Everything You Need To Know About Aquamarine: Healing Properties, Meanings and Powers

If you are interested in different crystals and their healing properties then you may have already heard of aquamarine. It is a beautiful gemstone that has a range of mental, physical and spiritual healing properties.

Everything You Need To Know About Aquamarine Healing Properties, Meanings and Powers

Using aquamarine can help you to feel your best and be at your healthiest. It also has an important meaning and a rich history which will leave you even more fascinated with this crystal. 

If you want to know more about aquamarine and what it can do for you then keep reading. We have put together this useful and in-depth guide to tell you everything that you need to know. 

What Is Aquamarine? 

Aquamarine is a blue semi-precious gemstone that has lots of uses including crystal healing. It is a member of the Beryl family of stones, along with emerald and morganite. Beryl is a silicate mineral. Its scientific name is Beryllium Aluminum Silicate.

It can grow in igneous rock and metamorphic rocks and can be found in different areas of the world, mostly exotic locations as it requires a high temperature to form.

Aquamarine is classed as a ‘true crystal’ as it forms in hexagonal columns – with six sides that are almost always perfectly equal. 

Aquamarine’s name comes from the Italian word for seawater because of the wonderful color of the stone. It actually comes in a variety of shades of blue and green.

Aquamarine is often heat treated to remove any yellow tones and bring out the blue shades in the stone. The blue and green colors are caused by the presence of metallic ions, especially iron. 

You can use aquamarine to make jewelry, broaches, or even just enjoy it as a decorative stone in your home. It comes in lots of different shapes and sizes and can vary in quality.

If you want to know more about aquamarine and its properties and what it can do for you then keep reading. We have put together all of the information you will need to know about aquamarine

The History Of Aquamarine

This particular gemstone has a rich history which makes the stone even more appealing. Legend has it that the treasure of Atlantis was made up of aquamarine, and it was also considered to be the treasure of mermaids.

It was thought that the protective powers of aquamarine became stronger when the stone was submerged in water. 

The Greeks and Romans used a lot of aquamarine, and they believed it had very strong powers, especially when carved with particular images.

It has also been associated with sailors, as it was believed to offer them protection during their passage across the sea. It can also be protective for those who spend time near the water. 

In Ancient Egypt aquamarine was a high value gemstone, and it was also valued by the Hebrews and the Sumerians.

During the middle ages there was a strong belief that aquamarine had powers of fortune telling and revelations (see also ‘How To Use A Crystal Ball‘). Even today it is used to connect with your higher consciousness. 

What Is Aquamarine Known For? 

Aquamarine is still known for its protective qualities but it also has many other benefits that you will love. It represents happiness and joy.

It has associations with eternal youth. It brings hope and has a soothing effect, which is why it is often given as an anniversary gift between couples.

The calming energy helps couples to work through their issues and reduces arguments and tension, which is why it is a good crystal to keep in shared spaces in the home. 

Another great quality of aquamarine is that it encourages bravery and helps to maintain balance.

You can use aquamarine as a good luck charm and it will bring you love, affection, peace and happiness into your life. It can also help you to make new friends and establish new connections.  

If you are using aquamarine in your home then it will help to protect your home and your family. It will also ward off negative energy and encourage positive energy.

Water reflects, and the aquamarine stone encourages self-reflection for whoever wears it or uses it in their home. 

Aquamarine & Astrology 

How does aquamarine relate to the zodiac? Which star signs should use aquamarine and would benefit from it the most? Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

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This means that it is the perfect stone for both Pisces and Aries.

It will help Pisces to remain fluid like the water, and help them to stay in touch with their ruling element of water. It can also help to keep their moods stable.

Some Pisces find it hard to stand up for themselves and aquamarine can help them to use their voice. 

Aries is a passionate sign ruled by the element of fire. Aquamarine will encourage an Aries to be peaceful.

It will also help to clear their mind when they become too tied up in their ambitions, and to relieve stress when they put too much pressure on themselves.

Aquamarine can also be a great choice of crystal for other star signs, even if it isn’t their birth stone. It is no surprise that aquamarine is brilliant for aquarius.

Aquarius is a sun sign and this crystal will help them with compassion and empathy. 

Geminis tend to have a bit of a hectic mind and tend to overthink things. Aquamarine brings peace and helps to soothe fears. It will also enable them to communicate more effectively.

Scorpio is a water sign so they can also benefit from aquamarine. It will align with their love of water and offer them strength and protection.  

Healing Properties Of Aquamarine 

Aquamarine has lots of healing properties for the mind, body and spirit. There are so many ways that aquamarine can improve your wellness. 

Physical Healing Properties 

How can aquamarine heal your body? Aquamarine is connected to the throat chakra which means it is great for healing sore throats and reducing swelling in your glands and tonsils.

Aquamarine can also Improve thyroid problems and is also brilliant for hormone regulation. 

Aquamarine can be very useful for boosting your immune system. It can also be soothing, reducing the effects of hayfever and allergies. It also has the surprising benefit of improving your eyesight. 

Another important healing power of aquamarine is its benefits for pregnant women. It will keep the mother and the baby safe from harm and can help to precent miscarriage. 

Mental Healing Properties

What benefits does aquamarine have for your mental wellbeing? Aquamarine has plenty of healing properties for your mind. It can help to reduce your stress and soothe your fears which is perfect for anyone who suffers with anxiety.

Another great benefit is that it will make you feel less overwhelmed. It also provides mental clarity and gets rid of confusion.  If you are a sensitive person then this is a great stone for you as it will help you feel balanced. 

Spiritual Healing Properties 

Can aquamarine heal your spirit? If you are looking for spiritual healing then aquamarine is a good stone for you. It will bring you peace and can help you to become a more patient and tolerant person.

It can help to improve your intuition and give you closure on different situations and thought processes. If you have psychic or clairvoyant abilities then aquamarine will amplify them.

Aquamarine will help you to align your chakras and bring balance. It will also help you to align with your true self and your purpose, and can encourage self-expression.

It is the perfect stone for meditation, and can also protect you from negative energies. 

Aquamarine & Chakras 

Which Chakras are connected with aquamarine? Aquamarine helps to heal your chakras and unblock your aura. Aquamarine is a blue stone which means that it can be used to heal your throat chakra which is also blue in color (see also ‘How To Heal Using Chakra Colors And Crystals‘).

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The throat chakra is connected to communication and when it is blocked you may experience issues with your voice, your tonsils, your teeth, gums and mouth. 

Aquamarine also has green hues included which means you can also use it to heal your heart chakra. It is great when combined with pink stones like rose quartz and pink halite.

Combining the properties of aquamarine with pink stones can make the healing process much faster. 

Aquamarine can help with intuition and connecting with your higher consciousness. This means that you can use it to connect with your crown chakra and third eye chakra.

You can also use it for meditation. The balancing and restorative powers of the aquamarine stone make it a great choice for helping to align all of your chakras. 

How To Use Aquamarine 

There are several different ways that you can use aquamarine to feel the benefits. Take a look and see which methods could work for you. 


You can wear aquamarine jewelry to keep it close to your body at all times.

Aquamarine looks particularly when set in gold or placed alongside gold beads.

You can wear it as a bracelet, necklace, earrings or a ring. For the stone to connect to your aura and chakras, you should make sure that it is in contact with your skin. 


You can keep an aquamarine stone in your pocket so that you can feel its benefit throughout the day. You can take a few moments to hold it in your palm and channel the energy of the stone.

You could also keep the crystal in a soft pouch in your handbag. You can also use your stone for meditation. Hold the crystal in your hands or place it on your head or your chest.

Focus on the energy of the crystal and envision it entering your body and connecting with your spirit. You can also use your stone for crystal healing.

Place the crystal on the relevant part of your body to connect with the chakra that you want to heal and focus on the chakra and the stone. 

In The Home 

You can keep aquamarine in your home to spread the positive energy and properties of the crystal throughout your living space (see also ‘18 Positive Energy Crystals‘). It can spread happiness and keep the atmosphere calm and peaceful. 

Aquamarine has lots of uses when it comes to feng shui and how it can fit in to the bagua map: 

  • Xun – the wealth corner – The far left corner of the home is the wealth corner and is represented by the element of wood. You can place an aquamarine crystal in this corner of the home to set your new intentions for yourself, your home and your family. The crystal will help to encourage love and compassion and will release judgment. 
  • Kun – the love corner – The love corner is in the furthest right corner of the home and it is related to relationships and love. You can place an aquamarine crystal in this corner to attract a partner, especially if you are looking for a gentle, affectionate partner. The love corner is also associated with self-love and can help to improve how you communicate with yourself. 
  • Wood – Aquamarine is closely associated with water, but it also works well with natural wooden elements. Wood is linked to new beginnings, growth, restoration and healing. Use aquamarine and wood together to amplify these benefits. 
  • Meditation – If you have a meditation area in your home then you should consider using aquamarine in this area. It will help you connect to a higher state of consciousness and open up your spiritual awareness. It will also give you more spiritual strength. 

Cleansing & Charging Your Aquamarine

You will need to regularly cleanse your aquamarine to get rid of any negative energy it has absorbed. You will also need to charge it to restore its own natural energy and healing properties. 

Cleansing Aquamarine 

There are several ways that you can cleanse your aquamarine. You could carry out a smudging ritual with a herb like sage or palo santo. You can also rinse your crystal under running water and then soak it overnight.

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This is one of the best ways to cleanse aquamarine because of its association with the ocean. Whilst you are cleansing your aquamarine crystals you should visualize the negative energy leaving the crystal and a white light entering it. 

Charging Aquamarine 

Aquamarine is closely linked to the moon, which means it can be charged in moonlight. You can leave it on a windowsill or even outdoors overnight so that it can absorb the light from the moon.

You should definitely make use of the full moon as this is when your crystal will be able to absorb the most energy. 

The Beryl Family 

Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family of stones. But what other stones are there in the Beryl family? 

  • Emerald – Emerald is a precious stone that has a bright green color (see also ‘Everything You Need To Know About Green Stones And Crystals‘). It is transparent and is often very high value. Emerald is the stone of love and truth and is often associated with Venus, the goddess of love.The Egyptians thought that emerald was a source of eternal life. Emerald is also considered to have powers of intuition and foresight. It is connected to the heart chakra, the crown chakra and also the third eye chakra. 
  • Morganite – Morganite is a pink stone that is associated with romance and love. This is why it is connected with the heart chakra (see also ‘15 Beautiful Heart Chakra Crystals‘). The stone is also linked to innocence and a sweet disposition. When worn it can bring healing and compassion. This stone was only discovered in the 1900s which is quite recent. 
  • Heliodor – This is a yellow form of Beryl stone that gets its color from the high levels of iron. It is a crystal of vibrance and warmth, radiating the power of the sun. It can bring light and help you to connect with your higher thoughts and purpose, linking it to the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. It can also improve your physical wellbeing. The name ‘heliodor’ comes from the Greek for ‘gift from the sun’. 
  • Goshenite – Goshenite is a clear crystal that has strong powers of facilitating communication, especially in relationships. It can help to resolve differences and clear up misunderstandings. It also promotes creativity and self-control, along with original thought. 
  • Red Beryl – Red beryl used to be called bixbite and is sometimes referred to as scarlet emerald. It is extremely rare, one of the rarest minerals on earth. It signifies purity and also empowers you to achieve your goals by improving your self-confidence (see also, ‘100 Tiger’s Eye Affirmations – Improve Self-Confidence, Control and More Now!‘). 
  • Pezzottaite – Also called raspberyl due to its raspberry pink color, pezzottaite is very similar in composition to red beryl. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about aquamarine that you might want to know the answer to. 

Is Aquamarine A Precious Stone? 

Aquamarine is classed as a semi-precious stone, like many other crystals. It is not a precious stone.

Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are all classed as precious stones. Jade, opal and pearl are often mistakenly referred to as precious stones but they are actually precious stones. 

Is Aquamarine Associated With The Ocean? 

Aquamarine has lots of connections to the ocean. It encourages self-reflection, like the reflection on the water.

It is connected to purity, like the clear water. It also brings peace and relaxation, just like sitting and watching the ocean waves. 

Does Aquamarine Bring Protection? 

Aquamarine has long been known to protect those at sea, or people who work near or on the water. It is a great gift to give to someone who travels a lot or someone who spends a lot of time near the water.

Is Aquamarine Good For People With Anxiety? 

Aquamarine is an excellent stone for people who experience anxiety. It helps you to feel less overwhelmed and improves your communication skills.

It gives you more confidence, and also offers mental clarity which can clear up confusion. It also has a very soothing effect. 

Where is Aquamarine Found?

A lot of aquamarine is found in Brazil. It was thought for a long time that aquamarine could only be found in South America.

However, aquamarine is mine in many exotic countries including Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Aquamarine needs a warm temperature to form and it grows in igneous and metamorphic rock. 

Is Aquamarine Expensive? 

Aquamarine is popular, which pushes up the price. However, it can be found in lots of different countries.

The price depends on the quality and the size. The paler colors of aquamarine used to be the most sought after, but now people prefer the darker shades of blue.

Aquamarine tends to be heat treated in order to remove any yellow tones and enhance the deep blue color. 

How To Choose An Aquamarine Stone? 

There are several things that you need to look out for when choosing your aquamarine stone. Look for a deep blue color as this indicates good quality.

You also need to look for clarity, as the more transparent the stone and the fewer inclusions it has, the better. You can also assess the cut and the carat. However, one of the most important things to look out for is whether you are drawn to the crystal.

Pick it up and feel its energy – the crystal that is right for you will feel right when you hold it. 

Does Aquamarine Help To Heal Emotional Trauma?

Aquamarine has properties of harmony and joy. It has strong healing powers which can help you to recover from emotional trauma. It also has a very soothing and calming energy.  


Aquamarine is a powerful stone of protection with lots of amazing healing properties. It has long been admired as a valuable and powerful stone and is closely associated with the ocean and water.

It can offer you physical healing, mental clarity, and spiritual awareness. Make sure you cleanse your aquamarine to get rid of any negative energy it has absorbed.

You will also need to charge it in the moonlight periodically to restore its natural energy and properties.

Andrea Daehma