How To Charge Pyrite

Also known as “Fool’s Gold” pyrite is a type of crystal or gemstone that is actually an iron sulfate mineral that absolutely oozes with metallic energy. It is a very popular stone that is loved by crystal collectors all over the world.

Pyrite is a fantastic stone to have because it has many metaphysical and healing properties and it works really well with other stones too.


If you have just started on your crystal journey (see also ‘Are Crystals Rocks?‘), you might not know how to charge your crystals and if that is the case, you’ve come to the right place!

We will be going over everything you need to know about how you can charge your pyrite, as well as a little bit about the metaphysical properties and healing benefits of the stone (see also, ‘Metaphysical Benefits of Lepidolite Stones‘). So let’s get started!

How To Charge Pyrite

There are a few ways in which you can charge your pyrite, so if one method doesn’t align well with you, you can just try another one. Below you will find a few methods you can use, so let’s take a look at them now.

Method 1: Sand

One great way to charge your pyrite is by using sand. All you have to do for this method is place your pyrite in the sand and submerge it a bit so the sand completely covers it.

Leave it in the sand for as long as you feel you need to and then just take it out!

You can place it in the sand whenever you go to the beach, but if you don’t find yourself around sand much, a bowl of sand also works really well.

Method 2: Sea Salt

Sea salt is also another great method. This is similar to the sand method, but instead, you’ll be using sea salt.

You can place your pyrite in sea salt, making sure it is submerged, or you can simply place your pyrite next to some sea salt. Leave it to charge for a few hours or until you feel it’s ready and then you’re done!


Method 3: Moonlight & Sunlight

This is a very popular method that works especially well for practically any crystal (see also our article on white crystals).

To do this method, you simply have to place your pyrite in direct moonlight and let it charge all night (see also ‘How Long To Charge Crystals In The Moonlight‘), or until you feel it is ready.

Different phases of the moon will actually charge it differently too, so look into moon phases and what sort of energies they represent so you can utilize the moon energies properly.

Also, you can use this method in terms of sunlight too. Light is an extremely powerful charging force for a lot of different crystals, and pyrite is no exception.

Just make sure that you keep an eye on your pyrite when you charge it in the sun so the sun doesn’t damage it.

Metaphysical Properties of Pyrite

Pyrite is known for its powers of creativity and purity. If you are looking to add some more creative energy into your life and you want to purify your energy, this is a great stone to have.

Pyrite is a stone that will allow you to absorb the energies of the stone from direct skin contact.

As it naturally removes negative energy from your body and environment, a great time to utilize this ability is after it’s been newly charged.

Any negative thoughts or emotions you are feeling will naturally dissipate and be absorbed by the stone.

This stone is also great for meditation (see also ‘How To Make Orgonite Pyramid‘), but more at the end of a meditation session. It helps you bring your energy back to the physical realm and it recenters you.

This is a very important part of meditation, so if you struggle to come back to reality when you meditate, pyrite will help you with no issues at all.

Healing Benefits of Pyrite

In terms of physical healing, pyrite is especially good for providing you with lots of stamina. If you struggle to regulate your stamina or you find yourself having very little energy, this is a great stone to keep close to you.

Because pyrite is a stone that is often associated with the earth, it is also great for boosting your immune system. It helps in aiding your lung function, improves your blood flow, and for women, it also helps with your fertility.

Pyrite is also a stone that is commonly associated with protection. It will protect you from infections and keep your body and spirit protected from any negative energies that may try to penetrate it.

It also increases your confidence, so if you are struggling with that, this is a fantastic stone to use.

Crystals That Work Well With Pyrite

Pyrite is a great stone to use with other crystals, and when you combine the powers of these crystals with it, you can get even more benefits out of it. Let’s take a look at some of the best combinations!

Pyrite & Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a powerful amplifier, so it will take the qualities and attributes of pyrite and amply them to spectacular heights.

If you want to do any manifesting, protection, or healing work, this combination is perfect for you to utilize.

Pyrite & Labradorite

Labradorite is especially good for anything creative and for those who want to encourage new beginnings. When you pair labradorite with pyrite, it will enhance your creativity and help you come up with new ideas with a lot more ease.

If you want to enhance your imagination and get outside of your comfort zone, this is a wonderful combination to work with.

Pyrite & Fluorite

Fluorite (see also ‘A Complete Guide To Fluorite Crystals: Meaning, Healing Powers, And More‘) is well known for its powers to banish negative energy and detox the mind. As pyrite is also good for getting rid of negative energy, when you pair the two together, it will amplify the effects.


There are quite a few ways to charge your pyrite and the methods we have included in this list are definitely the best. Give them a try for yourself to see just how effective they really are!

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