Everything You Need To Know About Grape Agate Crystals: Properties, Powers, Meaning, And How To Use

When it comes to their healing properties and benefits, there are certain types of crystals and stones that can produce incredible effects on the body, mind, and soul by bringing together different types of energy or chakra to help grant us a new perspective on where we are currently in our lives, and how we can improve.

Everything You Need To Know About Grape Agate Crystals Properties, Powers, Meaning, And How To Use

This includes grape agate crystals which may have been discovered far more recently than many other similar healing crystals, but have still been praised and admired highly for their incredibly unique status as a powerful and intuitive crystal that can be a crucial tool in times of doubt and despair. 

Here is a full breakdown of this admired healing crystal so that you know all about its incredible healing capabilities and if it is a stone that you should consider acquiring. 

What Are Grape Agate Crystals?

Grape agate is actually the marketing name for a collection of purple aggregates of tiny quartz crystals, in reference to their purple appearance. While this is usually a much darker purple, it can also be slightly lighter or even lavender.

These crystals were actually only discovered recently in Indonesia, making them extremely valuable since they only have one known locality, which is why many are sold at a high price on the market, along with there being a lot of fake grape agate crystals for sale. 

Grape Agate Formation

Grape agate is formed from small pockets of blue-green clay contained within a host andesite pillow lava which forms when the lava flows into cold seawater. The grape agate is then believed to be formed through a type of hydrothermal event.

Because it was only discovered a handful of years ago, how exactly grape agate is formed is not yet entirely understood, it was initially believed that the orbs making up the crystal were formed on some sort of nucleus, however, there has yet been no evidence that this is actually the case. 

Grape Agate Color

Grape agate crystals are most commonly seen sporting a purple color that can be light or dark, which can often look a lot more similar to lavender. 

There have been some grape agate crystals that contain green-colored specimens on their surface amongst a purple vein, however, considering how rare the purple versions of these eye-catching crystals already are, these green variants are incredibly valuable. 

While research is still ongoing considering how recently the crystal was discovered, many believe that the purple coloration of grape agate comes from a form of clay inclusion.

However, it also contains iron which is the same coloring agent as amethyst which is also known for its deep rich purple appearance. 

Grape Agate Appearance

A grape agate crystal can easily be recognized for its very distinct bumpy and bubbly surface. The reason it looks like this is because these crystals are made up of multiple spheres that are combined together while remaining intact, rather than merging into a smooth surface.

There is a scientific term referring to this kind of appearance called ‘botryoidal’ which describes the spherical shape made due to the small round quartz. 

Grape Agate Name

While the name grape agate has been assigned to this formation for the time being since it was discovered, it can be a little misleading as this crystal is not actually a true agate in definition since the stones are comprised of relatively pure silica without plume or moss, with there being no internal banding. 

In fact, grape agate is only the scientific name given to what is actually a botryoidal purple chalcedony, so while the crystal does not technically constitute as an agate rock formation, the name has stuck for now. 

This crystal is also commonly known as Indonesian purple chalcedony, manakarra agate, and simply manakarra. Until it receives a definitive scientific name, it will often be given one of these numerous titles.

Properties Of Grape Agate Crystals

Properties Of Grape Agate Crystals

Grape agate crystals are identified as soothing and stabilizing stones, meaning that they radiate calm and meditative energy in order to thoroughly cleanse your mind of anxieties, fears, and stresses that are causing you to doubt yourself and your beliefs.

Many Indonesian practitioners have said these crystals harmonize the energy in the body while also centering the mind and soul, allowing the individual to think freely and independently without being restrained by their anxieties or stresses that are preventing them from developing their determination and confidence. 

The reason grape agate crystals manage to produce these benefits is because it possesses the ability to activate and link the crown and third eye chakras together.

Both these types of chakra are related to intellect, intuition, and awareness, which allows grape agate crystals to encourage an individual to access a higher state of consciousness that is free from stress and worry, instilling self-confidence and a belief in someone to continue pushing themselves at the most difficult of times. 

How Do Grape Agate Crystals Use Crown Chakra?

Crown chakra is the seventh chakra in the body which is located at the top of the head and is associated with the element of thought, primarily in terms of our spiritual connection and our sense of universal consciousness. 

Crown chakra is therefore all about focusing on the higher self and being able to look at ourselves detached from our ego, fears, and worries in order to emphasize our independence from mortal things.

Agape crystals activate this chakra to lift and inspire the individual by helping them see themselves without negative emotions clouding their vision, encouraging a more positive outlook on life, and instilling a tremendous amount of self-confidence into a person. 

How Do Grape Agate Crystals Use Third Eye Chakra?

As the sixth chakra in the body, third eye chakra is similarly related to raising intellectual awareness and consciousness, however, it is also linked with imagination, concentration, and mental clarity. 

Third eye chakra is actually believed to be linked to the pineal gland in the brain, which is located in the vertebrate brain and is considered to be the organ of supreme universal connection and plays a massive role in many cultures for being a tool that can activate and enhance an individual’s third eye chakra. 

By harnessing the energy of third eye chakra, grape agate crystals and stones therefore provide a person with clairvoyance and grant them wisdom and understanding of their deep inner thoughts and their perception of both their lives and others. 

This type of chakra grants what many people have dubbed the ‘sixth sense’, providing someone with stronger intuition and a deeper understanding of their thoughts and emotions so that they can make any necessary changes or alterations to their lives in an informed and sensible manner. 

Third eye chakra is also what grants grape agate crystals the ability to help an individual awaken and activate their psychic abilities, which is why the crystal works so well in helping to understand and influence dreams.

Extra Grape Agate Healing Properties

Along with its numerous mental healing benefits, there are a few other lesser-known properties possessed by grape agate crystals that can help cleanse and improve your body and social life too.

Here are some of the extra healing benefits you can receive from being near a grape agate crystal. 

Physical Benefits

When many agate crystals are used as an amulet or worn so that they are near the stomach or the chest, their soothing and stabilized aura means it can help heal organs such as the heart or the liver, along with being able to relax and ease any pain in the joints. 

This has made grape agate crystals an incredibly useful tool for those suffering from a serious injury or an illness as a natural way to ease their pain or make it more manageable, especially as it has been seen to enhance the performance of the cholesterol and blood channels. 

Emotional Stability

Since grape agate possesses the ability to cleanse a person’s mind of negative thoughts, anxieties, fears, and self-doubt, in turn it encourages a much healthier balance of emotions by removing negative impulses and allowing you to analyze situations much clearer.

You will therefore be able to harmonize both your emotions and feelings with this crystal, making it perfect when you find yourself in overwhelming situations or periods where you require some mental serenity rather than your head being full of negative thoughts and ideas. 

Enhances Spiritual Journey

Since this stone activates third eye chakra, it therefore enhances a person’s spiritual understanding and awareness, granting them far more assurance of themselves and the world around them, along with gaining a deeper understanding of the spirit world and its influence on our own lives. 

Because it has such strong spiritual connections and possesses the ability to keep us feeling focused and clearheaded, grape agate crystals are therefore incredibly useful in overcoming any doubts or hurdles that may be preventing our own spiritual journey and experience. 

Hobbies And Education

One of the major benefits of keeping grape agate around is that it can help instill self-confidence and greater determination and passion into an individual when they have been going through a phase in their lives where their mind is filled with doubt and uncertainty.

Whether you have been struggling to get through your studies and need that extra ounce of motivation, or you want to re-ignite the passion you once had for a particular hobby, grape agate crystals can help you reconnect with your inner soul and creativity, encouraging you to find joy and meaning in the activities that you may have become distanced from over the years.

Personal Relationships

The soothing aura grape agate crystals give off helps to soothe the brain and prevent negative emotions from clouding our vision, meaning rather than making rash decisions that are purely based on our emotions in that time, it can allow us to take a more clearheaded and disciplined view of not only ourselves but also our relationships with others. 

Rather than holding onto a grudge or immediately getting into arguments with family members and those close to you, a grape agate crystal can influence you to take a much more calculated and calmer approach to social situations, making it both great for healing any potential bad relationships while also encouraging you to speak to more people throughout your day to day life. 

Financial Benefits

Since the soothing aura of grape agate allows you to take a much more measured and meaningful approach to many things in your life, this too applies financially, especially if you are someone who is prone to spending a lot of money on items or subscriptions you may not actually need. 

By healing our mind and activating our third eye chakra, this allows us to take a third-person view of our lives and what we actually should be spending money on, directing you away from spending money out of habit or because particular emotions are causing you to. 

Do Grape Agate Crystals Effect Dreams?

Do Grape Agate Crystals Effect Dreams

Alongside its numerous mental healing benefits, another property of grape agate crystals that has seen them skyrocket in popularity is because of how they can allow someone to control and better understand the meaning of their own dreams. 

Grape agate crystals allow the individual to become more involved in their own dreams and meditative thoughts as their mind becomes stronger so that they can see the images presented in their dreams much clearer, making this crystal perfect for placing on the side of the bed as you sleep. 

This also makes it incredibly useful during meditation sessions, allowing you to take a much broader perspective and state of consciousness that works through cleaning your mind of any negative emotions, stress, or ongoing fears that are affecting your mental or spiritual journey. 

How Rare And Valuable Are Grape Agate Crystals?

As of right now, the only location that is known to contain grape agate crystals is a small Mamuju area near the Western Sulawesi coast in Indonesia, making it incredibly rare and valuable, however, in recent years it has started becoming more available on the market. 

With that being said, A-grade and higher crystals are incredibly hard to come by, and while there are a few fakes always on sale, there are actually far fewer than other crystals because replicating the same bubbly surface with glass would take far too long and be too labor-intensive. 

Bigger sized purple grape agate crystals usually sell in the price range of between $150 to $200, however, the much rare green variants can be seen on the market for thousands of dollars. 

Difference Between Grape Agate And Amethyst

Amethyst is a crystal that many people will commonly mistake for grape agate, mainly because they both share a very distinct and deep purple appearance and are known for their rough surfaces, however while they are very similar in appearance, they are actually very different types of crystals. 

For one, they are built completely differently as while grape agate crystals are made from a collection of clay mineral impurities, amethyst is instead formed from iron impurities, which is why while they might look the same, they are actually formed through entirely different means. 

The spheres making up the formation of grape agate crystals are actually microcrystalline quartz that grow out radially, making them neither chalcedony, but also not Amethyst crystals. 

Grape agate crystals will sometimes be referred to as ‘amethystine’, however, this is only because this scientific term describes stones and crystals that give off a vibrant purple color similar to amethyst itself. 

How To Clean And Care For Grape Agate

It’s firstly always important with any rare crystal such as grape agate to store it in either a foam-lined case or even bubble wrap.

This is to make sure they don’t get into the wrong hands since if the kids or pets do manage to get a hold of it, they can end up damaging it even though it contains a high hardness level, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially since the abilities of the crystal can be dampened depending on its physical condition. 

In terms of cleaning, it is advised to clean the crystal every week or so with warm water and detergent as any stronger cleaning solutions can end up causing damage to the surface of the crystal. 

Additionally, similar to the crystal amethyst, grape agate will begin to lose its color if it is left exposed to the sun for too long (see also ‘Can Agate Be In The Sun?‘).

This is a gradual process, and so it won’t happen immediately, however, you will notice the purple beginning to fade if the crystal is constantly left near a window or outside.

This actually occurs for real grape agate crystals alongside dyed specimens, which is why it’s always advised to store it somewhere where it doesn’t become too exposed to the sun. 

When To Use A Grape Agate Crystal

Because of its incredible healing and clairvoyant properties, grape agate crystals are incredibly versatile and can be used for numerous situations.

However, a setting where the crystal will be fully active and purified is an area that is quiet, still, and peaceful rather than somewhere that makes you feel tense or paranoid such as in a cafe or a house full of other people. 

This type of setting allows you to receive the maximum effects from the crystal since it is ensured to be fully active, however, one of the most popular times people will use grape agate crystals is during a meditative session since it can help a person to make more sense and understand the meaning of their thoughts far better. 

Another time it is often used is during sleep when many people will place it on their nightstand or anywhere where it is in close proximity to the individuals crown so that it can awaken both the crown and third eye chakra simultaneously, allowing a person to take control of their dreams and make sense of what they are experiencing. 

It is also incredibly useful to keep next to you when you’re feeling overwhelmed by a current situation and want a natural way to cleanse your mind of negative thoughts and doubt, such as while you’re studying or preparing a presentation for work.

Letting a grape agate crystal rest near you will grant you greater focus and therefore help you overcome any tasks or assignments far more quickly and more efficiently. 

Crystals To Pair With Grape Agate

When using a grape agate crystal, you might want to consider pairing it with another or several other crystals in order to enhance its power and properties even further.

Some great crystal pairings include selenite and phenacite, which are both healing crystals that help to restore clarity and understanding to an individual in their own unique ways. 

Pairing these crystals up with grape agate therefore means its properties and effects become even more apparent, allowing you to feel as clearheaded, focused, and content as possible. 

Can You Wear Grape Agate?

Like many crystals that need to be in close proximity to the person for them to feel the extensive benefits and effects, grape agate crystals can certainly be worn rather than placed down on their own, and this usually takes the form of being integrated into a necklace. 

Wearing a grape agate crystal this way encourages its physical healing properties by keeping its irradiating aura close to the chest and organs, making it the ideal way to keep this crystal close to you if you’re healing from an injury or want it to ease any pain you may be experiencing. 

Many people will also wear it in the form of a bracelet, enhancing its effects on any joints or parts of the body that are in discomfort. 

Grape Agate Astrological Sign

Grape agate crystals are most closely related to the Cancer and Sagittarius astrological signs. Both these signs are characterized by kindness, passion, and socializing which are all qualities associated with grape agate crystals.

Sagittarius is associated with liveliness, passion, outgoing and freedom, while Cancer is more linked with feelings of sympathy, kindness, empathy, and a general sense of caring for others alongside yourself. 


Grape agate is one of the most popular healing crystals out there right now, and while it is incredibly rare, this is because of not only its deep and rich purple appearance, but also for its ability to link the crown and third eye chakra to cleanse negative thoughts and emotions from a person, keeping them focused, energized and confident to take on anything that comes their way throughout their day to day lives.

Andrea Daehma