16 Crystals For Heartbreak

Crystals are frequently linked to love, protection, and healing. They are also known for being effective tools for removing bad energies from our body and promoting healing after heartbreak. Crystals are minerals that form naturally and have special qualities.

16 Crystals For Heartbreak

Some crystals are thought to possess particular abilities that can help us reconnect to our higher selves, draw us to nature, or heal us from painful experiences and breakups in relationships (see also, ‘10 Crystals for Couples‘).

Natural stones in a variety of sizes and forms are called crystals. Typically, they are created deep in the soil and then brought up to the surface.

We examine how these gems and their energy can infuse your life with uplifting energy, which can therefore aid you in getting over a breakup. Let’s begin.

What Crystals Can Heal Heartache?

1. Rose Quartz

It is well known that rose quartz is a great crystal to utilize when we have to let go of past emotions and sensations (see also, ‘10 Crystals to Help You Move on and Let Go‘). They can bring serenity and tranquility by assisting us in letting go of past wrongs.

This stone is reputed to cleanse our bodies and brains of any negativity for a new beginning. It makes us feel more rooted and in the moment.

The crystal you really want to disclose everything about your breakup to is rose quartz, which is also known as the stone of love. You can establish confidence, harmony, and self-forgiveness from it, and it can listen to you just as effectively as your best friend can.

This rose crystal can aid in digesting regret, remorse, or specifics of a breakup if you are experiencing any of those feelings.

2. Amethyst

Many people have utilized amethyst to get through challenging times. Because it was formerly believed that wearing amethyst would prevent you from getting drunk when you drank alcohol, the name derives from the Greek for “not intoxicated.”

One of the most well-liked gems for emotional healing is amethyst. It is thought to aid us in developing inner fortitude and composure under pressure. It is also believed to aid us in overcoming sadness, loss, and of course, relationship tragedy.

When somebody close to us passes away, we may feel profound loss and emptiness. Amethyst can ease those distressing feelings and help us move on.

3. Citrine 

Another excellent crystal to use after a split is citrine. It is considered to usher in fresh beginnings and assist us in realizing what matters most in life.

When we are faced with tragedy or loss, it can help us rediscover positivity, making it a fantastic crystal to carry or wear when we are feeling sad or depressed.

4. Jadeite

Jadeite is a strong stabilizing gemstone that can assist us in maintaining our composure when everything around us seems to be crumbling.

16 Crystals For Heartbreak

It is claimed to help with the release of resentment and rage. It can assist us when we are depressed after experiencing heartbreak.

5. Lapis Lazuli

This is a potent stone for healing. The crystal is thought to have its roots in India. It is regarded as a healer of all ailments.

It purports to uplift our spirits and cleanse negative energies. It is also referred to as a crystal of inspiration and courage (see also, ‘The Best Crystals to Inspire Hope‘), which is precisely what someone looking to overcome heartbreak looks for.

6. Malachite

A green gemstone called malachite is frequently linked to safety. It is thought to give us confidence and protect us from extraneous influences. When we must make crucial judgments and take action, it is also helpful.

Malachite is a stone of metamorphosis that promotes rebirth, aids in the release of past pain, and enhances our ability to see clearly. Teaching you to accept responsibility for any actions you may have taken is one of the transforming traits.

Recognizing whatever you did that may have led to the breakup is key in processing this if you recently become single. You are going through a kind of transition and this crystal helps you get through it.

7. Lilac Kunzite 

This crystal can  widen the heart and mind and has strong healing abilities. It also improves your ability to use intuition.

You could lose confidence in yourself after a breakup, but this crystal helps you reclaim it. The crystal is comparable to the friend who pushes you to get outside again.

This refers more to social interaction, volunteering, and having a positive influence on others around you rather than necessarily entering the dating scene.

8. Moonstone 

A relaxing stone that promotes serenity and harmony, moonstone. After enduring heartbreak, it is thought to be a great crystal to utilize when you have problems falling asleep at night.

Moonstone is also said to promote self-love and care and helps restore your faith in your own skills.

9. Obsidian 

Black volcanic glass known as obsidian is very protective. It supposedly guards against negativity and poor fortune. It is also claimed to aid in letting go of ingrained patterns and behaviors.

It can free us from the familiar, whether that familiar was a deceased loved one for whom we must express our grief or a partner with whom we must end a relationship.

It can assist us in overcoming heartbreak and continuing on to find happiness and success. Additionally, it’s a fantastic crystal for releasing bonds that no longer benefit you.

10. Pink Sapphire 

Deep pink is a stunning color for pink sapphire. It is a symbol of force and inner strength. It is believed to energize the head chakra and facilitate communication with our higher selves.

This gem will give you the strength to face your anxieties and help you mend any internal wounds (see also ‘14 Powerful Crystals For Strength‘). You’ll know when you’re prepared because you’ll feel strong and confident enough to proceed.

11. Rhodochrosite

Mineral rhodochrosite has a purple-greenish-blue hue. It is a crystal that aids in improving our understanding of ourselves. In order to change our feelings and thoughts, it enables us to become conscious of them.

There are moments when we don’t know how to handle heartbreak. Rhodochrosite assists us in identifying the emotion and allowing it to pass. It also aids in our ability to accept who we are at the moment.

16 Crystals For Heartbreak

12. Septimus

The peace stone, or septarian, might be useful when you’re trying to deal with heartbreak, make peace with your ex, or put old relationships behind you.

Septarian relieves stress and anxiety while promoting inner serenity. This stone might be ideal for you if you frequently replay disputes from prior relationships in your thoughts or have trouble moving on from the past (see also ‘10 Beautiful Crystals For Relationships‘).

It enables you to view the situation with much clearer vision and to put your partnership and separation in the light of a larger picture.

13. Green Aventurine

This crystal, which emanates energy from the green heart chakra, is unique since it is reputed to protect the heart. Wearing this stone can aid in healing and shield the wearer from additional heartbreak. 

It is also thought to calm nauseous feelings and agitated emotions. These feelings may be the result of heartbreak and may aid in the healing process.

14. Blue Lace Agate

Clarity and understanding are said to be brought by the potent stone known as blue lace agate. It is rumored to assist us in letting go of negative thinking and reintroducing positive energy.

After a heartbreak, it is thought to foster optimism and hope, helping you to once again focus on the positive aspects of life.

It enables you to move forward with an optimistic outlook and to see the future with enthusiastic eyes.

15. Black Moonstone

The stone with the best reputation for reducing grief is black moonstone (see also ‘The Meaning And Properties Of Black Moonstone‘). It enables life transformations and aids in the commencement of fresh beginnings.

This crystal can aid in the grieving process, which may be a component of moving past your breakup. Once you’ve resolved this, seize any fresh prospects and begin your subsequent chapter.

16. Chrysoprase

If you’re looking for positivity, you need this crystal. The stone of alignment, chrysoprase, can make you feel so happy and upbeat. It is the crystal that will enable you to rediscover happiness.

Following your heart is encouraged, and it practically functions as an antidepressant. It also loves to promote self-love and empowerment.

Chrysoprase also aids with the release of grudges, allowing you to move on with forgiveness—whether it be forgiving yourself or your ex-partner.

This stone always reminds you that the world is filled with sunshine and joy. It lifts your spirits and enables you to go on cheerfully.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of the crystals you can utilize for sadness and heartbreak and how they may help you let go of the past and look to the future with a smile.

They may serve as a companion, a therapist, and most importantly, they can remove any negative energy that is preventing you from moving forward.

Don’t be afraid to seek the aid of a crystal if you feel like you need it while you are experiencing heartbreak since they may help you mourn, cry, and comprehend your emotions.

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