Everything You Need To Know About Blue Apatite

Apatite is a popular blue crystal known for its power of peace, passion, and protection. It has been known to improve clarity and confidence in its users and is a powerful stone that all crystal collectors should know about. 

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Crystals are beneficial in their healing properties and powers, and the best thing about them is that all crystals excel in different aspects of life. 

But what does blue apatite bring to your life? Should you own your own stone of this crystal? Today we’re looking at everything you need to know about blue apatites, such as its meaning, powers, and benefits. 

Let’s get started. 

Blue Apatite – What Is It? 

Apatite is a calcium phosphate housing chlorine, fluorine, and other elements. It comes in many colors, from bright purple to muted green. Apatite is known as a vital component in the production of fertilizer. 

On the Mohs scale of hardness, apatite has a hardness level of 5, making it consistently hard. Despite this, apatite is known for its brittleness. It’s not uncommon for your apatite stone to feature fractures. 

Some think that this makes the stone even prettier. 

Apatite is most commonly green but also features brown, yellow, pink, purple, and transparent patches. The colors are almost always rich and distinct, making it a highly sought-after crystal. 

Other than its healing and aesthetic properties, apatite is often used in animal feed additives, as well as elemental phosphorus, phosphoric acid, and phosphate composites. 

Where Does Apatite Come From? 

There are many locations where apatite can be found, including anywhere with plenty of iron resources. Most common areas are Norway, Brazil, Canada, Kenya, India, and the United States. 

This crystal is often seen in both metamorphic and granitic rock formations. 

The Meaning Of Apatite

The literal meaning of apatite means deception, and it was formed from the Greek word ‘apatao’. 

Scientists found the chemical composition of apatite is almost exactly the same as other stones. So why was apatite its own crystal with differing properties? 

Apatite mimics the colors of the ocean, and it is incredibly popular among crystal users. It is considered to be the gemstone of evidence and can help you find out how to turn your thoughts into reality. 

This stone is also linked to your fate, as well as your former lives too. 

What Birthstone And Zodiac Sign Is Associated With Apatite?

Apatite is the birthstone of Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo. It can be helpful in uniting a degree of spiritual direction that many find difficult to obtain without the help of apatite. 

It is said to remove aspects of life that are both annoying or wasted on you, as well as healing your emotions and heart. It is a lovely stone to have in your life, and promises to take care of you in more ways than one.

Apatite Healing Properties

Apatite is known for helping you to improve your craft, understanding and knowledge. But on the other hand, it is also known for minimizing hunger and craving! A crystal of many hats, if you will. 

Wearers of apatite often report better concentration, judgment, consistency, focus, and affection. They also recognize more people and feel warmer towards them. 

Apatite is also known for removing negative energy from the wearer, encouraging focusing on the future rather than the past. It also supports inner love, helping the wearer to express themselves better than before. 

This crystal can help your hopes (see also, ‘The Best Crystals to Inspire Hope‘) and dreams, improving maturity and more. There are plenty of healing properties that come from apatite, and it also simply improves the wearer’s life through its positive energy.

Apatite Emotional Healing Properties

The blue-green color of apatite makes many people regard it as a relaxing gemstone.

The connections with nature, such as its coloring of the ocean, are tighter than those of other crystals. This gives apatite the impression of being one with nature, which is incredibly relaxing and calming. 

This gives apatite plenty of earthly energy to spill out into its wearers. The positive energy then empowers the wearer, as well as improving their determination. 

It is believed that the wearer of apatite will be emotionally stable thanks to its refreshing coloring. It can also improve your maturity over things that you normally dislike, which is beneficial for anyone who normally struggles with such things. 

Apatite is widely recommended for anyone wanting a crystal to bring them emotional balance and peaceful wellbeing. 

How Does Apatite Affect The Mind? 

Our minds are wonderful places, but they can also be rather daunting. Vast spaces that we don’t really understand, and it can be easier than you might think for your mind to lose itself. 

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Apatite ensures that this doesn’t happen, keeping your mind grounded and present. 

It is also beneficial in removing any negative thoughts that slip into the mind, leaving you with an overall positive mindset. 

But there’s more! Apatite wearers believe that this crystal nurtures their brain cells and improves their mental clarity. 

The blue-green color is thought to contribute to their bettering performance and brain function. It’s not surprising to see why many people love wearing this crystal! 

What Does Apatite Do For The Body?

Apatite is said to help with plenty of physical attributes, such as bones, metabolism, and heart. 

Apatite can promote healthier bones and improved development thanks to your bones being able to absorb more calcium and other vital nutrients. Apatite improves your absorption of these, allowing them to strengthen and enrich your bones. Cool, right? 

Apatite is also known for improving metabolism, which can help you release harmful toxins from your body. 

This crystal is also known for supporting heart health. The positive energy that comes from apatite is delivered to the heart chakra, which then uses the essence to protect the heart. 

Does Apatite Affect Spirit?

Yes! There is plenty that apatite can do for your spirit, including improving spiritual harmonization and furthering your psychic abilities. It can also help you achieve a better state of meditation, as well as helping your communication skills. 

It is difficult to reach a high level of spirituality for some people, but apatite can make this skill easier to progress in.

Another reason why so many people love wearing apatite is thanks to its purification of the soul abilities. If you’re wanting to improve your spirituality, you’ll need a pure spirit. This is where apatite can help. 

Without a clear spirit, you might find it much more difficult to break into the spiritual realm! 

Apatite has also been known to protect its wearers from evil spirits intent on causing harm to them or the people around them. 

How To Reap The Benefits Of Apatite

There is a long winded heritage on the back of apatite, and it is complex opposed to many other gemstones. Apatite is set apart from other crystals thanks to its usage over the years.

If you want to benefit from everything apatite has to offer, wearing it as a piece of jewelry is the easiest way. Something as simple as wearing the crystal around your neck can benefit your physical and mental health! 

Apatite can be purchased in a number of colors and sizes, and each of the colors related to a different function. 

If you prefer not to wear crystals, you can also keep them in your pocket or bag instead. 

When thinking about anything, simply place the apatite on your palm. This can improve mental clarity and help you visualize anything you need to help you see clearer. 

You should also place your apatite on your body, wherever the energy channels are currently aligned, to help balance your energy and connect deeper with the spiritual world. 

Some people put apatite in the bathtub to soak, allowing its energies to penetrate deeper into your body. However, some would advise against this so that you don’t damage your crystal. 

Using apatite around the house as decoration is a good idea, since it can keep your surroundings in check and eliminate bad vibes. 

There have also been reports that placing apatite underneath your bed could be beneficial at ridding your sleep of nightmares. If you suffer from nightmares, this might be a natural relief.

Using Apatite In Your Environment

Let’s talk more about how you can use apatite around your home or work setting to improve the environment. Not everyone wants to walk around with crystals on them, and apatite can be just as effective when used to decorate your surroundings. 

The atmosphere that apatite creates is intimate, making this the ideal gift for couples. The crystal offers a wave of emotion rippling through your house, creating tingles in the spine. If you want to improve your intimacy levels, place apatite around your home. 

Speaking of intimacy, apatite has also been known to improve the sexual appetite (get it?).

Gone are the dull, basic nights – in their place are heated, sensual ones. Apatite comes with overflowing energy that is desperate to find a body to encompass, giving you the strength and endurance needed for longer sessions in the sheets. 

Alternatively, you can place apatite in your work environment to benefit from a better self-confidence level. You’ll be able to gain a better reputation at work, which can lead to better pay and performance increases. 

Apatite can also help you to think of logical ideas and make smarter decisions, further helping you to improve in your career. If you are striving for success in your profession, we strongly recommend apatite. 

Meditating With Apatite

Apatite is an excellent crystal to meditate with. With apatite you’ll be able to unlock and stimulate the third-eye chakra, helping you to dig deeper into your mind for valuable information. You can also use it to hone your perception to see things clearer. 

The third-eye chakra is incredibly useful and important to master, as you can use it to recognize smaller yet more powerful waves, improving your insight to amazing heights. 

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Apatite can give you strength during challenging times, and make you more confident in answering difficult questions. It can also help you develop your psychic abilities by deeply connecting you with the spiritual realm. 

Many people who have meditated with apatite claim that they experience interesting psychic abilities. These can help in all aspects of your life, making apatite an incredibly useful tool day-to-day. 

This crystal is seen not only as beautiful, but as powerful and influential, too. 

Apatite Relationships Benefits

Many crystals have the ability to heal sentiments and relationships. Apatite is no different, with it being able to lessen (or remove altogether) bad feelings you might be feeling for other people. 

Apatite will console you through these needed periods of grief and stress, giving you the necessary time you need to heal. Some people find this more encouraging and supportive than their peers. 

This crystal will promote feelings of affection and acceptance, even when you don’t feel as though you deserve it.

Apatite can also strengthen your confidence and sense of self by tapping into your wisdom, inner power, and vision. This crystal can help soothe emotions and fill any emptiness you might feel between you and someone in your life. 

This stone is known for promoting kindness and passion within yourself, and it can also benefit your sense of unity. 

Apatite helps you to see the transparency within a relationship, ensuring that you are being truthful with yourself, and only making decisions best for you. 

Apatite Therapies

This crystal gives you boosts of motivation, but it can do much more than that. Apatite has been used to ward off negative feelings of others, as well as helping children with Autism and ADHD to manage their symptoms. 

Apatite improves resourcefulness, while reducing annoyance and irritation. It can help you become the best version of yourself by clearing your mind of clutter. It can also reduce the feelings of grief and anger. 

There are many therapeutic benefits of apatite, some even going as far as to say that it is one of the best therapeutic crystals in the world. 

The ability for it to remove anything hostile from your surroundings is amazing. It’s like apatite puts a shield around you to ensure that you are kept safe. We highly recommend it for anyone struggling. 

How Does Apatite Affect The Chakras? 

Apatite focuses on more chakras than just one – the heart chakra, throat chakra, and solar plexus chakra. 

It has been seen to benefit both the mind and heart of the wearer, giving the heart chakra a great amount of energy that can be spread to all of the other chakras around the body. Pretty amazing! 

Apatite also activates the throat chakra, boosting your ability to speak powerfully to more people. This is excellent for public speakers or anyone who worries about their confidence with new people. 

The solar plexus chakra will be illuminated thanks to wearing apatite, which can help to reduce emotional distress. You might see a reduction in feelings of depression, anger, anxiety, and more. 

The third eye chakra is awakened with the use of apatite, too. You can use this to help guide your meditation deeper, unlocking levels you were never aware of before. 

Forms Of Apatite

Apatite is a gorgeous crystal in any form. Tumbled apatite stones are very popular thanks to their mix of colors. They are believed to be incredibly therapeutic, too. The blue hue ensures that you can use them to aid a spiritual awakening, guiding you to more wisdom. 

They can also be used to better your concentration during meditation. We all know how difficult it can be to turn off and meditate! Doing so in the presence of apatite can make this easier, furthering your meditative state. 

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Rock-tumbled apatite allows you to open energy channels and stimulate them, perhaps even setting off a vibration within you. 

These crystals are great for reverberating the subconscious mind, allowing you to better express yourself throughout many different channels. 

Another form of apatite are crystal spheres. These are brighter and more aesthetic, and often also offer up a light that shines throughout your space. These make anything in life easier to accomplish, and you will feel a metaphysical equilibrium in the presence of this form of apatite. 

The spheres can also speed your metabolism up when you’re feeling tired. We all know how much easier it is to snap when you’re tired, so the spheres can also lessen the bite when you’re feeling annoyed. 

Apatite Combinations: The Best Crystals To Use Alongside Apatite

Crystals work amazingly well separately, so imagine how amazing they will work when paired together! Here are some of the most effective crystals to use alongside apatite. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the best crystals to use when wanting to improve energies of affection in your life. Pair this with apatite to make you more desirable to others, drawing them to you. This pairing will also improve how much compassion you have to offer. 

These two crystals working together will also help develop your expertise and abilities in various aspects of your life.


Onyx (see also ‘Green Onyx: Everything You Need To Know!‘) is a gorgeous crystal that is completely black. Pairing these two crystals together helps you focus and settle yourself efficiently, even if this is something that you have often struggled with in the past. 

This pairing can also defend you against psychological assault, hopefully making you feel safer. 

Have you ever found that you have been affected by someone’s hostile perception of you?

Pairing apatite and onyx together can help fight against these opinions bothering you, leading you to a happier life without caring about the judgment of others. 

What Color Is Apatite’s Energy? 

Color psychology states that different colors can cause different psychological responses.

Colors are thought to affect our thoughts and emotions. For example, studies have shown that red cars on the road make other drivers angrier, which can then lead to more motor incidents. 

It’s not just the color that affects our emotions, though – it’s also the shade of that color. If you have past events relating to a specific color, they can also be brought back through the sight of it. 

Colors have different spans of wavelengths. Longer wavelengths are featured in deeper colors, while shorter wavelengths are associated with calming colors. 

Green and blue have shorter wavelengths. It is an easy color to see with our eyes since they don’t have to acclimatize to the longer wavelengths, making apatite a simple and enjoyable stone with similar energy.

Green is associated with life and nature, leading to feelings of calmness and serenity. It can also be used as a representation of harmony, as well as money, energy, excitement, and environmental consciousness. 


Blue apatite is a great crystal to have in your life. It is the picture of calmness in a sea of chaos and stressful situations. We all need some relaxation now and then, but these days it’s getting progressively harder to achieve. 

That’s where apatite comes in. Its healing properties can help the mind, body, and soul in more ways than one. It is an incredibly vital stone to anyone looking to change their life significantly. 

You can wear apatite or leave it in your living space to reap the rewards anywhere. Not only is it a beautiful stone, but it’s also powerful in helping you achieve a happier, more relaxed state of mind.

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