How To Burn Incense Sticks Without A Holder

Burning incense sticks is a great way to relax and unwind. But for the best burning results, you need a traditional incense burner made from wood, metal or ceramic.

How To Burn Incense Sticks Without Holder

But how to burn incense sticks without a holder? If you don’t have an incense burner at hand, then there are plenty of alternative ways to burn incense sticks.

In this fun guide, we find out how you can enjoy your incense sticks without a traditional incense burner.

Place Incense In A Potted Plant

One of the most popular ways to burn incense without a holder is by placing your incense sticks into the soil of a potted plant.

Make sure that you don’t poke a root or force the incense stick too deep into the soil to avoid damaging the plant.

You should also ensure that you keep the pot away from materials that are flammable, such as furniture or curtains.

Keep in mind that the ash will drop after a while, so position your incense stick in a way that the ash falls onto the soil. 

Use A Sink

If you don’t have an incense holder available but you still want to enjoy your favorite scent of incense, then you can simply use a nearby sink.

This could be your kitchen sink or the sink in the bathroom. Simply put the incense stick in the sink and secure it with a weight.

This is an ideal solution for burning incense while you are having a calming and relaxing bath.

Just make sure that you don’t place your incense near the water, so it could go out then. 

Use A Paper Clip

You can burn incense sticks almost anywhere. All you need is something to secure the sticks with. Paper clips are ideal for the job.

You can attach them almost anywhere, even when you are traveling and you don’t have an incense stick holder nearby.

In order to use a paper clip as an incense holder, bend the clip into a U-shape and attach the incense stick in the middle. Depending on the type of paper clip, you may need pliers to do this

Once your incense is in place, just put a small plate or dish underneath the incense, so it can catch the ashes.

Use A Binder Clip

As an alternative to a paperclip, you can also use a binder clip to hold your incense stick. Make sure that you use a good-size clip that keeps your incense in place.

First, you will need to open the binder clip to create the hole at the center. You can then put the bottom of the incense in the hole and close the binder.

Ideally, you should also attach the clip somewhere, such as a plant, to ensure that the incense stick doesn’t fall over.

Use A Can Or Tin

If you love the smell of incense, then you can also use an old tin or metal can as an incense holder alternative.

Turn your can upside down and make a small hole in the bottom. It should be just big enough to fit the incense stick in.

Then, just take a match or a lighter and light your incense. The rounded bottom of the can will catch all the incense ashes. 

How To Burn Incense Sticks Without Holder

Use Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is not just great for cooking and baking but you can also make a creative incense holder with it.

All you have to do is squash aluminum foil into a small ball and then insert the bottom of the stick into the ball.

You may want to gently press the bottom of the ball to create a flat surface. This ensures that your incense holder replacement is stable.

Then put your ball onto a dish or into a bowl. If you like the dish with aluminum foil, then you can easily dispose of the ashes after your incense stick burned down.

Use A Vase Or Urn

An urn or vase filled with salt or sand is another popular alternative to a traditional incense holder.

You can often find them in Buddhist temples across Asia where people regularly visit to burn incense. An urn is ideal because it catches all the ash that falls from the incense stick. 

Use A Big Button

You may not have considered this option but large buttons usually have big enough holes to place your incense sticks.

Plus, these buttons are also heavy enough to ensure that your incense won’t fall over.

Take any large, heavy button of your choice and place it on a ceramic dish. Then put your incense stick into the hole.

You may need to secure the incense stick in a clip or a heavy object. Once the incense stick is in place, you can light it with a lighter or a match.

Use A Keyring And An Old Bottle

If you want to create a more unusual incense holder that lasts for longer, then you can make a holder with an old bottle and a keyring.

Remove the cap from the bottle and attach your incense stick to the keyring. Then light your incense and place it upside down into the bottom.

If you use a transparent bottle, then you even get a magical smoke effect. It is an easy incense holder replacement that is practical and looks beautiful.

Hold The Incense Stick

If you want to stay truly connected to the scent of incense, then it can be a great idea to hold your incense stick while it is burning.

Although you can’t do anything else during this time, it is a wonderful way to meditate and practice some mindfulness.

It is ideal for any rituals, ceremonies and burning incense outdoors. However, make sure that you watch the incense stick, so you don’t burn yourself.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to use an incense holder to burn your incense sticks. Simply use any of the fun holder alternatives to enjoy your favorite incense.

Andrea Daehma