How Many Incense Sticks to Burn for Good Luck?

Incense has been burned for thousands of years. Many homes continue to engage in this ancient activity for a wide range of reasons.

The majority of us will burn incense to perfume our rooms with its pleasant aroma. Others will burn it for safety, anxiety, and spiritual reasons.


Some cultures believe that burning incense sticks (see also ‘How To Put Out Incense‘) can bring you luck.

Whatever the motivation, you should be sure that smoking incense won’t put you or your loved ones in danger (see also ‘How to Use Incense Waterfall‘).

Although there has always been health risks associated with incense burning, if you do it properly, you may be able to achieve the positive results that you want in your life.

In this article, we will show you how many incense sticks you should burn to bring positivity and good luck into your life, as well as showing you the most effective way to do so.

So, let’s get started.

The Power Of Incense: What Do They Do?

Incense burning is a custom that is practiced in many nations all over the world. People are burning incense sticks daily to fend against ill luck and negative energy, as well as to bring good fortune and divine power.

Incense sticks are also often burned at religious services, during meditation, and during other important occasions.

Some people simply like to burn them due to the lovely scents that they give off.

We understand that some people do not believe in spiritual aspects, and therefore, they do not believe that incense sticks are anything more than a product that gives off sweet, smoky smells.

This is true; incense sticks can make your home smell great (learn how to make incense right here).

However, there are beliefs that incense sticks hold tremendous power, and can be used to attract positive energies, as well as giving us the opportunity to connect with our inner selves.

How Many Incense Sticks Should I Burn?

How Many Incense Sticks Should I Burn

In Chinese culture, certain scents are believed to be better suited to luring good energy than others. For instance, some smells are considered to be luckier than others while praying for good fortune.

In order to avoid negative energy from unfavorable directions, it is recommended that you ignite incense sticks in the morning and rotate the smoke in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

When attempting to draw in a positive, productive energy, incense sticks should be lit in odd numbers, according to ancient Feng Shui principles.

Due to the fact that odd numbers are viewed as being beneficial and bring good fortune whereas even numbers are unfavorable and bring bad fortune, odd numbers have many lucky connotations.

Typically, it’s recommended to burn 3 incense sticks to bring luck into your life.

Since ‘3’ is an odd number, it will bring good fortune and open the door for greatness to enter your home.

Which Scents to Use for Good Luck 

It may not be enough to simply light up 3 random sticks, and expect good luck to make its way into your life. You will need to think about which sticks you will be igniting, as there are many to choose from.

Burning sage incense can help a person feel protected in their house. On the other side, rosemary incense is often employed to start fresh and to discharge energy that has become stagnated.

You should definitely think about using Palo Santo (see also ‘What Does Palo Santo Smell Like‘) incense because it is specifically designed to bring prosperity and positivity.

An incense that mixes two or more distinct fragrances is known as a sacred blend. When igniting incense sticks, these scents may occasionally be blended with additional components to produce potent energies.

These combinations demonstrate greater potency than using just one component.

The nag champa (see also ‘What Does Nag Champa Smell Like?‘) incense blend will be produced using a mixture of plumeria and sandalwood. This combination is frequently used in sanctuaries to honor the deities, since it is considered to sanctify and cleanse environments.

Safety Tips for Using Incense Sticks

While using incense sticks is a fairly easy practice to follow, there are ways in which this practice can go wrong.

After all, by lighting these sticks up, you are essentially playing with fire. If you’re not careful, this can backfire on you.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for when you decide to practice using incense sticks. If you aren’t careful while using them, your good luck will, very quickly, become bad luck.

  • DO open a window while burning incense. This will help the smoke leave the room, as you risk damaging your lungs if you breathe too much in.
  • DON’T leave incense sticks burning if you are going to leave the room. If left unattended, you run the risk of fires starting.
  • DO check that your incense sticks are secure in place. If they fall over onto the carpet, or a rug, a fire could catch fairly easily (and quickly).
  • DON’T burn incense sticks if you have any respiratory issues, e.g., COPD. The smoke may go into your lungs if you are sat in a room with them, and if they have been burning for a long time, this could cause damage to your chest.

Final Thoughts

In summary, your best bet to introduce good luck and prosperity into your life using incense sticks is to burn 3 at a time, and to always remember the odd number rule.

If you’re stuck deciding on which sticks to burn, we recommend trying rosemary, sage, Palo Santo, or even using a nag champa blend for particularly successful results.

Always remember to keep an eye on your burning incense; never leave them burning unattended, and always beware of your surroundings.

Also, if you have respiratory problems, you may be better off finding other ways to get in touch with your spirituality.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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