13 Crystals For Power

Many areas of life can bring unexpected challenges, ranging from the loss of a family member, losing a job, failing to carry out a personal project, and so on. Here you can tap into your personal power, so you don’t feel held back anymore.

13 Crystals For Power

The problem of this is where to start, which comes down to expanding your consciousness, observing your energy, and taking actions that improve your relationship with your inner spirit, where you can get clarity and peace.

If you’re looking to go on the journey of self-empowerment and want to draw powerful energy from crystals, read on to find out more.

1. Tigers Eye

The bold stripes and glistening brown is the main draw of this stone, as this alone can give you the vibrancy that you are looking to bring into your life, but its effects are far from superficial, as it concentrates on confidence and self-worth.

This stone can give you balance and a better connection to the chakras and your core, so you stay resilient and shifts focus from negative emotions to other perspectives, even if there is a significant amount of chaos in your life right now.

2. Hematite


This stone can give you the comfort you need, so it gives you good coverage and the energy to display your newfound strength, and being connected to the root chakra means your fundamental energy center is refreshed.

This unblocked chakra gives you the clarity you never thought possible to feel more focused and connected. Even exercise may be easier for you, so you can get some stability and belong in your life.

3. Bronzite

Suppose you feel stuck in a relationship or career that you think is best to put aside. In that case, you can find bronzite is brimming with energy that repels negative energy, attachments, and any karmic bonds, so it’s like you have your own guardian with you.

This power can connect you better to the sources causing the negative energy by removing stress, depression, and anxiety so you can remove these destructive behavior patterns that can attract more abundance.

4. Leopardskin Jasper

This spotted stone works when you want to boost motivation and lead to the true you.

It is even more effective when used with manifestations, as you can believe and attract a positive mindset by overcoming defects in character and motivation.

Like the bronzite, this stone can be reassuring because it can help break harmful habits.

When you harmonize with it, you can enhance your true capabilities, so it is an excellent addition to your collection if you’re in the process of total healing.

5. Serpentine


As these stones are, they can act as a cleanser for your digestion while detoxifying the body and blood for pollution from energy or electromagnetic influences.

This gives your consciousness the ability to analyze better how these influences affect you.

When used in meditation, this stone can open your heart so that you can accept positive energy better and manage those situations that give you the most stress and emotional issues, where you can start to look to the future with some excitement.

6. Selenite

For those who want to gain knowledge of themselves and a universal consciousness, this stone allows the higher crown chakras to gain a higher guidance, which can come in the form of spirit guides or through a deep peace that is achieved by spiritual work.

For inner power, it helps to be open to any energies and see things from a different perspective, so with this stone, you can become flexible in a mental and physical sense, which is just what you need when getting an idea of your inner strength.

7. Amethyst

This stone is a common feature of any spiritual journey as it has such great physical and mental healing properties, as they are connected to the third eye, which in terms of understanding and trust, is a source of great wisdom, as they have a calming and cleansing power.

You can also be more in tune with the divine, so being more in touch with these inner forces allows you to look outside of yourself and consider how you can draw out any negative energies and remove them, so it can feel like getting over a prolonged illness.

8. Sunstone


This stone is the ultimate source of light and guidance, which can be welcomed in any scenario where you need more assertiveness and building from your own strength.

Hence, sunstone draws out a lot of masculine energy, which may be necessary for your development.

The focus is on the sacral chakra, which, when utilized, can boost your creative energy and sensuality and heal your emotional body, so you can manifest your dreams and pursue them by taking charge without any barriers.

9. Moldavite

Just like clear quartz, this stone has the power to amplify the energies that come from other stones, so you could use this one if you find that you want different areas of your space to give you a connection to your inner spirit, which can show you the path that you are taking.

This helps for self-awareness, so you can better look for the aspects of your life that are giving you the most issues and acknowledge these, so you can make your peace with them and move on, so keeping this one close to you is a good way to use it.

10. Seraphinite

If your concentration is skewed and you find it hard to focus, this stone can promote intuition and inspiration, so you can remove the mental fog that has been stopping you from being able to draw from your inner strength.

As it has a connection to the heart chakra, you’ll also find it easier to express yourself and identify thoughts and energies that are consuming a lot of your physical and mental energy while giving you a chance to learn more about your spiritual existence.

11. Opalite


Also known as the Tiffany stone, and even with manufactured varieties, you can get equal properties that can heal the self by lifting the burden of trying times and relationships, where those who suffer from emotional distress or trauma can be equally helped.

For this stone, it’s best to have it as close to the skin as possible, as it can clear blockages in your chakras, and through this, you can improve your connections to them so that you can get a balance of feminine and masculine energies.

12. Diamond

These charms of life are a symbol of purity and help bring all of the messy pieces of your life and bring them together into one whole, which may be why they are a popular feature on rings and necklaces, though some may not know the energies that come from them.

The stone works as an energy amplifier, so it doesn’t require recharging. It can bring abundance into your life in many unexpected ways, where you can heal the soul and remind yourself of your aspirations, whatever stage of your journey.

13. Ametrine


For those who feel they are too judgmental of themselves and others, which may have caused difficulties and drained any inner strength, these stones allow you to be more tolerant of others and may even increase your compatibility.

For physical strength, this stone has been known to help the immune system and the nervous system, which can be affected by mental and emotional exhaustion, so you can take control of your life and become more aware of your environment.

How Do these Stones Work For Personal Power?

The most popular way these are used is by meditation or simply carrying them around in a pouch, so exposure to your lower chakras can give them more energy, which can unblock them.

You can find after some time that your thinking and perceptiveness are clearer.

You can use them at home if you want to gain the energies to be more positive in your life, or you could use them at work, so if you feel that you aren’t assertive enough, the stones can help you build your personal power.

They can work just as well when used in affirmations or manifestations, so you can place them near you and help you thrive in your environment, as you’ll get a better idea of the sort of energies that radiate around you.

The Bottom Line

With this in mind, stones shouldn’t be used as a substitute for medication, as you may need this if you are dealing with pain that causes you to limit your activities, as self-care comes in many forms, which these gemstones can assist with, however you use them.

The key is to understand your relationship with the energies in your life so you can find stones that can help with your chakras and reduce the negative effects of yang energy.

Andrea Daehma