How To Cleanse Crystals With Incense?

The reason people use incense to cleanse crystals is because it is the safest method of doing so. Other ways to cleanse crystals include using the sun and water – however, some crystals do not like to be out in either.

How To Cleanse Crystals With Incense?

This is true of aquamarine, amethyst, clear quartz, celestite, pyrite, opal, and so on. This is because some crystals do not do well in water on a physical level, while the sun can affect the composition and color of crystals.

Using incense to cleanse your crystals is very easy and the best way to do so. In this article we shall take a look at how to cleanse crystals with incense.

Why Cleanse Crystals?

Crystals take in a lot of negative energy in order to remove it from you and the space they surround. All of these impurities need to go somewhere, and that means you need to cleanse the crystals.

Not only that, crystals might also be physically dirty, and using incense can actually help to remove those kinds of impurities too. However, if your crystal can be put in water, then you can also opt for this too.

You may also find that using particular incense you can also charge some extra energy into the crystal. You will find out more about that next.

What Incense Should You Use To Cleanse Crystals?

You can use any type of incense to cleanse crystals. However, you will find that there are some types of incense people will choose over others. There is a reason for this, and that is the fact some incense will charge positive energy back into the crystal, as well as cleanse it. They are:

  • Lavender
  • Palo santo
  • Frankincense
  • Sweetgrass
  • Sandalwood

If you are looking to add extra energy and cleansing into your crystals, then opt for natural incense sticks like the above. Other incense sticks that you can use (which are just as good) at purifying crystals include:

  • Patchouli
  • White sage
  • Labdanum
  • Juniper
  • Copal
  • Myrrh
  • mugwort

How To Cleanse Crystals Using Incense?

When it comes to using incense, you can use sticks, smudges or cones – basically whatever feels comfortable to you. These three ways are the most popular types of incense which can be enjoyed at home.

Step 1

Choose the incense that feels right for you and the crystals. It could just be down to how it smells. Either way, any incense will cleanse crystals thoroughly of its negative energies.

Step 2

How To Cleanse Crystals With Incense?

Place the incense where it is safe and light it. This could be in its own incense burner. Let it smoke for a few seconds and take in that wonderful aroma.

Step 3

Pick up a crystal and place it directly in the smoke of the incense. Let the smoke hit all the sides of the crystal for a few seconds.

Step 4

You can then set the crystal down beside the burning and smoky incense. You do not have to hold the crystal now – this should only be done for a matter of seconds.

Step 5

Repeat this step with any other crystals that you are currently cleansing. Leave the crystal(s) next to the incense until it finishes burning.

Step 6

Once the incense has burned out, your crystal(s) will be free of negative energy. However, if you notice that they still have negative energy inside them, then you can use the meditation method (below) in order to remove the negativity.

You can also hold onto the crystal and visualize a light surrounding it. This can help to remove any of that negative energy that is left.

Can You Meditate To Cleanse Crystals?

Another fun way of cleansing crystals is by meditating and using an incense stick. All you will need to do is light the incense stick and place the crystals next to it.

You can then spend your time relaxing and visualizing them being cleansed by the smoke. You can also imagine that the extra energy is being pushed into the crystal too, while the negative energies are being forced out and away. 

How Many Times Should You Clean Crystals?

In order to keep the crystals squeaky clean and empty of negative energy, you should aim to cleanse crystals at least every few weeks. This could be twice a month, or even once a month.

What you do not want to happen is for the crystals to become overloaded with negative energy. If this happens, you will find that your crystals cannot work as efficiently as usual. Fortunately, it is really easy to cleanse crystals in order to purify them by using incense.

Final Thoughts

If you use crystals, then you will find that over time they become overloaded with negative energy. This means that in order to use them efficiently, you will want to remove all of that negative energy that is built up.

To purify crystals is very easy, and you can do this by using incense, whether that is a cone, a stick or via smudges.

If you get into the habit of removing the negative energy a couple or so times a month, then you will make sure that your crystals can do their job properly of removing all the badness and negativity that surrounds you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Any Type Of Incense To Cleanse Crystals?

Yes, you can use any type of incense to cleanse crystals. This means that you can choose incense that you like the smell of.

Can Incense Give Your Crystal Energy?

Yes, there are certain types of natural incense that can give your crystals some extra energy. These include: Lavender, Palo santo, Frankincense, Sweetgrass, Sandalwood. However, all incense will cleanse your crystals, but only natural incense will cleanse and energize crystals. 

Is It Better To Cleanse Crystals Using Incense?

Using incense is the safest method of cleansing crystals. This is because some crystals do not take kindly to either water or the sun. All crystals like incense, however.

Andrea Daehma