13 Decorative Crystals

Gemstones can come in many forms, whether in large geodes, tumbled stones, or even inserted in jewelry. You can find many benefits in using them in various areas of your home, as they can add an accent while having many healing properties.

With so many gemstone types out there, it can be challenging to locate and identify ones that can be targeted to a kind of healing that you need, as they can also be ways in which to connect with nature and give you a vital power that may be missing from your space.

13 Decorative Crystals

To find out which stones look divine and can be used in some regions of your home, read on. 

1) Black Tourmaline 

Not only can you get this stone in other colors, but it can create a layer of protection from any negative energy or emotions that can manifest themselves in your space, so you can place one of these by your front door or use it in your bedroom, as a means of protection.

You can even have one of these in your pocket or on a necklace, as when entering a negative space that you may not be familiar with, you can return to your balanced area without bringing any of this negative energy back with you, so is a must as a piece in your home. 

2) Charoite 

This deep purple or violet stone is more than a spectacle to be marveled at but gives you some key benefits such as assertiveness, self-esteem, creativity, and inner strength, which many of us can struggle with in a continuously busy environment. 

This makes the stone quite versatile in how you use it, as you can use it in a workspace, bedroom, or kitchen, or you can use it with black tourmaline or a blue lace agate for a soothing presence that can keep you rooted to the ground for some balance in your journey. 

3) Jasper 

These earthy-colored stones are popular with those who want to de-stress and see things clearly, as it can be easy to get lost in your own thinking, which can result in aggrandizing negative thought patterns which can feel as if they are holding you back.

You can find different colors reflecting different uses, so a green one can bring you calm, a yellow one, which gives intellectual clarity, or blue, which provides motivation. You can search deep inside you for the right type and determine which would benefit you the most. 

13 Decorative Crystals

4) Fluorite 

Fluorite is another stone that offers a lot of bold colors like emeralds and deep purples, so a few of these beautiful specimens in a bowl can make a good centerpiece in which negative energy is absorbed and turned into positive ones.

Suppose you’re having issues around spiritual or existential concerns. In that case, these stones can increase your vibration and give you a fresh internal aura, so you may have a clearer mindset that allows you to tackle problems uniquely. 

5) Citrine

This yellow quartz gives you a lot of warm colors in your home, which reflects in its properties and can give you feelings of positivity, illumination, and even renewed romance if this goes beyond human interactions. 

If you’re doing a clearout of your space and want a new start, this crystal harmonizes with your area to help with emotional and physical ailments. With this new and refreshed vitality, you’ll find that meditation or reflection is more positive and productive. 

13 Decorative Crystals

6) Aventurine 

This deep green stone is a shimmering type used for prosperity and confidence. As they have high energy, you can feel the effects pretty quickly, as your aura will feel different and comfortable, so it is an ideal stone for those who have lost their way or have feelings of doubt.

This chakra stone allows you to be more expressive and removes any barriers to achieving a better level of thought, so it can be used if you’re about to partake in a new project or self-improvement journey and can add some luck to your life as well. 

7) Hematite 

A stone that has been known for a long time for its healing properties, this sliver grey stone can fit into any home space and has a bit of density to it, so you’ll notice that it’s heavier than you’d assume, but the benefits don’t end there. 

This stone has been long linked to the blood, so it’s considered to help with blood circulation and heavy periods. It can detoxify the body, give you strength and self-esteem, and balance yin and yang energy, creating clarity in your soul. 

8) Obsidian 

A stone classified as volcanic glass and has a distinct black earthy color, these highly protective stones can block negative psychic presences and stimulate exploration by clearing confusion by helping you identify who you really are.

These truth-seeking stones are great for use in personal spaces where thoughts of trauma and emotional blockages resurface, aiding digestion and reducing joint problems and cramps, making them perfect for those in the process of self-healing. 

13 Decorative Crystals


If you look at the Laguna agate, this stone has deep scarlet and red shades so that you can get some interesting patterns, so when polished up, this stone adds vibrancy to any space, but many other types look just as precious. 

Suppose you find you have a compulsiveness that leads to negative behaviors.

In that case, this stone gives you composure, stability, and maturity, so you can still generate ideas that are productive to your work or health without being overwhelmed by these as your imagination flourishes. 

10) Onyx 

This stone comes in two colors, a subtle green and a black that resembles obsidian, with the added benefit of improving your base or heart chakra so that you can find inner peace and wisdom from the presence of these.

With this, you get stability, where the world will feel less restrictive and unhappy, so it can be used by those who may be experiencing long periods of fatigue or illness, as your body is encouraged to focus on healing. 

11) Amethyst 

These all-in-one stones are popular because they give you spiritual, emotional, and physical balance. Their deep purple colors give any space a mystic and earthly feel, as you can find them in many different sizes and cuts. 

Have one of these nearby, and you will notice that your mind becomes clear, and your immune system is improved, as well as better intuition and a hormonal balance, so if you have felt out of sorts for a while, it might be time to add an amethyst to your decor. 

12) Clear Quartz

This colorless and transparent stone is often used with other crystals as it amplifies the energy that comes from them, so if you are doubtful about the stones you have and want to boost their effects, this stone will fit anywhere, including modern decorative spaces.  

When used in a crystal grid or as a shrine, you’ll find that all chakras in your body are restored, which will feel like a heavy weight is lifted from your physical, mental, and psychic body, so be sure to recharge it to cleanse them and boost these other effects even more. 

13 Decorative Crystals

13)  Carnelian 

This bright orange or red stone gives off a lot of warmth and comfort, so if you want a nurturing environment full of happiness, creativity, and laughter, this is a good option for the living room or workspace.

When placed on the south side of the space, this abundance of warmth and happiness are invited in, and when used with the clear quartz, this effect can radiate around your home, as you are also to gain inspiration in both mind and spirit, which can get overlooked sometimes. 

How To Find The Right Gemstone 

This can come down to personal preferences, but you could start by identifying your birthstone, which is said to have healing properties that can prevent misfortune from coming to you in your space or while outside if you have the stone on you.

For other stones, you can find ones that focus on healing energy, inspiration, self-esteem, confidence, happiness, creativity, and even luck, so it’s all about looking for these properties and using them where you think you can receive the most energy from. 

The Bottom Line 

Not only will these give you many ways to heal, but they can be great as decoration items that go well in any area of your home, as they can shine and add air or renewal into your life that you are in search of.   

You also want gems that have colors that you are attracted to, so you can be more comfortable in that space and focus on a part of your healing that is a step toward complete clarity in all aspects of your body.

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