Does The Shape Of The Crystal Matter? [Energy, Cleansing + More]

If you are new to crystals, and learning about their abilities and spiritual meanings, you have probably wondered what traits of crystals matter the most.

As we know crystals come in a variety of different types and colors, and these all impact how they work. However, one element which is often overlooked is the shape and the size of the crystal and what this affects.

Does The Shape Of The Crystal Matter? [Energy, Cleansing + More]

All of the different shapes and sizes available all carry different properties and these will likely impact your choice when it comes to your choice if you are shopping for crystals.

So, if you want to learn what different shapes and sizes of crystals represent and what their properties are, we will cover this in this article so you have all the information you need in one place.

So, if you do not know anything about the properties of different shapes of crystals, keep reading!

Meanings Of Different Shapes Of Crystals

This list does not cover all the different shapes of crystals which are available, however, it does cover the most common shapes which you can find.

So, you should be able to find most of the shapes which you want to learn about on this list!


One of the best things cube shaped crystals can do is help you with grounding yourself.

These shaped stones are great for making sure that you are staying grounded in life, not in an oppressive way, but more as a way of staying centered and focused.

It is told, that if you are meditating using cubic shaped crystals, you will be able to connect to the energy in the Earth and channel this into the rest of your life.

Some people also recommend placing cubic crystals in the corners of your room to keep this space protected. If you feel like you are constantly getting distracted and having your focus pulled, then go for a cubic crystal to help you with your goals.


Now, if you are looking for something which will help you with your powers of manifestation, and getting what you desire, then go for a pyramid shaped crystal.

It is said that this is because of the strong base of a pyramid, and how this anchors your goals and intentions. The energy from the base of the pyramid is channeled through the apex of this pyramid into the universe to help with this manifestation.

This manifestation could be whatever you want, but aligning this with the type of crystal you go for is a good idea!


A common use of spherical crystals is to remind you that your life is part of something greater, and that we are all connected to our surroundings and the energies which are a part of this.

So, by holding something as simple, but all encompassing as a sphere in our hands, we can start to understand this and channel this energy.

The spherical zen shape of a crystal sphere also helps you with meditation since they are so comfortable to hold, and rest with the rest of your body.

Some people even use spherical crystals as massagers which help with making muscles let go of any tension they are harboring.

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled Stones

If you are looking for something more affordable and as a great entry point, then going for tumbled stones is a great idea. These are seen as stepping stones into the world of crystal healing, but others see them as a more practical choice.

These are great for travelling with and can still get you some great results if you know what you want with them. With how cheap and small these are, they are also a great choice for wearing in jewelry as well.

Because of this, you can have them constantly touching you which is a great way to absorb their energy and remind you of your goals.

Crystal Points

Like the name of this pointed crystal suggests, this type of crystal can keep you sharp and can make sure that you stay on point with your goals and intentions.

If your goal is to stay focused on something, then using these points to help you with manifestation is a great idea. You can write down your specific manifestations and then weigh down the paper with the crystal points.

This will then act similarly to how a crystal pyramid would (Also check out How To Make An Orgonite Pyramid). The energy will be channeled from your manifestation out into the universe and will impact your environment.


As you probably know, a heart shaped crystal is not something which is natural, they are cut then polished to get to this shape, however, this is part of why they radiate such a strong loving energy.

A great way to use a heart shaped crystal is by meditating with it and then using this time to activate your heart chakra. You can fill your heart with a more loving energy and use this as a type of positivity manifestation.

This is a great method to overcome old trauma, and wounds in your heart, and is a great way to aid with your healing.


Completely separate from our previous shape, a cluster of crystals is one of the most natural shapes they come in, and because of this they have a more natural charm and are almost enchanting to look at.

They are great to use to bring unity into your space. This is why you will often find a cluster of crystals on a table in a communal space to center the energy and bring people together.

Does A Crystal’s Size Impact Its Ability To Heal?

This depends on how the crystal is being used. For example, if you are looking to impact the aura of quite a large space or room, then the size of the crystal will definitely impact this.

While smaller crystals have their uses, they will not have as much of an impact on their surroundings as a bigger one would. The energy of the crystal is not too impacted by its size however it will impact the vibrations of the stone.

However, smaller crystals are more useful for wearing in jewelry and have their uses this way.

Which Is Better: A Big Or Small Crystal?

When you are estimating what you want from a crystal and what you will be manifesting, then the size of the crystal will matter when it comes to specific goals.

However, this does not automatically equate a bigger crystal with a better crystal.

You will need to consider a lot of different factors when it comes to what you want out of a crystal, this includes the type of crystal with its unique mineral components, its color, clarity, and shape as well.

Getting larger pieces of quartz or amethyst is a great way to emit a powerful aura, but if you want something more focused on you, rather than a space, then carrying personal crystals can be very impactful.


Hopefully this article has guided you in your choices when it comes to choosing a crystal you want. The shape and the size do matter, however this is not the be all, end all when it comes to your choice.

Andrea Daehma