25 Cream Colored Crystals

Are you looking for some beautiful crystals with a gorgeous creamy coloring? It can be hard to find crystals of this specific shade and color. That is why we have written this article.

25 Cream Colored Crystals

There are so many gorgeous crystals out there, so why not enjoy a beautifully off-white or cream-colored crystal? If this sounds like something that you would like to look further into then this article will be perfect for you. 

With all of that said, let us dive right in and get started! There are tons of gorgeous shiny stones to check out!

Cream Colored Crystals 

Below we have gathered the most beautiful cream-colored crystals for you to peruse and check out at your leisure. So, without further ado, let us dive right in and get started!


These stones largely come in purple but they do have a gorgeous cream coloring as well. Thai has to be one of our favorite cream crystals. They are striking, and make absolutely amazing jewelry. 

Dendritic Agate

These gorgeous crystals are typically found in cream or in a glassy color with a beautiful crystal formation in the center. This formation looks a lot like branches which is why this crystal is highly sought after for jewelry or just as a collector’s item. They are just fun to look at.


These crystals are a mineral type of quartz and most often come in yellow. They get their coloring from the traces of iron found in the crystals. Depending on that they can come in cream, pale yellow, bright yellow or even in a gorgeous amber coloring. 

Yellow Jade

This pretty crystal is a ray version of the common green jade. They are composed of calcium, magnesium and iron silicate. They are quite a hard stone which is why they are a very popular crystal for jewelry. 

Yellow Apatite

This gorgeous crystal can come in a wide variety of colors and over the millennia it has been used for many different reasons.

For one, it makes a gorgeous piece of jewelry. On top of that it is also known for providing protection and energy to its wearer. If you believe in that kind of thing. 

Yellow Quartz

Yellow quartz comes in various shades of yellow but it can also come in a gorgeous creamy color. It is a fairly common stone which often is indicative of creativity and heart. On top of that it is also associated with cleansing, and boosting your self-confidence. If you believe in that kind of thing that is. 

Yellow Calcite

If you are looking for a pretty crystal that is symbolic of many positive things then this one has to take the cake. It is said to be associated with self-confidence, hope and the solar plexus. For a gorgeous crystal with a pretty cream color that is quite a lot to live up to. 

Yellow Rhodizite And Londonite

This crystal can come in several different colors including white, yellow and a pale creamy color. These stones are known as borate minerals which is a kind of crystal which includes salt.

But these crystals are not soft or soluble like salt. They are instead a very resilient crystal which is why they are a very sought after gem which many people enjoy wearing in jewelry. 

25 Cream Colored Crystals

Yellow Sphene

This crystal comes in shades of green, red, yellow and a kind of creamy pale color. It is better known by the name titanite because of its high titanium content. When this type of crystal is yellow they are usually translucent and as such prized for their gorgeous coloring, look and feel. 

Yellow Tourmaline

This stone comes in black, green, red, yellow, cream and almost any other color. These beautiful crystals are a variety of tourmaline known as dravite. They are a gorgeous and valuable stone which is very sought after.


This gorgeous crystal is typically a pretty yellowish color which can often look a lot like cream. When these stones come in yellow they are often called cymophane which are known by the public as cat’s eye.

They are one of the third-hardest precious stones on the planet which is why they are so popular as jewelry. But these stones are more special than that, they are also the birthstone for the money of June. According to the Western calendar at least.

Yellow Garnet

These crystals are best known for being red. But they do come in yellow and a light creamy color. The name ‘Garnet’ literally translates to ‘Dark Red’.

These beautiful stones are the January birthstone for the Western calendar. So, not only are they beautiful they also carry a lot of meaning for those that believe it. 

Yellow Topaz

This beautiful stone was given its name back in the Middle Ages. Its name is in reference to the gorgeous yellow coloring that many of these crystals have. But, they do come in a pretty cream coloring as well as green, blue, and red.

Topaz comes in two main varieties known as imperial topaz and precious topaz. Both are gorgeous and worth a lot of money. 

Yellow Danburite

This crystal normally comes in a clear color but it can also come in yellow or cream. These pretty gems are much beloved for their gorgeous color and look. They were first uncovered in the city of Danbury in the United States. This is why this stone received the name it did. 

Yellow Spodumene

These stones often come in a greenish color, but they do also come in a pretty cream coloring. They are also most often transparent which is why they are such a popular choice for jewelry. 

Yellow Labradorite And Andesine

This stone is a feldspar which is similar to sunstones, moonstones, orthoclase, and oligoclase. It is considered to be a semi-precious stone and when you see it you will see why.

They often come in blue, green, yellow and cream. These stones are very similar to andesine which are very pretty yellow gems. 

Yellow Orthoclase

Orthoclase is known as a feldspar much like labradorite, sunstone and oligoclase. On top of that it is a constituent part of moonstone. These gems mostly come in a pale yellow but they do come in cream. That being said, they are most prized when they are yellow as they tend to be rarer. 


If you need a gorgeous gem that is a creamy peach color then morganite is going to be exactly what you are looking for. These gems are most often found in a beautiful naturally formed peach color which makes them stand out against the crowd. They are very similar to beryl. 

Mahenge Garnet

The name mahenge garnet comes from the region where these pretty crystals are found. These stones also go by the name malaia or malaya garnets (see also ‘A Complete Guide To Garnet: Meaning, Powers, And Healing Properties‘). They are some of the most popular stones due to their impeccable look and striking creamy peach color. 

Peach Moonstone

If you are looking for a cream-colored stone with a gorgeous peach sheen then these stones will be one of your favorites. They tend to come in a lot of pretty blue shades which shift in the light.

/zzThe way that the lights shifts along the colors makes these stones look a bit like the moon which is where they get the name ‘Moonstone’ from. 

White Opal

White opals are gorgeous stones which often go by the name ‘Milk Opals’. Thai particular variety is a gorgeous milky why or cream in color. The white opal is considered to be a valuable stone because of the beautiful flashes of color that you can see in the light. 

Peach Sapphire

Much like any other type of sapphire, this crystal is one that is much sought after. It is a brilliant stone which many people would die to have as the centerpiece of a ring or necklace. They can come in many different colors including peach and cream (see also ‘20 Beautiful Peach-Colored Crystals‘). 

Yellow Bowenite

These crystals may largely come in greenish coloring but they do also come in a delightful cream. These pretty semi-precious stones are most often opaque or translucent. They are most often heard in the following countries: New Zealand, in the US, South Africa and China.


This crystal falls under a group of minerals which are long and slender prisms. They most often come in cream but they do come in various shades and can come in cream. They are a very rare crystal which are mostly only brought as collector’s items. 

Yellow Beryl

This delightful little crystal falls under the category of emeralds. They are most often green but they do also come in yellow or cream. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning about these gorgeous cream-colored crystals. If you did not see your favorite cream crystal on this list then do not feel badly. We were hard-pressed to cut down this list down as it is. 

With all of that being said. We hope that you have a great day. Goodbye for now!

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