8 Crystals For Emf Protection

Modern technology has a power over us, whether you’re reading through social media, slouching over your laptop, or relaxing in front of the TV.Even while technology is a fantastic benefit, we might unknowingly be badly impacted by technological devices.

8 Crystals For Emf Protection

Microwaves, cameras, and phones all emit electromagnetic radiation. These EMFs—or electromagnetic frequencies—carry energy pulses that can be harmful to human health.

Like sunshine, EMFs have been around since the start of time.

EMFs are now concentrated and created by humans. Although this low-level radiation might appear safe, the IARC of the WHO (World Health Organization) discovered that EMFs may cause human cancer.

EMFs may, at worst, result in cancers, cell damage, and decreased fertility. EMFs’ effects require more study, but until then, it’s a smart option to stay as far away from them as you can.

Since ancient times, people have used crystals because it is thought that they offer protective properties. They can be utilised in a variety of ways, such as putting them around doors and beneath pillows to ward off bad energy.

In this article, you’ll learn which crystals can shield you from EMFs and how they work to counteract negative energy.

How Are EMFs Dangerous To Us?

EMFs by themselves are not dangerous. Low level and high level are the two main types. Strong waves that are released either by sun or by powerful medical equipment like X-rays are known as high-level EMFs.

Most often created by humans, low-level EMFs originate from electric lines and household electric sources. Continuously being exposed to low-level EMFs could be harmful. EMFs might affect cellular activity by penetrating the body deeply, but more research is required.

EMF radiation can damage the brain and cause learning disabilities, as well as possibly alter DNA. 

The physical effects of EMF exposure are fatigue, headaches, restless nights, and mental health problems. One or two of these symptoms may have come to you, or perhaps a few.

Nevertheless, there are some hazards associated with EMF exposure, so it’s critical to use caution.

How Can Crystals Aid With EMF Protection?

Throughout history, people have used crystals to fend off bad spirits, treat ailments, and keep themselves safe. Additionally, they can be utilized to sanitize and cleanse the environment.

The energy fields inside us and our environment are balanced by the energy that crystals emit.

All crystals have unique characteristics. Others could have different impacts, while some might be protective. However, there are numerous crystal varieties that can shield you from EMFs.

Some of these, especially those with high iron content, can prevent the body from being exposed to negative energy, including EMF infiltration.

Some crystals have the capacity to cleanse. These stones might strengthen the energies in your house, capturing any dangerous EMF waves before they have a chance to damage you.

These crystals may counteract the harmful effects of EMFs by absorbing negative energy.

Crystals That Protect Against EMFs

Numerous crystals can protect you from the bad energy of EMFs. Several of the most typical ones are included in the list below:


For thousands of years, people have relied on amethyst to promote harmony, tranquility, and safety. It is claimed to remove negativity and bring about inner peace. It is frequently worn while meditating to promote focus and attention.

Tiredness and brain fog are two signs of being exposed to EMFs. When the mind is foggy, amethyst can help with focus and clarity.

Amethyst may assist you to regain control and stay concentrated if it is kept close to an area with strong electromagnetic fields.


8 Crystals For Emf Protection

Stones like citrine can help ease worries and fears. Additionally, it works effectively to erase any destructive thought processes and reduce emotional barriers.

Citrine may remove energy barriers to promote circulation, which can help to maintain the health of the nervous system.

The solar plexus plus root chakras are associated with this assertive, energising stone (see also ‘9 Beautiful Root Chakra Crystals‘).

Citrine can therefore support your immune system’s growth and energy levels, which might be harmed by EMF exposure.

Clear Quartz

The “mirror” of the universe is clear quartz. It enhances self-awareness and intuition by reflecting light and energy back onto itself. One of the greatest crystals for EMF shielding is clear quartz since it protects against bad energy.

It can facilitate healing from the impacts of EMFs and assist the user in increasing their energy flow.

Despite this, quartz should never be placed next to any electronic gadgets. Clear quartz is a mirror, so instead of protecting you from EMFs, it can make them stronger. Keep pure quartz with you or utilize it to purify a place instead of putting it beside your devices.

Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is a potent crystal that can aid in removing tension, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions (see also, ‘What Crystals Aid in Cancer Healing?‘). As the technique may remove both good and harmful energy, it is best to utilize when clearing off EMF radiation.

You can use rose quartz to draw back loving, uplifting energies into your life.

Additionally, the stone can enhance blood circulation. This helps the body flush out damaging waves, such as EMFs, which can make you feel exhausted or worn out.


Ancient stone known as Shungite was previously mined in Russia. It has a lot of minerals, notably magnetite, which has antiviral properties.

Shungite is supposed to be able to resist and absorb harmful vibrations, preventing any hazardous energy from harming people.

This is most likely caused by the element’s 98% carbon structure, which has excellent absorption capabilities.

Shungite is known to draw good energy, which makes it perfect for shielding yourself from EMFs.


Natural deposits of the mineral pyrite can be found in the Earth’s crust. It is a type of iron sulfide, which means that iron and sulfur are present in it.

Pyrite is said to rid the body of negative energies since iron has the ability to absorb radiation.

Pyrite can detect any harmful vibrations because it is such a defensive stone, protecting the body from poisons, pollutants, and, of course, EMFs.

If you decide to use pyrite, keep it away from any laptops or computers. Its system could be harmed by its magnetic characteristics.


Bloodstone is a daring stone which has been employed for cleansing and protection throughout history. It helps one feel grounded and focused because it is linked to the root chakra.

A potent stone for purification is bloodstone. It can help our bodies get rid of contaminants and defend against EMFs.

It can also assist people in coping with the side effects of EMF exposure by making them feel grounded, balancing their hormones, and calming their nerves if they have been overworked.

Snowflake Obsidian

Volcanic glass known as obsidian comes in a wide range of hues. Snowflake obsidian seems to be a rare kind of obsidian that results from the rapid cooling of lava, which produces tiny, spherical rock flakes.

It is well recognised to remove EMFs as well as negative vibrations from both within and around us. Those who experience mental tension or lack of attention may find equilibrium by incorporating snowflake obsidian in their lives (see also ‘How Much Is Obsidian Worth?‘).

How To Use Crystals For EMF Protection

If you’re not clear how to use the crystals mentioned above to shield oneself from EMFs, here are some suggestions.

Keep Them Close To Your Electronics

8 Crystals For Emf Protection

Any unwelcome vibrations that your phone, laptop, or television may be creating may be repelled by laying a few crystals nearby.

But be aware that some crystals, including pyrite, have magnetic properties that could harm your technology. Before proceeding, research the gemstone you intend to use.

Keep Them On Your Person

A few crystals in a pocket or purse might provide you with protection all day.

This is perfect if you are traveling, in an office, or walking around, as you’ll be sheltered from bad forces wherever you are.

If you intend to carry a few crystals, putting them in a small bag can help you avoid misplacing them throughout the day.

Place Them By Your Bed

When you are unconscious in this dimension, arranging crystals around the bed can keep you safe.

To protect yourself from EMFs, you can simply put them underneath a pillow, on your nightstand, or at each of the four edges of your bed.

If you typically keep a phone near to your bed, you might want to consider setting up an absorbent crystal, such as shungite.

Any negative energy from the phone will be absorbed by this, protecting you from its effects as you sleep.

Crystal Jewelry Wearing

If you don’t want to keep crystals in a bag or pocket, wearing jewelry is a terrific alternative.

Using a rose quartz pendant or even a citrine bracelet will help you attract good energy and protect yourself from EMFs.

Final Thoughts

There is evidence that electromagnetic frequencies harm us. Because our world is so dependent on technology, it isn’t always practical to reduce our usage of it. You can use crystals as a form of defense against these harmful energies.

Although not all crystals can shield you from EMFs, the stones mentioned above may help you ward off harmful frequencies, attract uplifting energies in your life, or cleanse your system from the effects of EMFs.

There are countless applications for crystals, however if you want to utilize them near electronics, consider caution!

Some crystals, like some quartz, might enhance EMFs while others, like some crystals, can have magnetic qualities that could harm your device. Make sure your crystal is appropriate for the use you have in mind before using it.

Andrea Daehma