7 Crystals For Car Protection

Some people find great peace in traveling with stones while driving, especially if they are anxious during travel or travel done in cars. Because of this, some people wonder what the best crystals to travel with are, and what their specific effects are.

7 Crystals For Car Protection

So, if this is the case for you, let’s look at the best crystals to travel with while in a car so you know what will keep you and your car protected!

What Type Of Crystals Are The Best For Protection While Driving

The most effective crystals to use for car protection are the ones which are designed to help with getting rid of negative energy, there are even more specific crystals which are designed to help with travel during longer journeys (see also, ‘12 Best Crystals for Traveling‘).

So, if you commonly experience car sickness, then these crystals will be the best for you to try out. They can often be good for general protection as well, so if you are in a situation where you want more protection, or if you are in someone else’s car, these crystals can also be useful.

For example, there are crystals like malachite which will have a calming effect, and these can be great at lowering the effects of anxiety and further relaxing your body.

While you are holding these crystals you can maintain positive energy and stay more enthusiastic as well. You want to stay positive while you are traveling so you can have the best time possible, so crystals like this will help with that!

The Best Crystals For You To Keep In Your Car

There are some specific crystals which will help you with car protection, and these are some of the best we have chosen. These crystals will help with easing the tension of the driver and will help bring them peace.

These crystals will also aim to soothe the passengers in the car as well and help with conditions which may be out of their control like how weather affects travel.


One of the best crystals for helping with preventing the symptoms of travel sickness, and nausea which is experienced during traveling is howlite.

For example, if you always have issues with your stomach when you are traveling, whether this is in a car, by sea, or by air, then howlite should be able to help with this.

It has been shown that howlite is able to settle your nerves down, but also stabilizes any issues you could be having with your vision, or in soothing any discomfort.

Howlite will make it so you are able to stay optimistic and positive while you are driving to ensure that you do not fall victim to any road rage, or anxiety.

If you are having any doubts when it comes to trouble, or are feeling anxiety when traveling, then you can hold a howlite stone and feel your issues melt away.

This is a beautiful white stone, and it is known to help with stimulating your crown chakra (see also ‘7 Powerful Crown Chakra Crystals‘). This means you will stay alert, as well as focused while you are driving, because of this it is one of the best crystals to keep in the car, or whenever you are driving.


7 Crystals For Car Protection

As many people know, amethyst is a very spiritual stone, and because of this it is able to form a deep connection to its owner. If you are a crystal expert then you know that amethyst aims to aid you with communication with spirit guides.

This is because this stone helps with your intuition and this can help by knocking away any drowsiness you might be experiencing while driving.

The violet sheen of the crystal will help you with resting when you need to, and will help you in deciding when it is time to go forwards.

Amethyst has a very warm energy which helps with making drivers feel more secure when it is near them. The energy of the stone is incredibly powerful, and because of this you will feel safe when you have it on you.

The best way to feel the effects of amethyst is to have it touching your skin, and this is why so many people love wearing amethyst jewelry to keep it close to them.

Clear Quartz

Often considered one of the best crystals for its healing properties, you know why clear quartz (Also check out Fire And Ice Quartz) is so popular. Its beautiful clarity means that it is perfect for clearing and purifying your aura (see also, ‘What Does a Yellow Aura Mean?‘), and this is why it is such a good choice for travelling with since it can clear the stress or negative energy you may be experiencing while driving.

The energy of clear quartz will help clear the emotional smog which can often manifest while driving, and this is done through activating the crown chakra. 

Tiger’s Eye

If you are looking for one of the best stones for helping with safe travel, then look no further than the ability of Tiger’s eye to aid with increasing your concentration and helping you remain alert.

This can help by aiding you in avoiding collisions. This stone also helps new drivers by filling them with the right amount of self confidence to be a good driver.

This is why it is so popular with learner drivers and being worn to help with passing driving tests. This stone has a positive and refreshing energy that is sure to help when driving!

Black Tourmaline

It is thought that black stones are some of the best when it comes to staying protected, and one of the best examples of this is Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline is so popular for driving with because it will remove and then block out any negative energy which could be plaguing the environment of your car.

This will also help you with avoiding more careless drivers who could cause accidents to happen. The crystal also helps ground your energy (see also, ‘9 Best Crystals for Grounding‘) which will help you feel more concentrated and secure which is something which is necessary while you are driving.

7 Crystals For Car Protection


Turquoise has been used as a healing crystal for thousands and thousands of years, and because of this it helps with protecting those who are lucky enough to be wearing it.

The stone brings both clarity and happiness which are perfect for when you are driving, and if you are living in a polluted area with lots of cars, the turquoise can aid with lifting the effects of this pollution as well.

It is not just helpful for when you are driving, but also for protecting you when you are near roads and cars as well!

Black Obsidian

Finally, one of the best stones for aiding with protection is black obsidian which is perfect for disintegrating any negative energy in your vicinity, or in this case in your car, and instead promotes positive thinking.

This stone, like amethyst, is perfect for increasing your intuition which is incredibly important when driving, as it will help you with spotting danger before it has come into effect.

Foresight is important while driving, so having a stone like black obsidian present to help you with this is important. Black obsidian (see also ‘How Much Is Obsidian Worth?‘) is also good to hold when you are in public transport in helping you feel grounded and secure.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a bit of a bonus choice because it is less intended for drivers, and more passengers. This will help you in being protected for the potential reckless actions of other drivers.

The rose quartz will also aid with protecting the heart and the energy of the people in the car. This will help with stopping any potential emotional conflict which can arise while driving since arguments are common when people are stuck in the same vehicle, especially if there is pre-existing tension. 


We also mentioned malachite in the introduction, and this is because it aids with feeling energized and alert while you are driving. This is why it is so popular with people who are traveling long distance while driving.

Of course this crystal is not the only thing which will keep you alert, but it will aid in not needing to rely on things like caffeine, or energy drinks as much to stay awake while driving.

On top of this it also helps you reconnect to the energy of nature which helps in revitalizing you, which is something which is very important while driving. One of the most popular ways to wear malachite is in a ring, as this is easy to do and gets some great results with the close contact.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need on stones which will help with car protection, as well as what kind of stones to look out for when trying to get crystals for car protection (see also, ‘8 Crystals for EMF Protection‘).

As a reminder, you want to focus on stones which aid you in staying alert, as well as eradicating any negative energy. If the stone can also help you remain concentrated, as well as cleansing any bad influences of others, this is helpful too.

Andrea Daehma