9 Crystals For Guidance

Going through a tough time and feel like your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you? Or are in need of guidance to take you through this confusing moment in your life. Crystals can be the talisman you need to connect with your guardian angel.

9 Crystals For Guidance

While many don’t believe, it is not uncommon to look to a higher power in times of unrest and transformation. There are always spirits around you, looking to guide you to your next journey. 

Want to know where you should be heading? We have 9 crystals that will open you up to communication and provide you with the answers you seek. From opening your chakras to expanding your essence during meditation, the following crystals will unlock you to a whole new world. 

Check them out below!


Ametrine improves spiritual consciousness to receive divine instruction by opening the crown chakra.

With this newly acquired insight, it empowers clear and deliberate action for positively improving your life. Ametrine improves learning by sharpening mental focus, enhancing problem-solving skills, and increasing mental clarity.

Ametrine, a stone of connection and balance, is thought to ease anxiety, promote calm, inspire creativity, and balance mental stability and self-confidence. Amethyst and citrine are both regarded to be detoxifiers, therefore ametrine is thought to provide a twofold boost in this regard.

As it harnesses the power of both amethyst and citrine, it can restore imbalances in energy and support you where you need it most as you continue your journey to a better, successful life. 

The stone can help you stay invigorated, promote healing, and decrease stress. This is so that you can maintain your energy and enthusiasm for a longer period of time because the stone draws energy from the moon and sun.

The stone can also give you a strong connection to the spiritual world and assist you in discovering your purpose and direction in life.

Angel Aura Quartz 

The pearly iridescence of Angel Aura Quartz emits a strong vibe that uplifts the spirit and instills a profound sense of calm. It creates a conduit for receiving angelic messages and direction toward one’s spiritual goal by bridging the worlds of Heaven and Earth.

With its prismatic light, which purifies the chakras and aura, it restores the body to its organic state of delight.

Angel aura quartz (see also ‘Everything You Need To Know About Aura Quartz Crystals‘) delves deep into the soul for a transformational cleanse. Allowing you to open your mind to new beliefs and to reach new levels of perception. Perfect if you are seeking guidance from something bigger than yourself. 

Placing angel aura quartz around the home or office can cleanse the space and allow you to unlock yourself to new experiences. Effective when working towards something big that may have major impacts on your life. 


The energy of omniscient wisdom is carried by the radiant vibration of apophyllite (see also ‘The Most Significant Health Benefits Of Apophyllite‘). By expanding consciousness and opening the crown chakra, it creates a direct link to the higher dimensions. This dazzling crystal clears any place with pure white light, bringing peace and tranquility.

Apophyllite is also renowned for its capacity to access occult psychic powers, channeling ideas and feelings that transcend our limited bounds.

For individuals who are open to a more intense spiritual practice, this stone has great things in store, from clairvoyance and visions to connecting spirit and truth.

Allow the water-like energy and brilliant white light of apophyllite to fill every dim nook of your home. This stone is lovely and calming, and it is a wonderful addition to any altar.

By bringing the potent stone of apophyllite in, you are cranking up the volume when it comes to spiritual sass, whether you are using tarot cards (see also, ‘How to Cleanse Tarot Cards’), meditating, practicing reiki, or taking a minute to think and connect.

Blue Apatite 

Blue Apatite broadens the intellect to enable a broader comprehension of ideas and circumstances by clearing the auric field of harmful mental junk.

It offers the key to releasing your creative freedom by increasing the openness to inspiration and fresh ideas. It utilizes your intrinsic ability of manifestation to build a world full of opportunity with a concentrated heart intention.

Blue apatite is a dual-action stone that is renowned for utilizing inner strength to accomplish objectives.

It eliminates uncertainty, passivity, and negativity. This healing gem stimulates the intellect to help us learn more and realize the truth, which are gifts that can be put to use for either individual or societal advancement.

Your third eye chakra and your blue apatite can work together to concentrate healing energy on your creative and psychic abilities. There are several ways to wear the stone for this, like using it in eyebrow piercings, for instance.

9 Crystals For Guidance


The alluring swoops of the violet light of charoite ignite a personal transformation toward self-acceptance and all-encompassing love. By establishing order in the midst of chaotic ideas and situations, it provides a clear perception.

It provides reassurance that you are exactly where you need to be, strengthening your faith in Divine timing.

Charoite is sometimes referred to as a “stone of transformation” since it is considered to help people change their negative emotions into positive ones. It is thought to promote confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, and inner strength.

Wearing charoite close to the skin is one of the best ways to embrace its mysterious energy. You can raise your frequency by wearing Charoite gemstone jewelry, which invites the stone to connect to your own vibrations.

The simplest way for crystals to work their magic is through wearable jewelry because they can direct healing energy where it is most needed.

Herkimer Diamond 

Herkimer Diamond cleanses the body and transmits the highest frequency of life force while emitting positive energy. It improves the experience of shamanic journeying and inner body awareness by heightening psychic vision. 

It develops the link deep within as the light of your consciousness becomes more powerful, awakening an enlightened state of being.

All quartz crystals are powerful, but Herkimer Diamonds are the strongest. Being doubly terminated, they have the capacity to receive spiritual energy, amplify it, and concentrate it intently in addition to transmitting their own energies.

They are said to be harder than any other Quartz crystal, providing them the resilience and strength to withstand difficult difficulties that are beyond the capabilities of other Quartz crystals. 

They more than make up for any physical size deficiencies with spirit energy.


By releasing tension from the body caused by anxiety and panic, its relaxing effect calms the emotions. Magnesite stimulates large ideas that result in fresh realizations and advance scientific knowledge by enhancing the power of the mind.

 It channels messages from divine entities in the form of visualizations and waking dreams by awakening your psychic senses to a higher state of consciousness.

Deep serenity is brought on by magnesit during meditation. When placed on the third eye, this stone improves imagery and visualization and can support innovative and creative thoughts.

The crown chakra helps to open as a result of it. Additionally, it increases genuine love and opens the heart chakra (see also ‘15 Beautiful Heart Chakra Crystals‘).

Magnesite exposes all types of self-deception. It grounds the intellect and aids in identifying unconscious feelings and thoughts. It encourages a positive outlook on life.


Tremolite may link to the energetic essence of any person, location, or circumstance via conducting universal life force. 

When loved ones are separated by vast distances, it deepens a connection from heart to heart and draws their presence into the relationship. Distracting thoughts and distractions are eliminated, allowing memories and astral images to surface.

It gives people who are struggling with difficult situations courage and strength, especially those with a nervous disposition.

It is said to reduce anxiety and panic as well as emotional burdens. Tremolite is thought to help others feel more secure and to be helpful for emotionally sensitive children who don’t feel like they fit in.


Ulexite encourages rapid thinking for absorbing new knowledge and streamlining difficult problems by arousing a curious mind. By enhancing the imagination, it opens the door to creativity and makes it easier to come up with fresh ideas and be constantly inspired. 

Ulexite, who has the ability to perceive things beyond the scope of the human eye, encourages exploration of other worlds and extraterrestrial lands.

Ulexite guides you toward problem-solving and activates the solution. Ulexite is a stone of revelation; it allows you to look into the hearts of others, enabling you to make wise decisions.

Final Thoughts 

In times of transformation or confusion, it can be hard to know if you are heading in the right direction. Crystals can have a way of unlocking your spiritual being and allow you to connect with your spirit guides in order to get some clues as to where you are headed. 

We have 9 of the best crystals for guidance. So, you can embrace the moment and know that wherever you end up, it will be the right place for you. 

Let yourself take a breath and channel your energy into one of the crystals above for a guiding hand to the unknown. 

Andrea Daehma