10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

Herbs have been used in spells for as long as spells have been a thing. There are so many different types of herbs and each one has its own corresponding properties, so regardless of what spell you are trying to do, there is going to be a herb out there for you to use.


You can use herbs in many different forms too. Some of the most popular ways you can use herbs (see also our favorite alkaline herbs) in spellwork include incense, smudging, or even just burning the incense in a fireproof container.

If you are looking for some herbs to use in your spells, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of 10 herbs that you should definitely start using for more powerful spells.

Each of these herbs works well for different things, and some of them can be used together too!

You are sure to find a herb that will work fantastically well for whatever spells you are planning on doing in this list (see also ‘10 Fantastic Herbs for Luck You Need in Your Life Right Now‘), so let’s take a look at the herbs now!

1. Palo Santo For Prosperity & Cleansing Negative Energy

10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

Kicking off this list we have Palo Santo (see also ‘What Does Palo Santo Smell Like‘). It is a sacred herb that comes from the Palo Santo tree that can be found along the coast of South America.

Palo Santo has traditionally been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years and that goes for wood, resin, and oil. One of the biggest beliefs when it comes to Palo Santo is that it cleanses your mind and body of negative energy.

Along with cleansing negative energy, it is also believed that Palo Santo increases love and prosperity. If you are looking for a herb that will amplify these effects in your spellwork, then Palo Santo is a great one for you to try.

2. Sandalwood For Grounding & Anxiety

10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

Sandalwood comes from the root of the wood and roots of the Santalum album, or the East Indian sandalwood tree. It is used for metaphysical purposes, but it is also widely known for its physical health benefits too.

Some of the most popular health reasons sandalwood is used include treating common colds, digestive problems, and muscle problems.

In terms of spellwork, sandalwood is a great choice because it is perfect for grounding and helping to ease your anxiety (see also ‘20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love‘). It is a popular aromatherapy scent and is generally used for grounding purposes.

If you are struggling with anxiety and you want to feel more grounded, sandalwood is perfect for amplifying any spells you want to perform.

3. Cedar For Decluttering

10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

Cedar of course comes from the evergreen cedar tree. It has a very earthy smell and it is used a lot in spellwork that involves decluttering and banishing negative energy.

It is also a symbol of endurance, immortality, and eternal life. While it won’t give you immortality in the “live forever” sense, it will help you feel more healthy and the decluttering properties will help you to take on whatever challenges or obstacles you face.

This is a great herb to use if you have any lingering negative energy on any objects too. Sometimes, cleansing an object and resetting its energy can make a world of difference.

4. Yerba Santa For Healing A Broken Heart

10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

The leaf of the Yerba Santa plant (see also ‘What Does Eucalyptus Smell Like?‘) is actually used for medical purposes. Some of the most popular medicinal purposes include coughs, colds, asthma, and fever.

Yerba Santas has been traditionally used to help heal broken hearts too. If you are looking for a herb to help you heal from one yourself, Yerba Santa is perfect for you to try.

If you just want a herb that will help you practice more self-love and self-care rather than a broken heart, Yerba Santa also works really well for that.

It is a herb that fully promotes love (Also check out Top Five Incense For Love Spells) and self-love and any spells you are performing that revolve around these things will definitely be more amplified by the presence of Yerba Santa.

5. Rosemary For New Beginnings

10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

Rosemary is a well-known herb that comes from the rosemary shrub. It is known for its distinct fragrance, and though it is found in most parts of the world now, it actually originated in the Mediterranean.

Rosemary works in a lot of different spells, but in this case, this is a fantastic herb for you to use when you are looking to begin again. If you are looking for help in getting a fresh start, be it in your whole life or just certain aspects, then rosemary will amplify that energy perfectly.

It works really well for breaking habits, starting on a new path, and even opening up more creativity. If you want to work with spells that will open new and fresh doors for you, rosemary will help with that.

6. Mugwort For Stronger Dreams

10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

Mugwort is a flowering plant (see also ‘What Does Ylang Ylang Smell Like?‘) that can be found in Europe, Asia, and parts of North America. It is the same color as sage and is used medicinally for treating anxiety, digestion problems, and even irregular periods for women.

Mugwort is also very popularly used for any dreamwork people plan on doing. Not only does it amply your dreams and make them more vivid, but it is also a great herb to use when you want lucid dreams!

If you are planning any spells to help you have more vivid or even lucid dreams, then burning mugwort will definitely help you. Lots of people swear by the power of mugwort when it comes to dreams and uses it all the time, so have a go at using this powerful herb for yourself.

7. Juniper For Comfort

10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

Juniper is an evergreen plant and the berries are actually commonly used for making gin and other alcoholic drinks. There are plenty of medicinal benefits to juniper, but it is also quite popular in the culinary world too.

If you need a bit of extra comfort in your life, be it in your home or within yourself, then burning juniper in your spells will actually help a lot.

It is believed that juniper will actually create very safe and sacred energy around you, and using it in any spells to amplify your safety and comfort will definitely result in a more sacred space for you.

8. Resins For Purification

10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

Resins have been used throughout history in spells in a similar way to frankincense (see also ‘What Does Frankincense Smell Like?‘) and myrrh.

All three are great for purification rituals and spells, and they are believed to purify the body and spirit of any negative energy that may be weighing you down.

It is important to bare in mind that resin is not as easy to burn as some of the other options on this list (see also ‘How to Burn Frankincense Resin‘). You will need a charcoal puck to ignite it properly, and you will need to place it onto a non-flammable surface.

Along with purifying the body and spirit, resins also help with quieting any racing thoughts you might have, so it’s also great for anxiety and stress spells.

Resins are especially good to burn before you begin a meditation session as they will put you into the right headspace and banish any negative energy that isn’t serving you.

9. Tibetan Monastery Incense For Clarity

10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

There are over 38 Himalayan herbs used in Tibetan monastery incense and it will make you feel like you are in a Tibetan Monastery with the monks (learn how to make incense right here).

Though we have listed Tibetan Monastery incense here as being good for clarity spellwork, it is important to note that it works extremely well for a lot of other purposes too.

Some of the other popular uses of Tibetan Monastery incense include relaxation, meditation, and cleansing your environment of energy that does not serve you.

Traditionally, this incense is used by Tibetan monks when they are worshiping and meditating with Buddha. You can use this incense in a similar way if you have any deity worship you want to perform.

In terms of clarity, this incense will cleanse your space and deeply purify it, and it will create a relaxing, calm space for any meditation you want to do.

10. Sage For Protection

10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells You Need In Your Life Right Now

Sage is one of the most common herbs you can find. It is used for metaphysical purposes, but it is also really popular in cooking as well.

When it comes to spellwork, sage is primarily used for protection. If you are looking for herbs to use in protection spellwork, sage is probably the best one you can use.

It will protect not just your own energy and wellbeing, but also the entire space and environment in which you are performing the protection ritual.


Each of these herbs works fantastically well in any spells you plan to do. From protection to prosperity, there is something for every type of spell in this list.

Give some of these herbs a try for yourself in your spells and remember that adding them to your spells or rituals will amplify the magic you are casting!

Andrea Daehma