Everything You Need To Know About Aura Quartz Crystals

Aura Quartz is known for its mesmerizing beauty that few people can resist. Its shimmering iridescent and metallic rainbow sheen not only enchant the senses but defies nature in its beauty. 

Everything You Need To Know About Aura Quartz Crystals

Even though the crystal itself is artificially enhanced through the use of modern technology, aura quartz holds ancient powers of both alchemy and synergy. 

Captivating, new, color layers are formed on the crystal through the process of electro-statistically bonding precious metals found on Earth onto the exterior of the natural clear quartz points or clusters. 

Not only does this permanent blend intensify the original elements’ properties, but also creates a unique spectrum of elusive energies by itself.

With this in mind, this article will explore everything you need to know about aura quartz crystals. From the principal definition to the meaning and uses behind each one. 

What Are Aura Quartz Crystals?

Aura quartz is made up using a combination of man-made and natural principles. They feature a clear or cloudy appearance due to being treated with the atoms of various precious metals. Since the 1980s, the aura quartz has contributed to the New Age movement. 

When creating the aura quartz, there are two different approaches. 

The first method involves placing the crystals in a unique vacuum chamber. Once inserted, the quartz is heated to a specific temperature. Then, inside the chamber, a metal vapor is added. 

Here, the various atoms fuse themselves onto the surface of the crystal, providing an iridescent and sparkly sheen. 

The second method involves using a natural electrostatic charge on the crystal, this is achieved using titanium molecules (see also ‘Titanium Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties, And Powers’). 

While the ‘aura’ of these newly created layers of quartz crystals is created, you don’t have to worry about them rubbing off or fading. Although, it is not only surface level deep. 

Hence, using saws or grinders to facet or polish the crystal can potentially cut through the layers and highlight the original quartz crystal. 

Moreover, during the process of creating this aura quartz, the end result can be brittle, therefore, ensure you handle the crystal with care. 

Plus, you should also keep in mind that some of the aura quartz crystals available on the market contain dyes, rather than being alchemicalized. 

Therefore, purchase with caution since these dyes can sometimes cause allergic reactions for those with sensitive skin conditions. 

The Uses And Meanings Of Aura Quartz

Aura quartz, otherwise known as rainbow aura quartz, is not only loved for its majestic beauty but also for its deep and touching uses and meanings. 

There are various different types of aura quartz’, each containing different meanings and can be used for different purposes. 

Below, you will find a full list. 

Rose, Opal, And Angel Aura Quartz

These aura quartz are known for their uplifting and protective properties during pregnancy. They are particularly great for soothing morning sickness and fears that are associated with pregnancy symptoms and complications. 

By placing these crystals on the womb, you’re able to connect with your baby (once your baby is born, you can follow our guide for the best crystals for a baby room). Plus, it can also be used as a calming stone during childbirth. 

Moreover, these stones are also suitable for single mothers going through pregnancy and up to five years of their child’s life – channeling messages and knowledge from their particular angels. 

Everything You Need To Know About Aura Quartz Crystals

Ruby And Rose Aura Quartz

Known for their red and pink energies, the ruby and rose aura quartz are ideal for self-esteem, passion, and love – offering a special boost for those romantic fiction writers. 

In addition, these crystals can also help inspire those who work with hairstyling, beauty products, fashion, and modeling. 

They help to bring out a unique beauty and charisma in others that enhances their self-image and confidence – leaving you radiant. 

Aqua Aura Quartz Crystals

On the other hand, the aqua aura quartz crystal is ideal for those career-minded people – expanding boundaries by transforming possibilities and restrictions into upcoming opportunities. 

This stone is great for effective communication, therefore carrying the crystal with you will help open closed doors, glass ceilings, and written rules. 

It is particularly beneficial for those working in the travel industry, research, and pharmaceutical development. 

Tanzine Aura Quartz

This aura quartz is known to help improve intuition. Not only does it connect with your inner fountain of knowledge, but also the Akashic wisdom of humankind. 

As such, it is a valuable stone for mediums, in particular psychic investigators, trance mediums, clairvoyants, and paranormal researchers. 

In addition to this, it is also beneficial to those who lead group meditations or guided visualizations. 

For anyone beginning their journey into the psychic world, this stone provides you with a sense of safety and protection. 

Sunshine Aura Quartz

The sunshine aura quartz helps to bring a positive outlook on any given situation. To bring out feelings of joy, success, enthusiasm, and laughter, place this stone in the middle of a social gathering, workspace, or room. 

For those who live in areas where the winter is long, the stone helps to dispel light in those naturally dark and gloomy places. 

This stone can also be carried or worn to help prevent feelings of depression, over-seriousness, and pessimism. 

Champagne Aura Quartz

This stone is used for protection against negative spirit essences and entities – great for those who have accidentally been frightened through dabbling in dark magic. 

Moreover, a cluster of this champagne aura quartz can help to center spiritual harmony – helping to create a sacred environment and attract a household guardian or protective domestic angel. 

Final Thoughts

Aura quartz crystals are among the most popular types of crystals. This is not only due to their mesmerizing appearances but also due to their range of uses and different meanings. 

Among the aura quartz crystals, there is sure to be something that can help with your current crystal requirements. Hopefully, this guide has informed you on everything you need to know about aura quartz crystals. 

Andrea Daehma