9 Crystals For Joy

One of the basic human emotions is joy. Without joy, the world can appear dreary, uninviting, and lonely. 

9 Crystals For Joy

Our lives can occasionally become less joyful as a result of situations or occurrences. Sometimes there is no cause, and we simply feel our delight ebb away. 

Life can be challenging enough on its own, but when we are unable to appreciate the little things, find joy in the small things, or laugh at the minor mistakes we make, we are more likely to slip into a hole of darkness from which it is impossible to emerge. 

We think crystals can be helpful if the world around you seems gloomy or dark, or if you are having problems experiencing joy the manner you previously did. 

Additionally, we advise that you get professional assistance if you are suffering from severe depression. While crystals can help you with the healing process, significant issues demand urgent care.

Happiness is frequently elusive. What makes you happy today could appear uninteresting tomorrow, while you might discover countless sources of joy elsewhere.

However, it never hurts to use some of your crystal collection’s energy support.

Depending on what you’re looking for, crystals can give you a boost, heal you, or aid you in a number of other ways. 

There are a specific few, nevertheless, that are incredibly effective in assisting you in drawing and maintaining delight, fulfillment, and happiness.

You may freshen up your assortment with the key crystals for happiness with this approach.

Keep reading to discover more about the 9 best crystals for bringing more joy and happiness into your life.

9 Best Crystals For Joy

1. Rose Quartz

9 Crystals For Joy

Rose quartz is among the most popular and useful gems for joy and is incredibly effective for all forms of emotional distress. 

It is widely accepted that it stands for unwavering love, mercy, and heart-centered recovery. According to legend, rose quartz has the power to clear blockages from the heart chakra, creating channels for you to release emotional trauma and discharge negativity.

Love heals and inspires, even in the most difficult circumstances, if there is one thing we can be assured of in this world. 

Rose quartz is inextricably linked to love and everything it stands for. All aspects of intimacy—friendship, family, passion, and love—are covered by the influence of this therapeutic stone.

2. Black Tourmaline 

9 Crystals For Joy

The inky appearance of black tourmaline belies its ability to bring optimism into your life.

It is recognized as one of the most powerful protective crystals available and is frequently placed around the neck to protect the wearer from harmful energies. 

Black tourmaline is a good choice if you’re looking for crystals that will help you be more positive because it will enable you to create a peaceful foundation.

It’s crucial to take precautions to shield oneself from external negativity as you pursue happiness. 

We are all connected through a worldwide network, which can be both humbling and encouraging. Your personal wellbeing and happiness will be significantly enhanced if you take precautions against pervasive negativity.

3. Carnelian

9 Crystals For Joy

This stone’s vivid color draws attention to one specific aspect of mental wellbeing: confidence. 

Self-confidence problems affect many of us in silence and can have a terrible impact on our interpersonal connections, professional jobs, and romantic relationships. The chakra, which controls ardor, assurance, and vigor, is activated by carnelian.

Carnelian is the crystal for you if you’ve ever believed that you’d be much happier perhaps if you had a bit more self-assurance (see also ‘The 10 Best Crystals To Pair With Carnelian‘). 

Developing an inventory of crystals for joy holistically is essential. Apply your crystals to help you in those aspects by identifying what is preventing you from achieving happiness.

4. Citrine

9 Crystals For Joy

Citrine, which has a soft yet potent glow, is ideal for people seeking a general uplift in positivity. Citrine is frequently linked to the sunshine, optimism, joy, and self-esteem because of its lovely, opaque yellow luster.

This very common gem can provide a strong energy field that encourages self-love and confidence when combined with carnelian.

Citrine is frequently sported on the body by crystal aficionados when self-doubt makes an appearance. For instance, public speaking occasions, tests, marriages, business presentations, and more.

5. Amethyst

9 Crystals For Joy

Due to its beauty, amethyst is a favorite among collectors. Amethyst is among the most sought-after gems worldwide because of its vivid purple hues that change with the light.

It ranks among the greatest crystals for happiness because it also has spiritual qualities.

Even though the heart is most frequently linked to happiness, our intellect is equally important to our emotional health. 

Amethyst is thought to activate the third eye, bringing about mental clarity and a link to ancestral wisdom.

Keeping a couple (or several) amethysts around the house will help you to rid your mind of negative thinking patterns and replace them with peace.

6. Moonstone

9 Crystals For Joy

Moonstone has a close connection to lunar movement and energy, as its name suggests. The divine feminine force of the moonstone has been attributed to it by both contemporary and historic cultures. 

Moonstone is thought to promote a caring, peaceful, and healing environment whether it is worn or kept. 

Moonstone is a potent instrument for upholding a secure, caring environment from which you can construct a dynamic, flexible emotional resilience during challenging times, especially when used in conjunction with other crystals for positivity. 

Your moonstone will bring you much joy if you take proper care to keep it safe and recharge it with the glow of the full moon.

7. Lapis Lazuli

9 Crystals For Joy

Lapis lazuli is highly sought-after by collectors for its intense royal blue coloration. It is frequently referred to as “the stone of truth” since it promotes candor and openness in all interactions. 

Remember to carry one of these around with you if your relationships aren’t communicating well and your mental well-being has fallen out of balance.

Honesty is a vital component of happiness, despite not always being simple in practice.

Lapis lazuli will open your chakra and release the truth if you are having trouble setting clear boundaries, being assertive, or just having an honest talk with somebody you care about.

8. Turquoise

9 Crystals For Joy

Many people consider turquoise to be a physical representation of the relationship between the sky and the Earth because of its exceptional healing powers. 

This stone will restore your relationship with the Earth and strengthen your life energy when you are having trouble finding motivation and joy in your daily activities.

Turquoise is said to be particularly powerful when presented as a present, making it the perfect crystal to offer to loved ones who need encouragement. Of course, it’s quite acceptable to treat yourself as well!

9. Celestite

9 Crystals For Joy

You only need to gaze upon this gorgeous stone to feel inspired. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, celestite’s sky-blue hues contain strong healing energy. 

Any starter set of “crystals for happiness” should include celestite because of its exceptional grounding qualities. 

Its name comes from the Latin word caelestis, which means heaven. Given its magnificent aesthetic and therapeutic qualities, it is easy to understand why this jewel was given such a divine name.

The Joy Of Orange Crystals

Orange is frequently associated with happiness and camaraderie. It is a lovely, vibrant color that exudes joy and pleasure. Orange is among nature’s most potent colors, just like the lovely hues produced in a magnificent sunset. 

As it interacts with the joyful aspects of gold, the intensity of a red ray has a nearly multiplying effect inside the orange ray. 

The orange crystals have the ability to mix, integrate, and unify because of the red rays’ strength combined with the gold rays’ intense fire. transforming orange into the hue of pleasure.

You’ll be happiest with crystals that are completely orange. Orange is a cheerful, sociable, and giving color. It connects objects and people.

It unifies the various elements of our shared lives. Joy is a sincere, passionate emotion that is pure and elusive. 

People frequently lose the ability to feel genuine delight as they age. It may be a mild joy or a strong, enduring emotion. 

Perhaps a little orange should be incorporated into your everyday life if anything ever seems to be amiss but you are unable to put your finger on what it is.

Nothing seems to be quite as cheery and vibrant as Orange Spessartine. This remarkable crystal’s vibrations and rays have the power to envelop us in complete joy. 

It enables us to rediscover the joy we’ve been looking for and missing in our lives. Spessartine garnets boost vitality and spread happiness. They assist in bringing the energies of the chakras into balance. 

The force of the red rays combined with the ferocious flames of the gold rays give Spessartine its orange color, which gives it the ability to mix, integrate, and unite. Other practitioners claim that it draws devotion, kindness, and understanding.

Final Thoughts

You’ve discovered the ideal crystals for happiness and joy in this article. Any one of these 9 crystals will make you happier by adding a little brightness to your life.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and consider adding a few of these beautiful stones to your collection.

Andrea Daehma