10 Crystals For Sadness

Simply having the appropriate companion on occasion is the best treatment for depression. Bringing the physical world and the metaphysical together is how crystals help folks who are suffering. 

Listed below are the 10 best spiritually charged crystals that you ought to know about if you or somebody you know is depressed.

10 Crystals For Sadness

The Top 10 Crystals To Fight Depression

Different people experience depression in varying degrees of severity. Depression can appear as a minor imbalance or as a crippling disorder that prevents an individual from interacting with the external world.

Users of crystals have discovered that since depression and anxiety frequently coexist, treating one usually also helps the other. However, different beings experience anxiety in different physical locations.  There is no set pattern for how this illness manifests itself.

The most effective stones for depression may work better for some symptoms than others. After reading each stone’s description, decide which of its characteristics most closely matches your individual experience.

Keep in mind that some crystals are harder to find and mine because they are more rare on Earth. Because of the increased retail costs, some suppliers instead opt to produce fake stones using less expensive components like coloured glass.

Not all vendors behave honorably; others are jumping on the healing crystals bandwagon to earn money quickly and don’t care about who gets taken advantage of in the process. 

When buying crystals, quality is crucial. Do your research and, if in doubt, choose unpolished, uncut raw stones; it is impossible to replicate unpolished, uncut raw stones with artificial materials.

1. Carnelian

Because it works to change the human psyche and facilitate the development of a brave, inspiring point of view, carnelian is a potent healer. 

It accomplishes this by first getting rid of all signs of exhaustion, which is important for people who are struggling with the type of depression that causes one to want to stay in bed all day.

This stone acts quite directly to combat these emotions if your sadness is a result of intense wrath and resentment. Even in the most severe abuse or neglect situations, it encourages forgiveness.

Carnelian (Check out How To Tell If Carnelian Is Fake) connects with the idea that coping with depression is an endurance game. The crystal is all about overcoming life’s greatest challenges and discovering methods to do so with fervor and action rather than letting them consume you.

2. Rose Quartz

Another stone that is widely available is rose quartz, a soft pink stone. People utilize this stone, known as the crystal of love, to increase the amount of love they show in their intimate interactions and even at work.

One of the most reasonably priced crystals for depression is rose quartz. Without spending a lot of money, you can scatter a bit of this stone throughout your home to form a type of healing network in your particular area. Raw rose quartz can be purchased in bags for less than $10.

Rose quartz has a calming effect on the heart, which for some people are the primary cause of their depressed spirals. 

If this describes you, you’ll discover that rose quartz helps to balance these emotions, making the subsequent reactions more conscious and under control. Over time, this may slow the start of depressive episodes.

Rose quartz is a potent tool for balancing the amount of control you allow others over your emotions if your relationships with others tend to make you depressed (whether you have a difficult husband or are a parent to a youngster who is struggling).

10 Crystals For Sadness

3. Sunstone

Some types of depression are cyclical, meaning that the onset of unfavorable weather and the changing of the seasons can set them off. Extreme weather regions (hot summers, subzero winters) are more prone to have residents who experience this type of depression.

Individuals with seasonal depression frequently cite the benefits of sunstone as a crystal. Even during the darkest of days, these gems emit the energy that the sun charges them with.

Every time the user feels tempted to spiral, the high vibrational stone pulls them firmly into their own present in an indisputably calming manner.

4. Smokey Quartz

All black stones are potent shields against evil karma. The amount of negativity that can permeate your inner being and impact your ability to maintain a stable mood is constrained by their ability to absorb it on your behalf.

Smoky quartz effectively does this. It diffuses the negativity inside the rock itself in addition to absorbing it (see also ‘18 Incredible Rock Crystals‘). This helps to lessen the effects of sorrow, stress, and sadness.

Quartz in all its forms has a deep relationship with the human body. They absorb and reduce physical discomfort, which is a sign of severe depression in some people. 

Even when there is no physical illness, some depressive states can make the body appear to be in agony. In this regard, smokey quartz serves as an ally; for best effects, apply it directly to the body.

5. Kunzite

Although kunzite is a more uncommon stone, devoted individuals make it a point of finding it because they are aware that few other stones can match its vibrations.

Since serenity is the antithesis of depression, kunzite attempts to gently instill this antagonism into the user’s life. 

It makes sense that someone would experience depression if the heart and other related channels of communication were to get obstructed. These channels may be opened up by kunzite, allowing for communication and healing to occur.

Depression frequently resembles a shortage of love, yet kunzite is aware that there is never a lack in any aspect of existence. 

Kunzite is a tremendous educator in how to better traverse the physical world from an abundance perspective, rather than from a scarcity one, because she was prompted to learn this by firsthand experience.

6. Citrine

A slice of raw citrine is magnetic, as everyone who has ever seen it can attest. These stones are soft shades of orange and yellow. Some will have darker orange spots scattered with intermittent yellow.

Citrine focuses on joy and enthusiasm; it aims to attract and increase these qualities in every aspect of the person’s life. 

It has got to be among the most potent stones for depression if life’s anxieties are what feed your disquiet because depression can make it difficult to respond to moments of anxiety with great hope.

Citrine is also invulnerable to anxiety and worry; it’s almost as if the stone just rejects them. All that is necessary from the user is submission and acknowledgment of what’s happening.

10 Crystals For Sadness

7. Labradorite

Depression frequently occurs as a consequence of changes taking place in the person’s life. Change can destabilize our beings since not everyone can handle it in the best possible way.

Because of its main purpose of supporting throughout times of change, labradorite ranks among our favorite stones. It turns into a vital ally for the user, enabling them to face the challenges with tremendous fortitude and less propensity to crumble under pressure.

One’s aura may deteriorate or even get tainted during transformation. Everyday life can seem much worse than it really is if you are operating with a negative aura. 

We are able to face life head-on because labradorite acts to nourish and preserve the positive aura.

In addition to the above, labradorite is a stone with captivating aesthetic qualities. You’ll spend hours gazing at the holographic layers that are nestled in the earthtones and blacks of this rock formation.

8. Amber

Amber is occasionally affectionately known as “drops of the sun” or “tears of the gods.” Working with these stones gives the impression that god-like powers are at work since they contain energies that are far bigger than what people are capable of understanding.

Amber is immune to negativity; it may release the mind from some of the most extreme downward spirals including negative thoughts about oneself or other people.

9. Tiger’s Eye

Despite occasionally showing black streaks, this stone is a brown and gold marble. The name is appropriate because it resembles a tiger’s fur, although one that is glossier and more seductive.

Even the smallest pendants are incredibly strongly protective over the wearer, and you don’t need a very large portion of it for it to work.

Tiger’s eye is calming, and even if it doesn’t directly lessen your anxieties or despair, it can nevertheless encourage you to perceive them through a more relaxed bodily condition, which frequently provides the impression that they have lessened.

This stone is for you if you could benefit from some luck. Tiger’s eye is a good luck charm and enjoys providing the user with extra options, particularly in the area of their work. 

Stones with a brown color are typically excellent grounding factors. This stone can aid in bringing your energies back to Earth and pulling you firmly into your present when despair and anxiety are leaving you feeling as though you’re floating in another world.

10. Lepidolite

Lithium, a substance used in anti-anxiety medication, is found in lepidolite stones. People with depression are frequently given specific lithium-based medicines. There aren’t many crystals more well-known than this one.

The best technique to recover from sadness and anxiety is known by lepidolite, which actually understands their frequency.

Lepidolite crystals bring overstressed individuals back to the most present state, enabling them to spend less energy submerged in the lower vibratory worlds.

These rocks resemble amethyst in an uncanny way, however lepidolite is more lilac-gray in hue. 

Having a portion of it next to one’s bed is the most efficient means of allowing the stone to enter the user’s mind while they are sleeping because during the day, jumbled thoughts can limit the stone’s capacity to penetrate deeply.

Final Thoughts

We trust you enjoyed this article. Consider wearing a necklace made from crystal that speaks to you if you’re interested in using crystals in your life in order to fight depression. 

In addition to offering the advantages of whichever crystal you select to wear, mindful jewelry made from crystals can also be utilized to assist in slowing your breath, resulting in a greater sensation of calm and tranquility.

Andrea Daehma