family.  

Fostering Emotional Well-Being

Using Unakite in your meditation or including it in your daily life can help you to foster improved emotional well-being.  This can help you feel more content and happy in your everyday life. 

It can also help you to improve aspects of your emotions that you struggle to deal with.  Overall, Unakite can help you to feel more balanced, stable, and in control of your emotional state and well-being.  

Manifesting Abundance And Prosperity

The third main benefit that Unakite can bring to your life is abundance and prosperity.  If you already utilize the power of manifestation, Unakite can be a useful tool to make your manifestations more powerful. 

Unakite crystals are particularly powerful when you are trying to manifest an abundance of wealth and financial prosperity. It can also be useful for manifesting an abundance of gratitude for your life and your journey. 

Healing Properties Of Unakite

Healing Properties Of Unakite

As with all gemstones and crystals, Unakite possesses properties that can help to encourage and facilitate healing. This healing can refer to various aspects of our physical, spiritual, and emotional beings.  

It is important to note that if you are struggling with physical illness or severe mental illness, you should seek professional medical advice. 

Unakite can be used in conjunction with medical treatment and interventions to supplement your care but shouldn’t be used solely to treat physical or mental ailments. 

Healing The Mind

Unakite is known for having a brilliant equilibrium with the ground or earth. 

Because of this strong connection to the ground, the stone provides a constant energy supply that has been linked to the processes of mending a rebirth. 

Unakite can help to stimulate psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being by allowing you to access and address sources of mental pain and suffering. 

Further feelings of mental anguish, wrath, and bitterness are rejected from your mind when you regularly embrace the healing powers that Unakite possesses. 

With regular use, you will find yourself facing fewer issues with your mind and more regularly embracing and nurturing the relationships that you have with those around you. 

You may find that your partnerships in life become strengthened when you introduce this gemstone into your life.  

Healing The Body

While Unakite is most popular among spiritual healers and healers of the mind, this mighty crystal also boasts plenty of physical healing properties too.

One of the most popular ways in which Unakite is used to help heal the body is with aspiring mothers.  

Physical healers will often use Unakite as a means to boost ovulation. The gemstone is also used to provide additional protection and safety for both mother and child during childbirth. 

Despite the use of Unakite in the processes of conception, pregnancy, and childbirth, it can also be useful for women who are not looking to enter motherhood. 

Many physical healers and women who have consistently used Unakite in their meditations and daily life have reported benefits in relation to menstruation.

Women see a marked improvement in the menstrual cramps that they experience with regular Unakite therapy or meditation. It has even been reported that using this gemstone can help to improve your menstrual cycle in terms of regularity and strength.  

However, this isn’t a crystal that only provides physical benefits to women. Unakite has been used as a tool to help people overcome struggles with physical addiction and addictive behaviors. 

The incredible balance that this gemstone has can help to reduce or eliminate the overwhelming impulses and desires to indulge in addictive behaviors. 

To benefit from this, it can be useful to have Unakite on your person at all times. 

Finally, Unakite has been praised for its ability to help strengthen your immune system and even promote weight gain in people who are suffering from the physical effects of illness.

Creating physical contact between this crystal and the areas of your body that are suffering from physical illness can amplify the benefits that are achieved.  

Healing The Spirit

It is widely believed that Unakite holds the ability to vibrate with energies that are from other worlds. Many spiritual healers believe that Unakite can open portals between our world and heavenly realms. 

The realms that can be reached through this gemstone are believed to house guardians and messengers.  

Adopting Unakite into your meditations and crystal therapies on a regular basis can help you get closer to these heavenly realms. This gives you the opportunity to receive messages from guardians and messengers that can help guide you spiritually. 

This can be particularly useful for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  

Practicing extended meditation with Unakite has been known to allow your soul or spirit to feel as though it has taken flight and been freed from its earthly shackles. 

This type of meditation is often described as a spiritual high by people who have achieved it.  

Achieving this level of meditation with Unakite is not easy. In fact, it takes a lot of time and effort to develop the empathy and compassion that the crystal requires to gain that level of relationship between your spirit and the gemstone. 

A significant amount of personal insight is required to ascend to this level of spiritual healing. 

Healing Feelings And Emotions

The area in which Unakite shines the brightest is with emotional well-being and feelings. The harmony that can be gained from Unakite is a rare and incredible feeling to be able to possess. 

Emotional balance, such as can be achieved with Unakite, is something that everyone strives for but so often remains out of reach.  

This mighty crystal is able to help you shift your state of mind and support you to grow from the encounters you have in life. This power stems from the natural transformation that is required for this gemstone to form in the first place. 

We have very little control over the things that happen to us in life, but with the power of Unakite, we can make sure that we absorb the lessons from our encounters, grow, and respond well emotionally to our situation. 

One of the best things about Unakite is that it is great at teaching and enables us to retain our wonderment and temperament while absorbing the insight that is provided through different scenarios that can sometimes be difficult.  

Unakite is also useful for allowing a greater understanding and appreciation for the highs and lows in life. Using crystal therapy in your life can help you to achieve abundance and success beyond what you could have dreamed of. 

However, you cannot appreciate the successes without properly acknowledging the low and difficult times.  This is what Unakite is particularly good at helping with.  

How To Use Unakite

How To Use Unakite

Now that you know all the ways in which Unakite can be beneficial to your life, it is important to understand the different ways in which you can incorporate this gemstone into your life. 

There are so many different ways in which you can use Unakite to benefit your life physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  

Wearing Unakite

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this gemstone into your everyday life is to wear it. Many gemstones aren’t ideal to make jewelry from as they are often quite soft and can become easily damaged. 

However, it is possible to get spiral pendants to place your gemstone in to protect it from wear and tear. 

When wearing Unakite, the gemstone will work to extend your soul towards pleasure and being present. This can help you to move through the world in a way that helps you to seek out new encounters and experiences.

It can also help you to enjoy the moment that you are in rather than worrying about past or future events. 

Wearing Unakite or having it on your person throughout the day can help you to face challenges and interactions with balance and can help to keep you anchored to the strength that you possess. 

At Home Or At Work

Placing crystals in your place of work or at home is a great way to utilize their power in a specific space and for all the people who reside in the space. 

With most crystals, the specific location of the stone isn’t crucial, however, with Unakite, it is necessary to think about where you are placing the gemstone.  

One of the best areas to place your Unakite crystal at home or work is in a more industrial area. This can include being placed near computers or even musical instruments. 

It should be placed near something that brings you enjoyment or something that is a favorite object. 

The point of placing Unakite near a favorite item is to promote the joy that the object brings you and to help reject feelings of bitterness or anguish. 

This can be particularly useful in workplaces. 

It is also possible to keep your Unakite crystal in your garden if you have one. Placing Unakite in the presence of nature significantly boosts the power and effectiveness of the stone. 

If you place Unakite in your garden it can have a positive effect on the flowers and plants that grow there. It can also help to bring unity and peace to your family which can lead to a happier and more harmonious home and life.  

Unakite Meditation

As with most crystals, it is possible to benefit from the powers that Unakite possesses through meditation with the gemstone. 

When you practice meditation with Unakite, the benefits that you experience will be focused on the sacral chakra. 

Mediation with this crystal can generate intense but peaceful vibrations that are extremely helpful in allowing you to let go of things that are weighing you down or causing you pain. 

It can also help you to take the steps that allow you to move forward with an incredible strength that is offered by the crystal. This helps you to avoid becoming stuck on a single memory or event in your life.  

The best thing about meditating with Unakite is that the benefits that you can get from your practice with the gemstone can last long after your session has finished. 

Because of Unakites strong relationship with nature and the ground, regular meditation with this stone allows you to conserve the feelings of bright mornings and calm, relaxing evenings. 

This can help you to distract yourself from negative thoughts that try to penetrate your mind and disturb your peace when you are not meditating.  

Unakite crystals can also be super effective when they are placed on your third eye chakra. 

When you allow Unakite to connect with this chakra, you can use the knowledge that you have gained from your life experiences and use them to guide and manipulate your path and your destiny.  

When meditating with Unakite on your third eye chakra it is possible to have visions enter your mind that are packed with symbolism. 

A lot of these visions pertain to where you are in your life journey at the present moment. 

If the visions that are presented to you contain imagery of you falling, or having just fallen, you should aim to pick yourself up and carry on. 

The imagery that is produced through Unakite and your third eye chakra is very useful in guiding you through life and toward your destiny. If things aren’t right in your visions, you can use your actions in life to redirect and change things. 

Unakite Combinations

While Unakite can be used on its own and will provide you with all of the benefits that we have already mentioned above, it works at its best when it is combined with other crystals and gemstones. 

Unakite And Tigers Eye

One of the main benefits of the tiger’s eye gemstone is its ability to keep you grounded.

It allows you to push toward your goals and desires. When you incorporate the tiger’s eye into your daily life, you become composed and driven, there will also be a marked increase in your willpower in relation to your goals. 

These are very similar and complementary effects to those that are provided by Unakite.  

Unakite And Citrine

Citrine is a gemstone that is known for its ability to improve manifestation. The powers that this crystal possesses come from the sacral chakra just like with Unakite. 

This crystal is particularly useful in generating creative energies that are pivotal in the process of manifestation. Using citrine in your meditation can allow you to imagine all of your goals and dreams in life. 

Combine this with Unakite and you will be able to manifest an abundance of wealth and success. 

Unakite And Green Jade

Unakite And Green Jade

Green jade is a gemstone that has long been used to generate fortune and good luck. This crystal is often used in meditation to help generate an abundance of wealth and success. 

This is something that is super complementary to the powers that are present in Unakite. While the green jade can bring luck, Unakite brings focus and motivation to get your goals. 

Unakite And Smoky Quartz

The combination of Unakite and smoky quartz (see also, ‘What Does Super 7 Mean in Crystals?‘) help to make you more present in life. 

Meditating with this combination of crystals will not only allow you to practice a much more focused meditation session, but it will also allow you to focus on the now rather than staying stuck in the past.  

Unakite And Rhodonite

Rhodonite is one of the most aesthetically pleasing gemstones to combine with Unakite. Both of these stones have a stunning natural pattern that includes beautiful shades of pink.

Not only do these stones look good together, but they also work well together. 

Rhodonite is strongly linked to the heart chakra and when we meditate with it, it can help to teach us to have love and compassion for ourselves. 

It is this love and compassion that will help you to achieve the highest meditation with Unakite that allows your spirit to fly.  

Unakite And Malachite

Malachite is another stunningly beautiful gemstone that works really well in conjunction with Unakite. 

Malachite is known as a heart stone as well as a stone of transformation, both things that link closely to Unakite. Malachite is able to align your heart chakra and solar plexus chakra. 

This particular energy alignment in your body will allow you to break through emotional and physical blockages in your body.  

How To Care For And Cleanse Unakite

One of the most important aspects of owning and using crystals to help improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is to care for your crystals. 

For the most part, this includes cleansing your crystals and recharging them to allow them to work at their best.  

Overtime, the vibrations that Unakite works at can become clouded and stifled with the energy that it protects you from. 

If you allow this to happen and don’t cleanse your crystal, you will find that you don’t get the same benefit from the crystals as you once did.  

The most simple way to cleanse your Unakite is with warm water and gentle soap.  A gentle hand soap will be sufficient to cleanse your crystal. 

Not only does this solution help to remove any physical debris or impurities that have built up on the surface of your crystal, but it will also help to rid the stone of negative and impure energies that have been picked up over time.  

It is best to let the gemstone soak, undisturbed in the solution for a few minutes actively cleaning the surface of the stone. Make sure to properly cleanse the stone of any soapy residue once you have finished cleansing it.  

You can also replenish and cleanse the stone without using water. 

If you leave the stone outside, in direct contact with the earth, it can absorb the pure air and calming energies that it is so closely connected to. 

This can be a great way to recharge your crystal and return it to its best, most powerful state.  

Blasting your Unakite with music can also help to rid it of impurities that may have built up. 

Exposing the gemstone to melodic music for a few minutes can be enough to reset the vibrations of the crystal and allow it to shed any negative energies and impurities that are blocking its power. 

The louder the music and the closer the gemstone is to the speakers or source of music the better this cleansing will be and the more hate and anger will be burned from the crystal and the environment around you. 

Final Thoughts

Unakite is a tremendously powerful gemstone that can help to bring balance, serenity, and grounding to your life. 

If you feel a special connection to nature and the earth beneath your feet, this is a crystal that can be extremely beneficial to your life.  

Andrea Daehma