12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

When things go wrong at certain times of the year, those who are well-versed in the laws of astrology blame mercury retrograde. 

12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

This is a phase that happens three or four times a year and refers to when the planet Mercury is moving in the opposite direction to planet Earth. 

Mercury is the planet that governs communication, travel, and learning, so Mercury Retrograde is often blamed for any issues that occur within these aspects. 

This article is going to discuss Mercury Retrograde in a little more depth, as well as certain crystals you can turn to that, will help guide you through these troublesome times. 

What Is Mercury Retrograde? 

While the word ‘retrograde’ has us believing that Mercury is moving backward, this is not entirely true. 

Mercury normally moves faster around the sun than planet Earth. It takes 88 to move around the sun, compared to the 365 days that Earth takes. 

The idea that Mercury is moving backward is an illusion. A few times a year, Mercury will begin to move more slowly around Earth, creating the optical illusion that it is moving backward. 

As mentioned earlier, in astrology, Mercury governs travel, communication, and learning. Therefore, whenever the planet Mercury is retrograde, issues may begin to arise across all of these aspects, such as travel plans, business deals, and even mechanical issues. 

Since it happens throughout different times of the year, it will visit a different astrological sign, so any aspects of life that are linked with that sign are likely to be affected.

For example, the next Mercury Retrograde will occur around the sign Capricorn. Therefore, aspects related to partnerships and money may be affected. 

Astrologers believe that during this time, it is best to hold off on any conversations relating to your relationship, to keep an eye on any flights you’ve booked, and to avoid making any new business deals.

They state that during these times it is best to avoid any life-altering plans. 

The Best Crystals To Use During Mercury Retrograde 

Those who believe in this alternative form of healing, believe that we can absorb the properties that certain crystals have, in order to offer us some protection from our external environments. 

Therefore, as Mercury Retrograde occurs a few times a year and has the ability to throw a spanner in the works when it comes to communication, travel, and learning, it may be of use to be aware of the crystals that can offer us support through these trying times. 


12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

Turning to the crystal aquamarine can give you stability when you need it most during Mercury Retrograde. It can help with self-awareness and inner strength, especially if you need to have some difficult conversations in a relationship. 

It can help you align with your inner self, and will provide you with a protective layer around your energy field. 


12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

Throughout the trying times when Mercury Retrograde occurs, it is important to protect and focus on your throat, heart, and root chakras. Chrysocolla is a jack of all trades and targets all three of these chakras. 

It is a crystal that will help balance and heal exchanges, allowing you to acknowledge when it is best to speak, and when it is best to listen. 

Rose Quartz

12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

Love is the most powerful energy, which means you should take extra steps to protect it throughout Mercury Retrograde. 

The rose quartz crystal can help you attract love, improve your own relationship, or help you realize when your relationship is over. 

It is a stone of unconditional love, so whether it is self love, romantic love, or love of your community, friends, or family, this is a stone that is worth keeping close throughout Mercury Retrograde. 

Blue Lace Agate

12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

It’s normal to experience feelings of anxiety and overwhelm during Mercury Retrograde. Fortunately, this beautiful crystal can help calm you. It is a gentle stone that promotes tranquility and grace, helping you through times of darkness. 

It also encourages inspiration, enhances self-expression, and allows you to access highly energetic realms. 

Aside from the above, it also reduces feelings of anger (which may occur throughout Mercury Retrograde) and calms any nervousness you may be feeling. 


12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde brings with it issues relating to communication. This can be between lovers, friends, family members, and even co-workers. 

The crystal turquoise can provide you with the courage needed to express yourself clearly without fear. It can also help reduce the chances of misfortune, which is a godsend during Mercury Retrograde. 

Turquoise is also a stone that is effective in absorbing any harmful vibrations, which is also very useful during Mercury Retrograde. 


12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

Throughout the Mercury Retrograde periods that occur in a year, it is normal for aspects of your life to turn dark, twisty, and downright negative. 

Having a crystal such as hematite nearby during this time can help clear out this negative energy. It can help you get rid of any feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety, and make room for positive feelings in your life. 

It is closely linked to the root chakra, where it is able to balance and neutralize all seven chakras. 


12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

In times of need, you can always rely on Amethyst. This is a beautiful crystal that has wonderful protective qualities, and can therefore protect you during Mercury Retrograde. 

It has strong links with the crown chakra and can help to purify the mind and clear any negative thoughts you may be feeling (which is likely to happen throughout Mercury Retrograde). 

Many choose to meditate with amethyst in order to rid themselves of any anxiety and stress they may be feeling, especially during Mercury Retrograde. 

Clear Quartz

12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

Clear quartz is a useful crystal to have, not only during Mercury Retrograde, but at all times. It has links to all of the chakras, so having this crystal around can really balance out all of the energies within you, promoting peace and harmony. 

Having peace and harmony throughout Mercury Retrograde will really make those weeks a lot easier for you. 

As if clear quartz crystals couldn’t be great enough, they are also the stones that are most powerful when it comes to manifesting.

Mercury Retrograde is a great time to reflect and acknowledge what it is you truly want, and doing that with this crystal around, can really help you manifest your dreams. 

Blue Kyanite 

12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

This gorgeous baby blue crystal is very helpful during Mercury Retrograde. It is a stone that can help you communicate with others, aiding you in getting your message across correctly. 

As miscommunications often happen during Mercury Retrograde, having this crystal nearby will really give you some guidance

It has strong links to the throat, third eye, and heart chakras, and can really restore balance in these, making you feel a lot more wholesome throughout this troublesome time. 


12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

As mentioned earlier, technology issues are very common during Mercury Retrograde.

Placing the crystal shungite next to your devices, will not only help your devices work more efficiently, it will also purify the EMFs before they enter your body, as they are known to cause harm towards your inner energy. 

Aside from the above, shungite also has links to all of the chakras, meaning it is a stone that will help restore balance to each and every inch of your body, mind, and soul.

Therefore, it is a great stone to have during this time. 


12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

Many believe that Mercury Retrograde is a time to revisit old patterns, behaviors, and lifestyle choices in order to determine what is no longer serving you well. 

The crystal rhodochrosite can really help you when it comes to looking back. It has a very tender and soft energy, and really aids you if you need to heal old emotional wounds, as well as bringing out your inner child, and looking for forgiveness within yourself. 


12 Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

Labradorite is the perfect crystal to help you acknowledge what it is that Mercury Retrograde is bringing up. Perhaps it’s making you realise you hate your job, or you’ve realised you’re in a loveless marriage (see also, ‘8 Crystals for Marriage‘). 

This is a stone that allows these underlying issues to come to the surface, and helps you examine them in order to determine whether serious changes need to be made. 

It provides you with a safe space in order to analyse all these questions, in order to make some serious decisions about your life. 

Final Thoughts 

Mercury Retrograde occurs a few times a year, and refers to the phase when Mercury is moving slower than planet Earth is around the sun. This gives the optical illusion that it is moving backwards, hence the name ‘retrograde’. 

As Mercury governs aspects of travel, learning, and communication, these are thought to be affected negatively when Mercury Retrograde is happening. 

Therefore, many people will turn to certain crystals that have certain properties to guide them through this time. These crystals can be kept next to your bed, worn as jewelry, or simply held close to you, in order for you to absorb their healing energies.

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