7 Helpful Crystals That Allow You To Let Go

Time is a cruel thing, and regardless of whatever is going on in your life, it will continue to march on.

7 Helpful Crystals That Allow You To Let Go

But when you can’t let go, you are destined to be trapped in your past and you’ll miss the many positive experiences that are waiting for you in the future. 

And despite knowing that letting go and moving on is necessary, sometimes you just can’t do it. At least not on your own. Change is never easy, but it is inevitable, and life isn’t always fair.

It can be a really difficult process to leave something you adored in your past, whether that’s a relationship, a job, or even just a habit. You just want to hold on to it forever, terrified of the uncertainty of the unknown. 

But all good things must come to an end eventually. But as one door closes another one opens. But that won’t happen until you finally take that step and shut that door completely.

You can’t leave it even slightly wedged open or you’ll forever be looking behind, desperate to see it swing back open wide. 

You don’t have to do this alone though. And there are actually lots of crystals that you can use that will make finally letting go so much easier.

So in this article, we’ll take a look at the different stones that aid with the healing process of moving forward so you can leave the pain and trauma in your past, and make way for the happiness and joy that awaits you on the horizon.

7 Best Crystals For Letting Go 

1. Aquamarine – Gaining Clarity On A Situation

7 Helpful Crystals That Allow You To Let Go

It can be really hard to let go and move on when you don’t feel like you have true clarity of a particular situation. As humans, we have a tendency to look at things through rose-tinted glasses.

We build the scenario to have been perfect when really that was far from the case. When you can look at the situation candidly, it can make the process of moving on much simpler. 

And that’s what the Aquamarine crystal is perfect for. This blue little beauty enables you to become much calmer and can soothe your soul.

There is a deep connection between this stone and those with a sensitive nature. It reduces the anxiety, fear, and panic they feel. 

Once these negative emotions are peeled back, you can look at the situation with much better clarity.

The stone helps you to focus on the positive changes that can be made rather than focusing on the negative ones that cannot. Letting go of things that are out of your control seems much more feasible with the help of this crystal. 

It also promotes communication and self-expression so that you can talk through your feelings in a healthier and more understanding manner. 

2. Chrysoprase – Moving On From Heartbreak

7 Helpful Crystals That Allow You To Let Go

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of your heart ripping apart and shattering into a million pieces. It’s all-consuming and it’s painful. And the heart is a funny thing, it wants what it wants, and it feels how it feels.

And try as it might, your brain can rarely reason with matters of the heart. When your heart has been broken it can feel like it’s impossible to heal. 

But Chrysoprase can really help. While the heart may beat the brain, the soul trumps all. And this stone will do some real soul-healing. This is because this crystal activates and energizes the heart chakra.

What this does is promote feelings of trust, love, and hope, while warping negative emotions into new positive ones.   

It also helps to rid you of anger and anxiety, two emotions you tend to really hold onto during a particularly painful heartbreak.

This rock allows you to let go of those negative emotions and makes way for positivity which massively improves your outlook on love. 

3. Morganite – For Forgiveness

7 Helpful Crystals That Allow You To Let Go

When you hold resentment in your heart, you can never truly move forwards. You are captured in the past.

When you can’t forgive others, you constantly carry this anger and hurt that won’t ever leave you. And when you hold onto those emotions, how could you ever possibly let go? 

This particular crystal encourages compassion, honesty, and healing. It will allow you to confront those feelings and finally lay them to rest. It inspires joy and can create inner peace and new-found confidence.

Morganite will allow you to come to terms with your traumas, accept what cannot be changed, and encourages forgiveness. 

It will also really aid in ridding yourself of unhealthy attachments and allows you to move forward with an open, happy, and kind heart. 

4. Smoky Quartz – For Grounding 

7 Helpful Crystals That Allow You To Let Go

When we can’t find a way to move on, we’ll look for any reason to stay in a familiar situation even when we know it’s not best for us. You will try and find excuses for why you can’t move on thus refusing to move on and staying in denial. 

Smoky quartz is a really good stone for helping you to learn to take responsibility for your own happiness and accept reality as it truly is. It dispels bad nightmares that stem from picturing moving on. 

It definitely helps keep you grounded and to see your current situation as it truly is so that you can move on and finally let go. 

5. Apache Tears – Living In The Present 

7 Helpful Crystals That Allow You To Let Go

Apache tears is hands down the best stone if you are experiencing grief. And grief doesn’t just refer to death.

You can very easily grieve a time period, a relationship, or even a job. It’s not so much about death as it is about loss. 

And having the ability to come to terms with, and accept this loss. When you are constantly thinking about the past, and the time before you experienced this loss, you won’t ever be able to move on from it. 

This grounding crystal helps to bring you back to the present. It also aids you in confronting these fears in the present. It means that you will be able to feel the hurt or sadness.

You will come to terms with your feelings and allow you to finally start to truly and healthily greave your loss. 

You’ll find that you can finally deal with those darker emotions such as resentment and anger and then let them go so that you have space for more positive emotions and thoughts. 

6. Aragonite – Believing In Yourself

7 Helpful Crystals That Allow You To Let Go

We’ve all been in those relationships where we can’t let go because we don’t know who we are without our significant other. And this can be a difficult and scary situation to be in.

When you don’t have the self-belief in yourself to pursue your own happiness. It can really hold you back. 

Aragonite (see also, ‘15 Colors and Types of Aragonite Crystals‘) is the perfect stone for this type of situation as it will open up your mind and allow you to truly believe in yourself.

You will notice that you have much more courage with this stone and have the perseverance to make it through particularly hard times. 

It also provides you with strength and support in moments when you feel weak or alone. Not only this but it also helps to release pent-up stress that is caused by unfair and unjust situations. 

7. Rose Quartz – Letting Go Of A Relationship

7 Helpful Crystals That Allow You To Let Go

Love is probably the most complicated emotion we feel. It’s nonsensical. It doesn’t follow rhyme or reason. We don’t choose to fall in love, and we can’t simply decide to fall out of love.

So sometimes when you have to let go of a relationship, it can be difficult to truly back that decision if you still feel love. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It often comes in handy during the darkest moments of our lives. When we’re grieving, full of sorrow, or particularly stressed. And these are all emotions you feel when trying to let go of a relationship. 

A rose quartz crystal will stimulate the heart chakra and put an emphasis on loving yourself. It also helps you to find inner peace and harmony within your mind and soul. It soothes you deeply and rids you of negative energy replacing it with love. 

In those moments where your loss feels all-consuming, turn to this stone so that it can more positively focus those feelings of love on yourself rather than others. 

Final Thoughts

Moving on is often much simpler said than done. We can want to let go all we like, but as I’ve mentioned before, our brains very rarely win battles against the heart.

And so sometimes we just end up stuck harboring all this hurt, sadness, resentment, and anger that makes it physically impossible to let go. 

If this is something that you feel you relate to currently, I’m very sorry. Letting go often means saying goodbye to a period of your life that was comfortable and settled. It means an unknown and uncertain future which can be really scary.

 But these crystals can really help dispel all those negative emotions and fears and allow you to see the brighter and better future that awaits you.

Andrea Daehma