How To Heal Using Chakra Colors And Crystals

If you are interested in crystals and their healing properties, then you will probably be curious about how this is related to your chakras. In order to know how to do this, you need to understand the different colors of the chakras and what they mean.

How To Heal Using Chakra Colors And Crystals

We have put together this helpful guide to tell you everything you need to know about your chakras, their colors, and which crystals to use to heal these chakras. Keep reading to find out more.  

What Are Chakras?

There are 7 chakras which are focal points in the body. They are used in various forms of ancient meditation and healing practices, predominantly in the Hindu practice of tantra.

‘Chakra’ means wheel, and each chakra is thought of as a wheel of energy that spins. They need to remain open, as a blocked chakra can affect your aura. 

Each chakra has a different color, and you need to use a crystal of the same color to heal that particular chakra. From the top down, the 7 chakras are: 

Crown Chakra (Top Of The Head)

The crown chakra is pink or violet and is associated with awareness and intelligence. It is also connected to all of the other chakras in the body. A blocked crown chakra can cause problems with the brain and the nervous system. It can cause you to be stubborn and narrow-minded. 

Third Eye Chakra (Forehead/Face)

The third eye chakra is violet or indigo and is associated with intuition and also imagination. A blocked third eye chakra will often present itself as a headache or migraine. It can also cause you to be out of touch with reality, to be unrealistic and to lack self-awareness. 

Throat Chakra (Neck)

The throat chakra is blue and is connected to communication. If you have a blocked throat chakra you could experience problems in the throat area and your voice, but also with the mouth, teeth and gums.

You could also find it hard to speak your mind, or find yourself lying or gossiping. 

Heart Chakra (Chest)

The heart chakra is green and is linked to compassion and love. Physical health problems like asthma, obesity and heart complications can be linked to a blocked heart chakra. A blocked heart chakra will also have a big impact on your behavior, causing selfishness and isolation. 

Solar Plexus Chakra (Abdomen)

This chakra is yellow and is connected to self-esteem. A blocked solar plexus chakra can lead to stomach ulcers, indigestion and eating disorders. 

Sacral Chakra (Pelvis)

This chakra is orange and is located between the belly button and the pubic bone. It is connected to sexual energy and a blocked sacral chakra can lead to impotence, urinary tract infections and lower back pain. This chakra is strongly connected to feelings of self worth. 

Root Chakra (Base Of Spine)

This chakra is red. A blocked root chakra can cause issues like arthritis and problems with the bladder or colon. It can also lead us to feel insecure rather than grounded. 

Crystal Colors & The Chakras

There are different colored crystals that you can use to connect with the different chakras. 

Earthtone Crystals

Earthtone crystals are red, orange yellow and brown in color and are linked to the lower three chakras – root, sacral and solar plexus. They have lower vibrations than the crystals linked to the higher chakras.

The chakras are connected to your more basic, primal instincts. Stones of this color will help you to feel stimulated and uplifted. Crystals that fall into this category are red jasper, amber, pyrite (see also, ‘What You Need to Know About Pyrite Minerals‘), carnelian, smoky quartz and citrine. 

Black, White & Clear Crystals

Black crystals like black tourmaline tend to have a grounding energy that is great for connecting with your root chakra. White and clear crystals are good for purifying and restoring balance.

They tend to connect to the higher chakras of the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. These crystals have a high vibration and have spiritual healing properties. Try clear crystals and white moonstone. 

Blue Crystals

Blue crystals are great for the throat chakra, but also the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. They can help you with intuition, balance, and emotional wellbeing.

They are also important for communication. Creative people will love these crystals as they will unlock their inspirations (see also, ‘Carnelian Affirmations to Boost Inspiration & Creativity‘). Celestite, aquamarine, Iolite, and azurite are great options. 

Green Crystals 

Green crystals are related to the heart chakra, but you can also use some of them for the solar plexus chakra, the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. They are perfect for healing emotional wounds and encouraging love and wisdom.

If you want to combine a green stone with another crystal, try a pink crystal like rose quartz. You could use moss agate, malachite, moldavite, and serpentine (see also ‘The Complete Guide To Serpentine – Its Meaning, Powers, And Healing Properties‘). 

Pink & Purple Crystals 

Pink and purple crystals have high vibration. They are connected to the crown chakra, the third eye chakra, and also the heart chakra. Pink crystals are comforting and soothing, like rose quartz or kunzite.

Purple stones are perfect for intuition, protection and spiritual energy. You can use amethyst, atlantisite or auralite. 

How To Use Crystals To Heal Chakras

Crystals have natural healing properties, and different crystals provide different energies. If you choose a crystal with the right energy and healing properties then it can unblock whichever chakra you are having problems with. 

Activating Your Crystals

In order for your crystals to work you need to activate them. You have to visualize the energy of the crystal and the energy you need to heal your chakra. The crystal will channel those healing properties into your chakra and clear any blockages. 

How Do You Choose The Right Crystal?

There are multiple crystals that you can use for each chakra. You need to make sure you choose the right color crystal for the chakra that you want to heal.

It is best to choose crystals in person, as you will often be drawn to a particular one. This is because the energy resonates with you and your aura. 

You can also be drawn to crystals that you need to heal a particular issue with your chakra, so listen to your gut instinct and go with the crystal that you are immediately drawn to.

It might be that the glow or the particular color speaks to you. When you pick up the crystal and hold it in your hands you could feel a warm, tingling sensation as the energy connects with you. 

How To Use Your Crystal

Once you have chosen your crystal and you know which chakra you need to heal, it is time to put your crystal to use. Place it over or near the area that is connected to the relevant chakra. For the most effective use, make sure that the crystal is in direct contact with your skin. 

You can also wear your chosen crystal as jewelry – a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, or some earrings (read more about the best crystals to wear right here). Keeping the jewelry close to you at all times will ensure that you feel the benefits of the crystal. 

You can also have a palm sized stone or a small crystal tower that you can hold in your hand and keep in your pocket throughout the day. Some people carry a pouch of crystals and hold them throughout the day. 

You could use larger crystals in your home to cleanse the atmosphere and to have a healing presence in your personal space. Keeping them in your bedroom will allow you to benefit from the healing properties of the crystals while you sleep, giving you a long period of exposure. 

How to Cleanse And Charge Your Crystals 

You need to make sure that you cleanse your crystals periodically to remove the negative energy. This could be negative energy that the crystal has absorbed since you started using it, or it could be left over from the person who owned the crystal before you.

You also need to charge them to keep them working. 

Each crystal has different methods for cleaning and charging, so you will need to research it depending on what crystal you are using. Some need to be cleansed with running water (see also, ‘Can Emerald Go in Water?’) and others by soaking them in water.

Some crystals are charged with sunlight and some are charged with moonlight. Some crystals can even be charged with other crystals. 

Healing Properties Of Different Crystals

If you are looking for a crystal with a particular healing energy then check out this list: 

  • Agate – Agate will stabilize your aura and bring balance. It encourages creativity and courage. 
  • Amber – Amber is also a balancing stone. It is soothing and helps to purify your mind and body. 
  • Amethyst – Amethyst is calming and protective. It also enhances psychic abilities which makes it ideal for meditation. 
  • Aventurine – This crystal encourages leadership and independence, and helps you to feel more confident. 
  • Bloodstone – This is a powerful stone of strength and courage. It also gives you confidence, boosts sexual performance and attracts wealth. 
  • Carnelian – Carnelian is predominantly a healing crystal that brings peace (see also ‘The 10 Best Crystals To Pair With Carnelian‘). It also helps to get rid of fear and anger. 
  • Citrine – This is a stone of joy and positivity that brings warmth. 
  • Emerald – This deep green stone promotes loyalty and harmony. It also increases mental clarity. 
  • Garnet – This is a crystal of love, devotion and commitment. 
  • Jade – Jade is the crystal of dreams. It also encourages harmony and peace. 
  • Lapis Lazuli – This crystal has powerful properties of wisdom, knowledge and protection. It also encourages creativity. 
  • Moonstone – This is a crystal of female energy that is connected to the lunar cycle. It also helps you to achieve emotional clarity and intuition. 
  • Obsidian – This is a great crystal for dispelling negative energy. It can also bring awareness of your own flaws which allows you to grow as a person. 
  • Opal – This opalescent crystal is beautiful but it is also great for creativity and inspiration. 
  • Clear Quartz – This is called the universal crystal because it connects to all chakras and has a very strong, purifying energy. It can remove blockages from various parts of your aura. 

A Quick Guide To Chakra Colors And Crystals

If you want a handy, quick guide to chakra colors and which crystal to use for healing then check out this list: 

  • Red – Red is connected to the root chakra and represents action and warmth. Use a garnet, red jasper or onyx to heal this color chakra. 
  • Orange – The color orange is associated with the sacrum chakra which is linked to sexuality and relationships. Use a crystal like amber, carnelian or orange zincite with an expanding energy. 
  • Yellow – A great yellow crystal to use topaz, citrine, or yellow sapphire. It will heal your solar plexus chakra and improve your mental alertness. 
  • Green – Light green crystals like peridot (see also ‘How Do You Pronounce Peridot?‘) have a spontaneous energy and are connected to the heart chakra. They help to refresh you. Rich greens are also connected to the heart chakra and have a loving energy. Use the harmonizing energy of an emerald (see also ‘How To Identify Raw Emerald‘). Green tourmaline is also a great option. 
  • Turquoise – A turquoise crystal is perfect for the turquoise color which is associated with protection and strength. This color and crystal is for healing the heart and thymus chakra. You can also use blue lace agate if you want a blue crystal with protective properties. 
  • Blue – A pale blue crystal like celestite is linked to the throat chakra and helps to improve your communication. They are also very soothing. Lapis lazuli is an intuition crystal that is connected to the third eye chakra, and you can aso use a sodalite crystal (see also ‘What Does Sodalite Do?‘). 
  • Violet – Use a violet crystal like amethyst to connect to the crown chakra. It will help to give you insight into your higher purpose and plans and inspire you. 
  • Pink – One of the most popular pink crystals is rose quartz, which is the crystal of love, associated with the heart chakra. It has the energy of unconditional love. 
  • White – Clear quartz is called the master healer because it connects to all chakras and has a universal energy. 
  • Black – Obsidian is a black crystal that is linked to universal mystery and the root chakra. It helps with vision. 
  • Brown – Brown is the color of the root chakra and it is connected to feeling grounded. Use a smoky quartz crystal. 
  • Indecent – Use a labradorite to connect to your third eye chakra to invite change and the flow of energy. 
  • Gold & Silver – gold is technically a precious metal, but you can use it as a healing crystal to connect to your crown chakra. It will make you feel revitalized and improve your self-worth. You can also use silver too, which will associate with your third eye. It will help you to feel calm and give you a better connection to your inner knowledge. 


With this detailed guide, you will have all the knowledge you need to keep your chakras balanced and your aura clear and flowing. Remember to choose the crystal that you connect with, as this is the one that your chakra needs.

You can use multiple crystals for various blockages and chakra issues. You will need to keep cleansing and charging your crystals regularly to make sure that they keep working.

Andrea Daehma