How To Choose The Best Crystal For Your Intentions [Guide]

Use of crystals has been around for hundreds of years. Crystals are utilized for so many different things, including as décor, meditation aids, and healing tools. 

Depending on needs and how the crystal would benefit you in your life, you should choose the crystal you wish to buy.

How To Choose The Best Crystal For Your Intentions [Guide]

The crystals that will assist you in reaching your objectives, whether they be materialistic or spiritual, are the best ones for you. This article is an excellent resource for learning the fundamentals of crystal healing if you’re curious about it but aren’t sure where to begin.

We’ll go over which crystals are suitable for what in this article, as well as how they can improve your life. Knowing what kinds of stones would perform effectively for you is essential given the wide range of possibilities currently on the market.

One will be able to get all of the benefits by selecting the right crystal depending on its metaphysical characteristics, or other considerations, while avoiding any unfavorable side-effects that could result from employing incompatible stones.

Be aware that every crystal has a unique energy that goes along with it. Feel free to try other crystals to locate the one that resonates with you the most since you can be drawn to more than one

How To Pick A Crystal Using A Pendulum

Your pendulum (see also ‘How To Use A Crystal Pendulum‘) must first be programmed with a program indicating yes and no responses.

Once you are familiar with how the pendulum (see also, ‘8 Best Crystals for Pendulums‘) swings, swing it over every crystal in turn while asking yourself if it is the correct one for you.

You will then receive a response, based on how you have programmed it to respond.

Pendulum use is a skill that needs to be developed through practice. If you have no prior dowsing knowledge, use your intuition to discover the proper crystals.

Let Your Crystal Find You

This approach is distinct from the aforementioned “intuition” approach yet is similar to it.

You could occasionally experience a strong affinity for one single crystal or stone when seeing a group of crystals. 

You might connect energetically with that gem without understanding why. Then, give in to your impulse and choose that stone. The crystal has “discovered you” in this instance.

You were intended to possess it!

Choose a gemstone that will assist you in realizing your desired outcome. Your inner voice, which is always there in the background of your mind, directs you toward the things you wish to accomplish or change in your life. 

Finding crystals or stones that resonate with your desire is simple once you are aware of your objective. Every crystal has special characteristics and frequencies that are effective for various uses.

One will be able to reap all of the benefits by selecting the right stone depending on its metaphysical characteristics while avoiding any unfavorable consequences that could result from employing incompatible stones.

For many years, people have utilized healing crystals to enhance their health, happiness, and well-being. 

There is a crystal for everyone that can assist in helping us materialize love, money, success, protection, or overall well-being thanks to the highly ordered arrangement of crystals, which vibrate at particular frequencies which can help us achieve our life goals.

The easiest technique to establish an intention once you’ve selected your crystal is to hold it in your hand while closing your eyes. Declare your purpose for the crystal either orally or mentally after visualizing the result or objective you’d like to achieve. 

You might say something like, “I plan for this crystal to let me bring fulfilling relationships into my life,” if you’re trying to draw love into your life. Read our comprehensive guide to using crystals to set intentions (not sure how? check out ‘How To Set Intentions With The Use Of Crystals‘).

Chakra-Based Crystal Selection

The seven energy vortices or foci in the body are known as chakras. The energy transmitters for subtle energy are chakras. 

Each chakra represents a different aspect of our bodily, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. The color, crystal, and purpose of each chakra correspond to one another.

We feel wholesome and in good health when the chakras are opened and in harmony. We will have issues related to Chakras functions when it is blocked or out of balance.

Each Chakra contains a set of crystals that can be used to balance or unblock it.

Zodiac Signs: Crystal Selection

Finding out what your sign is and looking at the crystals that match it are two other options for selecting a crystal. Additionally, you can use your rising sign or moon sign. Then choose the crystals that speak to you the most by following your intuition.

Crystals And Ruling Planets

Crystals And Ruling Planets

For millennia, people have utilized astrology and gemstones to connect with the energy of each planet. You can link yourself with positive vibes while rejecting negative ones by wearing gems that represent the energy of a specific planet.

We advise researching which crystal matches your reigning Zodiac (see also, ‘What are Zodiac Crystals?’) planets if this is an activity you’re interested in doing to learn how it might enhance your life.

With this knowledge in hand, you may effortlessly match their energies with the good vibrations of any planet you want by just wearing its gemstone on your body. Above all, always believe in your gut. Allow your crystal to discover you if everything else fails!

Select A Crystal Based On Color

Pick a gem based on color.  Color may be an effective tool. It has the power to affect one’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and moods. By applying the same colors with intention to specific bodily parts where they are most required, they may be used for healing.

The meanings of various colored crystals vary depending on the hue itself as well as how they relate to certain body parts. For example, use red gems to amplify your sexuality, will, and life energy.

To increase joy, happiness, and personal power, choose orange crystals.

Beginners Crystal Kits

A beginners crystals package, which includes all you need in one practical package, is a terrific approach to start taking advantage of the therapeutic qualities of crystals.

This lovely crystal kit will assist you in beginning or expanding your personal crystal collection (see also ‘The 10 Best Books About Crystals For Beginners‘). 

Included in the bundle are different types of stones that can be used to experiment with various energies and qualities, including meditation, chakra work, and protection from evil energy. Everyone can find something here.

Once you’ve experimented with a beginner’s crystal set, you might wish to look through healing crystals of various kinds and crystal jewelry to locate the crystals that are best for you. 

Check out some books about crystals and stones if you want to understand more regarding the magic of crystals and ways to apply them. These resources can assist a novice in learning how to use these potent instruments of healing and transformation.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right crystal might be challenging because there are so many options available. Decide what you would like the crystal for and trust your intuition to guide you to the crystal of your dreams. 

What do you want to achieve? What are you planning to do with it? Do you require the crystals for success, love, or wealth?

Some people base their stone selection on their chakras, while others go by their Zodiac signs. Others pick crystals for their aesthetic value or to adorn their homes.

In the end, your intuition will determine everything. Allow your crystal to discover you if everything else fails!

Andrea Daehma