12 Crystals For Gratitude

We should all have gratitude in our lives. It is a really important aspect of our lives as it has a direct impact on our health. According to a study that appeared in a Psychology Today article, those who are grateful tend to be happier overall.

12 Crystals For Gratitude

Therefore, having an optimistic outlook might have a significant impact on your general health. A regular gratitude exercise is one of the quickest ways to feel happier. Although it’s not always simple, there are several crystals that can encourage a much more grateful mindset.

We have collected together 12 crystals which are known to help you with gratitude.

Grey Botswana Agate

Grey Botswana Agate is seen as one of the crystals of gratitude. It teaches us how to be grateful while assisting us in overcoming feelings of isolation, fear, and loss.

The internal transformation from a problem-oriented to a solution-oriented perspective is facilitated by Gray Botswana Agate.

This encourages us to express greater gratitude for all the chances and lessons that come our way. Therefore, we may appreciate life as it is and value each moment.


Amethyst is widely used for meditation. This is because this crystal has the capacity to soothe our minds and transport us to a peaceful environment.

It encourages us to be grateful for what we have and transforms negativity and low vibrations into high vibrations. By doing this, we develop the ability to be in the now and recognize more blessings everywhere we go.

Even during difficult circumstances, amethyst encourages us to focus on all the positive aspects of life. This then helps us to let go of worry, anxiety, and stress.


Emerald (see also ‘How To Identify Raw Emerald‘) is considered as a crystal which promotes appreciation. As a result, it encourages us to recognize and value each stage of our spiritual and emotional growth. It is a crystal of acceptance that has the ability to quiet the complaining voice inside our own heads.

Instead, we can view the world from a position of love, understanding and forgiveness. This can only be done by accepting how we feel and our own spiritual nature. This changes our perspective and lets us view the light in life rather than just the shadows.

In the end, we are grateful for everything we have and ourselves. 

Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is an effective stone for encouraging balance, protection and self-confidence (see also ‘15 Beautiful Crystals For Balance‘).   This grounding stone opens the solar plexus Chakra and gives you the willpower and inner power to keep a grateful and cheerful outlook. 

Tiger’s Eye is always there to help remind us all that occasionally, we need to say thank you ourselves. This is because we frequently fail to notice the numerous blessings in our lives.

The upbeat spirit from Tiger Eye encourages us to see the possibilities in every circumstance. In addition to being able to attract more wonderful things into our life, we are also able to recognize and appreciate the riches we already possess.

Additionally, it secures what we already have. This way, our newly discovered thankfulness automatically attracts more blessings.

Rose Quartz

The essence of rose quartz is love. However, being in love doesn’t necessarily entail starting a romance. Rose quartz is an excellent choice for developing a grateful heart since it offers unconditional love, soothing, nurturing energies of gratitude. While also healing your heart.

It is known that rose quart is an excellent choice when it comes to gratitude, because it aids in anyone who mentally is lacking to find love or gratefulness.

Hence, rose quartz is incredibly therapeutic. Instead, we might see the world with much more compassion and love because of its frequency.

This crystal is perfect for anyone who finds it difficult to envision a better future. Since it fosters a feeling of deeper appreciation in the wearer. We are then able to draw even more love vibrations into our energetic field as a result of our gratitude.

Clear Quartz

One of the crystals of gratitude that helps us adopt more upbeat and hopeful perspectives on life is clear quartz. It teaches us how to see any circumstance as a gift, even if it’s a gift in disguise. This then helps us discover and cultivate a more optimistic outlook.

12 Crystals For Gratitude

Its frequency allows us to be more assured that everything is happening for the best. This way we can be grateful for all the experiences we are experiencing. This is due to the clear quartz connecting us to the Universal Truth. Hence, it tells us that we all have everything we need right now, which we should be grateful for. 


The stone kyanite is excellent for promoting the flow of positive and creative energy. It is also regarded as a stone that aids in understanding loyalty, love, and honesty.

It’s a fantastic stone for fostering gratitude as you recognize the power of your relationships and the blessings of love you have received.

Kyanite is available to support us in making the mental adjustments required to arrive at a state of gratitude. This crystal is very uplifting and encourages us to enjoy the life we have been given. With its power leading us, we may develop a much happier look back on our lives.

It enlightens us to the positive energies that surround us. While also making us grateful for our current situation.


Chrysocolla promotes gratitude by assisting us in viewing the world through the eyes of forgiveness and love. This will then allow us to participate in the world from our heart. This way, we can gradually cease viewing it through pessimistic, depressed spectacles.

It enables us to appreciate objects and people for all of their qualities and imperfections. Which then makes room for a deeper appreciation and understanding of what we have.

More importantly, chrysocolla teaches us to have a compassionate view of ourselves and to learn to honor and value each step we take along the way of life.


When we don’t feel like we have anything to be grateful for in life, Hiddenite is a great crystal to have on hand.

This gem has the ability to uplift our spirits and drive away dark thoughts. It accomplishes this by reviving our feeling of optimism and encouraging us to cherish the route we are on. This is another crystal for gratitude that supports our quest for comfort and tranquility at all times. 

Thus, we are better able to let go of unfavorable thoughts and perceive every day as a fresh chance to feel happiness.

Green Apatite

Apatite has been used by Native Americans for many years. It can re-establish your connection to nature and function as a natural energy cleanser. 

Green apatite is the ideal stone for gratitude, since it stimulates a natural desire for life. In addition to letting you see your own successes and wealth.


Citrine serves as a reminder to appreciate everything in life. Thus, we shouldn’t be taking anything for granted.  It enables us to love all the little things that bring us happiness. In addition to this, citrine helps us to recognize the joy and chances that are given to us as well.

With this energy, we can learn to accept life’s ups and downs more easily. We can be assured that everything is happening for the best. With this newly discovered gratitude, we may entice more joy and love to come into our lives.


Rhodochrosite is a strong stone for the Heart Chakra. This crystal focuses on love, harmony and joy. It is a fantastic option for people wishing to develop a sense of kindness and self-love to others as well as to themselves. This is due to the crystal’s potent therapeutic powers. 

It is a powerful crystal with healing qualities that encourage creativity and positivity. Which can not only raise your sense of self-worth, but also your gratitude.

How To Use Gratitude Crystals?

Once you have found your preferred gratitude crystal, you need to know how to use them. Hold your crystal close to your heart as you mediate. Or place your gratitude crystal by your bedside table.

This way, you will wake up with a sense of gratefulness. In addition to this, each morning you may write your gratitude journal with your crystal nearby to inspire you. Finally, by keeping your crystal on hand, will allow you to feel the grateful energy throughout the day. 


Utilizing these crystals can help you feel more grateful, which will help you feel greater compassion, love, and happiness in all aspects of your life. In this article, you now have 12 crystals for gratitude to consider getting your hands on. 

All of these crystals will help you develop a more grateful attitude which shows you all the good things happening in your life at a time when you may feel lost. 

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