How To Cleanse Your Room Using Incense?

Spiritually cleansing your home is a great way to remove negative energy from your personal space. Often we look after our own well-being and forget the negative effects our home can have on us if we do not keep it a positive place.

How To Cleanse Your Room Using Incense?

Many things can happen in our life, whether it is a breakup or a divorce, or even just by being sick. Understanding the importance and know-how of how to cleanse your room using incense is a great way to indulge in positive vibes.

Fortunately it is really easy to do. If you are interested in knowing how to cleanse your room by using incense, then read on to find out more!

What Reasons Might You Use Incense To Cleanse The Energy In Your Room?

There are many reasons why you might choose to cleanse the energy in your room. Not all of the reasons are to do with loss or feeling sick. There are plenty of other reasons you might feel the need to go through the cleansing process. They are:

  • Feeling of being stuck – if you feel like you are stuck in a rut, like you have not progressed with your life, then you may be feeling negative. Perhaps your home needs some positive energy to get you back on the right path?
  • Having a really bad day – it is common to have a bad day. Sometimes days can be more tiring which makes everything seem extra bothersome as a result. Remove all of the negative vibes by cleansing the home and you may feel much better.
  • Major life changes – whether a baby is on the way, you have secured yourself a new job, or you are in a brand new relationship, cleansing the home is always a great idea. It removes the old and tired energy, and replaces it with new and positive energy.
  • Loss or a breakup – both grieving and ending a wonderful relationship are terrible things to experience. If you have a lot of heartache then you may find that cleansing the home can help you to not only process all of the pain that you are feeling, but also help you to move forward with your life.
  • An argument has been resolved – people argue all of the time, and with that things often get said in the heat of the moment too. For example, arguing with your partner. Once the disagreement has been resolved, then you may want to cleanse the space to start afresh. 
  • Feelings of being unwell and sick – being sick, stressed and generally just not feeling too good can all bring about negative feelings and energy into the home. Cleansing it once you are feeling better is a great way to put some positive energy back into the home.

How Does Incense Work To Remove Negative Energy?

For centuries, cultures have used the burning of herbs to remove negative energies from spaces and themselves. It is believed that the negative ions within things such as herbs and incense have a positive impact on us and the space around us.

It is said that negative ions are present in areas that have lots of water, and that they have a positive impact on our mood. People have been using the likes of incense and burning herbs to replicate it since ancient times.

This is because once the negative ions are inhaled, it is said they enter into the bloodstream and cause a biochemical reaction which increases a person’s level of serotonin – the happy hormone.

This is believed to have the ability to relieve stress and negativity, as well as boost a person’s energy levels. This means that you can use these negative ions to cleanse your own personal space, as well as yourself, in order to live a positive life going forward. 

How To Use Incense To Cleanse Your Room?

Fortunately, it is really easy to cleanse your room (and the whole house) using incense. You can also go through the process as many times as you feel is necessary.

You can do so after anything in the above list, or make it a habit – something that you do every season, week, or even month. Here is how to cleanse your room using incense:

Step 1

Light your chosen incense and take in that wonderful and calming aroma.

Step 2

Open the windows in the room that you are currently cleansing. This allows the negative energy and the smoke to leave the home.

Step 3

How To Cleanse Your Room Using Incense?

Before you can cleanse the space or home that surrounds you, you will need to cleanse your own body first. You can do this by carefully picking up the incense and moving it side-to-side around you.

Start at the bottom of your body at the feet, and work your way up towards your head. Do as much as you can at the front and the back of yourself.

Step 4

Walk clockwise around the room and wave the incense gently into all areas of the wall. Make sure you do all four walls, from the top to the bottom.

Step 5

As you purify the walls in your room, make sure that you are full of positive affirmations and thoughts. These can be things said allowed, or even silent prayers or mantras.

One example is saying to yourself: “I am cleansing this space to remove the negative energy in order to fill it with love and positive energy.”

Step 6

Repeat in other rooms of the house until you are satisfied that you have finished. You can also cleanse your home whenever you feel the need to.

Which Incense To Use To Cleanse Your Room?

Here are some examples of incense to use to cleanse your room:

  • Sage – sage has long been used to remove negative energy. It is a good all-rounder that is used by many in the home to cleanse personal space.
  • Palo Santo – can help to restore and heal and is very good at cleansing crystals too.
  • Sandalwood – is great to use when you need to remove negative energy brought on by physical or emotional stress.
  • Myrrh – is said to remove any negative emotions and can help you to restore your strength.

There are many more to choose from too. If you are unsure as to where to start, then go for something like sage. However, there are a plethora of different incense to use that you will be spoilt for choice.

Even if you feel like you have not chosen the right one for you (you don’t need to be too picky) then you can just enjoy the scent of it instead.

However, it is often best to go for scents and herbs that you gravitate towards. Giving it a sniff is a good indicator to know whether you will want it in the home or not.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are going through a big life change or you have recently been sick, then you may want to remove the past negative energy from your home.

Using incense to cleanse your room is a great way to do just that. Not only is it a simple procedure, but it is something you can do whenever you need to.

Andrea Daehma