How Long To Charge Crystals In The Moonlight

When used for their healing abilities, crystals can quickly lose their energy, necessitating recharging to restore more strength and vitality. Sunlight and moonlight are the best sources of natural lighting for charging crystals.

How Long To Charge Crystals In The Moonlight

Particularly during the moonlight, crystals can generate their highest quality energy, which can result in significant changes in your life.

One of the numerous methods to restore their energy and continue to benefit from your crystals (see also ‘What Do White Crystals Mean?‘) is to immerse them in the moonlight.

In this article, we will show you how to charge your crystals (see also ‘How To Charge Pyrite‘) efficiently and effectively.

How Do Crystals Work?

How healing crystals function is still a matter of discussion. Even though some claim crystals function due to the placebo effect, others feel they provide a physical influence on the human body.

Since ancient times, crystals have been used for healing. Crystals were thought to have healing properties by the ancient Egyptians.

Crystals for treatment have also been employed by practitioners in parts of Asia, such as China and India.

According to crystal specialists, crystals function through absorption, amplification, and transmission of energy.

They could aid in removing obstructions from the body’s field of energy and reestablishing balance when placed on or near the body.

All stages of healing—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—can be facilitated by this.

It is thought that every crystal has a different wavelength and frequency. A crystal’s vibration enters your energy field when you carry it or wear it, assisting in reestablishing equilibrium and peace.

The body is supposed to be encouraged to heal itself as a result of this.

Charging Crystals In The Moonlight

When you use crystals, the energy that have accumulated inside of them will be released. A crystal will require more cleaning and charging (see also ‘How To Charge Tarot Cards‘) the more you use it.

You will, therefore, occasionally need to recharge the crystals.

One of the numerous methods to restore their energy and continue to benefit from your crystals is to immerse them in the moonlight.

You may supply your crystals the highest energy feasible to emit by charging them in the moonlight, which can result in significant improvements in your life.

Both the new moon and the full moon can be used to charge crystals, but the full moon’s energy tends to have a greater, more profound pull (see also ‘What Happens When You Charge Your Crystals Under the Full Moon’).

The best time to let go of something that is no longer beneficial to you is during a full moon.

You can also charge your crystals in sunlight, but it is definitely recommended that you charge them in moonlight instead, as the light from the moon is a lot more sensitive and less brash than the light from the sun.

Timeframes For Charging Crystals In The Moonlight

You should place your crystals outside to charge during the full moon anywhere between two nights prior to the full moon, and two nights after the full moon.

This indicates that in most months, a window of 4-5 nights is optimum for moonlight crystal charging.

Everybody has a different threshold for how long they should leave their crystals in the moonlight.

However, it is typically recommended that they be left to charge overnight in order to fully charge.

You don’t need to place your crystals directly in the moonlight for them to charge; as long as they are exposed to the light, the energy will find its way to the crystals.

How To Charge Crystals In The Moonlight

Below, we have written a short guide on how you can successfully recharge your crystals in the moonlight.

As we mentioned earlier, there are many ways that you can charge crystals. Some people prefer to do it in sunlight, while others prefer moonlight.

Some prefer to leave them overnight, while others prefer to collect them after a couple of hours.

This is simply our preferred method of charging crystals, which you can follow if you so choose.

Gather Your Crystals

How Long To Charge Crystals In The Moonlight

First things first, you will want to gather all of your crystals. Then, place them outdoors or on a ledge in the moonlight.

It doesn’t matter if it’s overcast at night, and you can hardly see the moon because what matters is that the crystals will align with the moon’s energy as it passes by wherever you are.

Ideal placement for them is on the ground, or another organic surface. Like our bodies, crystals desire to be rooted, or connected to the earth.

You can merely set them on a windowsill if you don’t have access to any lawn or dirt.

Express Gratitude

Arrange your crystals in your preferred formation, and then take the time to express your gratitude to the universe.

You should also take this opportunity to set goals for yourself, and think about what you wish to change in your life.

As long as your wishes are not harmful to another person or entity, you can focus on them and manifest them into the universe.

Most importantly, you should thank your crystals. Manifest peace and serenity towards them, and wish them well as you part ways for the night.

Then, you can make your way back inside, and allow the natural moonlight to take over.

Collect Your Crystals

In the morning, you can go outside and collect your crystals. The timeframe is different for every person, but don’t worry if you leave them outside for too long.

Some people prefer to leave their crystals in the natural light for over 24 hours.

Bring the crystals inside, and keep them in a safe place until you would like to use them.

Final Thoughts

In addition to charging your crystals, the full moon is a great time to evaluate what is and is not effective in your life and to release it.

Additionally, you can perform it under a new moon or even in direct sunshine.

Every once in a while, even a few hours of moonlight charging for crystals can be really beneficial. All you have to do is try to ensure your crystal catches the moonlight.

You can charge your crystals with your intentions after the moonlight has cleansed and charged them, and then you can let the moon take care of the rest.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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