Empowering And Energizing Crystal Pairings For Citrine

As a crystal, Citrine has a beautiful and sunny warmth, with a yellow color that seems to radiate joy. The energies of this crystal are closely linked to its appearance! Citrine is associated with happiness, positivity, creativity, and prosperity.

Empowering And Energizing Crystal Pairings For Citrine

Citrine is a fantastic crystal for pairing, because it has a positive energy that’s amplified when used correctly. You can use Citrine to manifest success, draw confidence, and enact meaningful change.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best crystal pairings for Citrine, and how to use them correctly. 

A Quick Guide To The 10 Best Citrine Crystal Combinations

Citrine can be used in combination with many crystals, thanks to its warm and uplifting energy (see also, ‘10 Best Crystals to Combine Malachite With‘). Here is a brief overview of some of our favorite Citrine pairings:

  1. Citrine and Carnelian for energy.
  2. Citrine and Aventurine for grounding.
  3. Citrine and Smoky Quartz for fighting negative energies.
  4. Citrine and Lapis Lazuli for intuition.
  5. Citrine and Tiger’s Eye for confidence.
  6. Citrine and Amethyst for positivity.
  7. Citrine and Malachite for transformation (see also ‘What Does Malachite Do?‘). 
  8. Citrine and Rose Quartz for self-love.
  9. Citrine and Moonstone for inner strength.
  10. Citrine and Selenite for joy.

Want to learn more? Read on to discover how you can incorporate these Citrine crystal pairings into your life. 

Citrine And Carnelian

Create energy and positivity by combining Citrine and Carnelian.

One of the most powerful pairings for Citrine is Carnelian. Citrine and Carnelian are both warm stones with a joyful and positive energy.

Combined, they provide you with an energy boost, and can enhance your creative spirit. They even look like they go together, as both stones have a sunshine coloring!

If you want to stimulate the mind, and get your creative energy flowing, try bringing together Citrine and Carnelian. Carnelian is great for motivation, while Citrine inspires joy. They can get you through a creative funk, and help you move forward with a positive mindset.

Citrine And Aventurine

Citrine and Aventurine are balancing crystals, and they can help ground you, and create a connection with nature.

Take a look at Citrine and Aventurine next to each other. The warm yellow of Citrine brings to mind a sunny sky, while the gentle green of Aventurine reminds us of the earth.

Combined, they help foster a connection with nature, and can amplify the life force that runs through us all. They also help us to feel closer to the spirit of the earth, and can offer a sense of clarity.

Many of us know what it’s like to feel lacking in energy, and disconnected from ourselves. Citrine and Aventurine can remind us of our connection to the universe, and help us understand our place in the world. 

Citrine And Smoky Quartz

A combination of Smoky Quartz and Citrine can help you to relieve anxiety, and battle bad nightmares. 

Smoky Quartz is known for its power at fighting negative energies, while Citrine offers a joyful and positive energy. Smoky Quartz has a grounding effect, and when combined with Citrine, this energy can help you focus on positive thoughts.

Together, Smoky Quartz and Citrine can keep negative thoughts away. If you’re struggling with nightmares, Smoky Quartz can help repel bad dreams, while Citrine promotes positive energies. Try keeping them under your pillow as you sleep.

If you’re struggling with your spiritual path, a combination of Smoky Quartz and Citrine can be renewing, and help you move past blockages.

Citrine And Lapis Lazuli

If you want to move forward on your spiritual path, and open up your third eye chakra, try a combination of Citrine and Lapis Lazuli. 

Lapis Lazuli has been prized for millennia, and this powerful stone can help us to connect with our spiritual intuition, and speak our truth. When our intuition is blocked, we can’t always access deeper truths. Lapis Lazuli can help you find trust in yourself, and a connection to wisdom.

By combining Lapis Lazuli with the positive and amplifying energies of Citrine, you can find confidence in yourself, and learn to trust your intuition. These are both good crystals to meditate with, as you can feel your third eye open, and your throat chakra clear.

Citrine And Tiger’s Eye

Want to feel powerful, confident, and sure of yourself? Citrine and Tiger’s Eye is a determined, empowering combination that can help you manifest wealth and success.

We all dream of being successful, whether for material gain, or simply that powerful sense of achievement. Citrine is closely associated with prosperity, and this positive crystal can bring you success. 

Tiger’s Eye encourages you to move past your inhibitions, and to push yourself forward. It can also protect against psychic attacks, helping you to connect to your own positive energies.

If you feel a lack of confidence is keeping you from achieving your dreams, then try creating a protective charm of Citrine and Tiger’s Eye. With these two by your side, you’ll feel like you can achieve anything. 

Citrine And Amethyst

Both Citrine and Amethyst come from the Quartz family, and these two stones can amplify the good energies in each other. Citrine and Amethyst are a strong pairing when you want to surround yourself with good vibes.

Amethyst can help to remove negative feelings and thoughts, neutralizing the mind with its soothing properties. It’s calming rather than uplifting, but it does help to clear away negativities. Then Citrine can step in, filling you back up with positive thoughts and a warm energy.

Empowering And Energizing Crystal Pairings For Citrine

As well as positivity, Amethyst and Citrine can also encourage gratitude. The energies from these crystals motivate you to reflect on the good things that surround you, rather than worrying about the bad things.

Try meditating with Amethyst and Citrine, to feel your anxieties slip away, and be replaced by cheerful energies.

Citrine And Malachite

Malachite is a strong stone, with an unrelenting power. Combined with Citrine, it can have quite a lot of force! Malachite and Citrine can help you to enact positive change in your life. 

Malachite is a stone of transformation, and it has a force that pushes you forward. If you’re feeling stuck, but you don’t know how to change, then Malachite will encourage you to embrace the new, and move to better things. 

As we know, Citrine has a positive energy, and is associated with prosperity. Combined with Malachite, you can envision yourself achieving your dreams, and discovering where you want to go in life.

They’re also helpful for identifying bad habits. These are both hugely powerful stones, so be careful when using them together! 

Citrine And Rose Quartz 

There are times when we could all use a little more love, and Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal for that. 

Rose Quartz has a soft and gentle energy, and is associated with all types of love. Combined with Citrine, it can encourage you to feel more positive towards yourself, and instill feelings of self-love.

With the positive energy of Citrine running through you, and the loving pull of Rose Quartz, you’ll feel lighter and brighter when you reflect on yourself. 

Rose Quartz also has a compassionate energy. When you’re feeling down about yourself, Rose Quartz offers support. Paired with Citrine, you can feel your mood start to lift, and your spirit get lighter. 

Citrine And Moonstone

The feminine energies of Moonstone, combined with the warmth and positivity of Citrine, can combine to offer inner strength.

We all go through times when we lack confidence, and we need a boost to get us back on track. Moonstone offers a smooth and harmonious energy, which you can draw inner strength from.

As the name implies, Moonstone holds a great connection to the moon, and this provides it with feminine energies that can help you achieve balance.

If you’re looking to make a fresh start, draw from the inner strength offered by Moonstone and Citrine. Try making a protective charm of the two crystals, which you can turn to when you need determination. 

Citrine And Selenite

Selenite is a crystal that pairs with almost anything, and it amplifies the properties of other crystals. If you’re looking for lots and lots of positive energy, then try a combination of Citrine and Selenite. 

Selenite is a joyful crystal, with a calm and soothing nature. It can help you banish confusion, and find peace of mind.

It also works to bring out the properties of other crystals, amplifying them, rather than fighting these energies. When used with Citrine, it can help you manifest joy and happiness. 

Use Citrine and Selenite when meditating, to discover an inner happiness. Or sleep with Citrine and Selenite tucked under your pillow, and tap into the joy that these two crystals radiate. 

How To Use Citrine Crystal Pairings

Crystal pairings can complement and bring out the energies of crystals, amplifying their effects and creating new ones. Due to the positive and uplifting nature of Citrine, there are many effective pairings. In fact, there are very few times when you wouldn’t want to turn to Citrine. 

However, as a crystal with a bright and vibrant energy, we recommend staying away when you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed. A big shot of energy from Citrine can make it worse!

There are many ways to use crystal combinations to enhance energies and channel manifestations. Here are some of the best ways to use Citrine pairings.

Keep Your Crystals Under Your Pillow

If you’re using a crystal combination such as Citrine and Smoky Quartz, or Citrine and Selenite, then an excellent way to access the energies is by placing the crystals under your pillow. 

Citrine has a lot of energy, so only use this method if you’re pairing it with a gentle, calming crystal. Otherwise, you might find your mind is too busy to fall asleep. But used correctly, these pairings can bring you sweet dreams, and you’ll wake up feeling energized, and ready to take on the day.

Make Jewelry With The Crystals

By making jewelry from your favorite crystals, you always have them on hand when you need to access those energies during the day. Bracelets and necklaces are both excellent ways to use Citrine, and allow you to channel positive energy whenever you need it.

If you often start the morning in a good mood, but find negative energies begin to gather throughout the day, then try a necklace with Citrine and Tiger’s Eye. These positive and powerful crystals can protect you from bad thoughts, and provide you with good ones.

Make sure to cleanse your jewelry every day before wearing. This will clear away any negative energies, so you can tap into the good ones. 

Meditate With Your Crystals

Crystal combinations can be used to help you meditate, provide you with focus, and help tap into your inner intuition.

Try holding the crystals in your hand as you meditate, or simply place them on the ground surrounding you. If you like to meditate lying down, place the crystals on different parts of your bodies.

Citrine and Lapis Lazuli are an excellent combination for meditation. They can help you access your intuition, and bring about mental clarity. Citrine and Selenite (see also ‘Can Selenite Be In The Sun?‘) is another good pairing for meditation, as this can help you feel calm and positive energies. 

Place The Crystals On Your Desk

Some of the best known properties of Citrine are all about energy, prosperity, and creativity.

If you feel you’re lacking some motivation when you work, and you’re struggling to be your best self, consider placing Citrine pairings around your desk. Then, when you need a little inspiration, you can draw energy from the crystals.

One of the best pairings for Citrine is Carnelian. If you need a little creative inspiration, then keep these near you as you work. 

Final Thoughts 

Citrine is a joyful and positive crystal with a great deal of energy! This makes it an excellent crystal for pairing. These combinations can help you to channel your creativity, access your energy, and make meaningful change in your life. 

How do you like to use Citrine? We hope this guide has inspired you to try new Citrine combinations, and access the uplifting spirit of this crystal!

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