How To Charge Lapis Lazuli

Everyone who owns and uses healing stones or crystals knows that it is super important to frequently cleanse and charge them.

No matter what stone or crystal you use, it is vital that you remember to cleanse your stones and then recharge them in order to keep them in great quality and condition.

But how? How can you cleanse and charge certain stones?

If you own some lapis lazuli which you use to heal and support yourself spiritually, then you will definitely need to know how to cleanse and recharge these stones (see also ‘How to Clean Lapis Lazuli‘).

However, each stone will have its own preferred methods for cleansing and charging – so what are they for lapis lazuli?

Let’s find out!

What Is Lapis Lazuli?

Before we can start looking into the best methods for cleansing and charging lapis lazuli, we first need to understand what kind of stone lapis lazuli is.

This is because certain stones feature certain properties which makes it more adept and suited for some cleansing and charging methods over others.

Lapis lazuli is a radiant crystal which comes in shades of violet and deep blue. It is mainly made of another stone known as lazurite, which is where lapis lazuli gets half of its name.

It is also closely connected to other minerals such as sodalite, pyrite, and calcite.

Spiritually, lapis lazuli is known as a stone used for encouraging wisdom and self-expression. It is renowned for being one of the most mystical healing crystals in the world, earning its place in a range of histories and mythologies.

It’s a stone used to help boost truthfulness and self-awareness, boosting communication and natural bonds. This makes it a great stone to use to help forge friendships and mend relationships.

Lapis lazuli is connected to both the throat and third eye chakras which perfectly explains how it helps boost clarity and confidence when it comes to communication.

Lapis lazuli also has plenty of benefits to offer for your physical health too. It is said to help ease insomnia and symptoms of depression, plus its close connection to the throat chakra means it can help solve issues there too.

Overall, lapis lazuli is a gorgeous healing stone that offers a ton of benefits to those who use it – but it’s important to keep the lapis lazuli stones charged in order to properly reap the benefits.

How To Cleanse Your Lapis Lazuli Stones

Charge Lapis Lazuli

Before you charge your lapis lazuli stones, it is vital that you first cleanse them. The more you use any healing stone, the more negative energy it absorbs as it cleanses your chakras and replaces that negative energy with positive energy.

Over time, your healing stones will become full with negative energy – and thus need emptying. Kind of like your vacuum cleaner!

So, you first need to cleanse your lapis lazuli stones otherwise trying to charge them won’t work at all.

To cleanse your lapis lazuli stones, you have a choice between a range of methods. The most popular method used for cleansing lapis lazuli stones is by using water.

Lapis lazuli is a water stone and so, it reacts well to water. This means that you can use running water to cleanse your stones by washing them then patting them dry.

Some people may be tempted to leave their lapis lazuli stones to soak in water for hours at a time but this method is strongly discouraged.

This is because lapis lazuli is not a particularly strong stone, meaning that it is susceptible to erosion, cracks, and fissures.

It measures between a five and a six on Mohs scale of hardness, meaning that while not completely fragile, it can still be damaged and broken.

Leaving your lapis lazuli in water for prolonged periods of time will weaken the stones and potentially increase their risk of being damaged.

As a result, it’s better to cleanse your lapis lazuli by quickly washing your stones in water for only a few seconds (find out more here,  ‘Can Lapis Lazuli Go in Water?‘). Pat them dry with a cloth and they will be done!

You can also use smudging sage to cleanse lapis lazuli. This method of moving stones through the smoke emitted from burning sage is super easy to do and works with all stones, so it’s definitely one to try with your lapis lazuli stones.

How To Charge Your Lapis Lazuli Stones

Once your lapis lazuli stones are cleansed, it’s time to charge them up! Charging your healing stones is vital for helping them stay rejuvenated.

By boosting the energy within your stones, they can more easily pass on their positive properties to help you with your ailments and provide you with the support you need.

So, how can you charge your lapis lazuli stones?

The best way to charge your lapis lazuli stones is to use salt water to give them a jolt of energy to charge them. Simply source some salt water (either by making your own or collecting some from the sea) and pour three spoonful over your stones.

Then, pat them dry!

This method works best as lapis lazuli is so closely linked to water and so salt water works great for rejuvenating these stones.

However, you can also use other stones you own to help charge your lapis lazuli. Simply store your lapis lazuli in a bowl overnight with other stones such as hematite crystals.

Your lapis lazuli stones will soak in the leftover energy from the hematites and use it to reinvigorate themselves.

Alternatively, you can leave your lapis lazuli stones to soak in moonlight overnight.

This method is tricky because you are not guaranteed a clear night to provide enough moonlight to charge your stones but if you ever have the opportunity of a clear sky during a full moon, you should take this opportunity to charge your lapis lazuli stones!

Final Thoughts

So, that’s how you can charge your lapis lazuli healing stones. Remember to first cleanse them of stored negative energy so you can fill them back up with plenty of positive energy you can use to your advantage!

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