How To Know Your Aura Color?

According to metaphysical practitioners, our aura color says a lot about ourselves, our character and what we feel at a certain time of our lives.

It is said to be caused by vibrations that are invisible to the human eye. However, you can train yourself to perceive these vibrating colors and patterns known as aura colors.

How To Know Your Aura Color?

In this article, we explore how you can find out your aura color (see also, ‘What Does an Orange Aura Mean?‘) and what the color of your aura means.

How To Find Out Your Aura Color

There are a number of different ways how you can discover your own aura color or the aura color of someone else.

Here are our best methods to know your aura color.

Aura Photography

While aura photography used to be very popular in the past, you can find only a few auric color services today.

Typically, mystical stores or sometimes wellness centers offer aura photography sessions where they take a photo of you that clearly shows your aura color.

Aura Quiz

You can also take an online aura quiz that asks specific questions about you and your life to determine the color of your aura.

This being said, there are many of these types of quizzes and they aren’t always accurate.

Feel Your Aura

Feeling your aura is a lot more challenging than taking an aura quiz online or aura photography.

You will need to stand in front of a mirror. Place the palm of your right hand six to eight inches away from your head.

Then, slowly start moving your hand down all around your body. If you begin to feel a subtle cushioning effect around your body, then this is your aura.

Many people describe this sense of electromagnetic energy as if they are pushing their hand into a soft pillow.

When you can feel your aura, then you will begin to see your aura soon.

See Your Aura

Once you learn how to feel your own aura, then you can work on seeing your aura color.

Put up a white background and position a mirror opposite your background. Then stand between the mirror and your backdrop.

Now look into the mirror and concentrate on one spot of your face. Many people choose the forehead for this.

Concentrate on this spot for at least a minute and then slowly scan the outer edges of your head, arms and shoulders but keep your eye on your chosen spot.

If you notice a color around these areas, then this is your auric color.

It’s worth saying here that this method of finding your aura color takes a lot of practice and patience.

What Does The Location Of Your Aura Color Mean?

The location and pattern of your aura color also have a meaning (see also, ‘What Does a Yellow Aura Mean?‘). If you notice a variety of colors or a color in a certain place, then this shows how much energy you concentrate there.

As a rule of thumb, a large amount of color on your left side means that you bring energy into this spot.

On the other hand, a bigger amount of color on your right-hand side means you are putting more energy out into your surroundings.

The color near your feet and lower abdomen reflects your subconscious state, while the colors above your head shows your mental and emotional state at the time.

What Does Your Aura Color Mean?

Each color of your aura is associated with a different energy center, also known as chakra, within your body.

This creates a unique meaning personally for you.


If your aura color is red, then you are passionate. You live and breathe your emotions, desires and creativity.

A red aura can also indicate creative changes that lay ahead for your.


A green aura reflects from a nature lover who is grounded deep in the soil they walk on. Green auras are a sign of growth.


If you have a white aura, then this emanates peace, calm and great possibilities. You can sense the energy of others and perhaps even see other people’s aura colors.

How To Know Your Aura Color?


Violet auras are part of people who consistently look for deeper meaning. They have great emotional and spiritual awareness and psychic abilities.


People with orange auras have an abundance of energy that they express in a lot of creative pursuits.

They can sometimes get distracted easily and they will need to concentrate more on their ideas to turn them into reality.


If you have a gray aura, then this can reflect a negative energy or outlook on life. You are asked to open yourself up to the many possibilities ahead of you.


Indigo people are those with an indigo aura. They are said to be old souls that are full of wisdom. 

Indigo auras often escape into your own imaginary world where they protect their minds, energy and hearts from negative influences of others.


Brown auras are considered to be a sign of insecurity and selfishness. These auras indicate that you should give more to others and cleanse your aura.


People with a blue aura are often self-expressive and tuned into emotions. When they speak, then it’s a wise idea to listen carefully.


A black aura is often the result of selfish behavior and negative energy. You may need to let go of any burdens from the past and clean your aura.


If you have a yellow aura, then you are simply full of positive energy and you are giving your optimism to others.

People with yellow auras often don’t worry too much about the future and they look ahead with excitement.


Those with a pink aura give freely to other people without expecting anything in return. They are incredibly caring.


People with teal auras may be nervous about change but they are sensitive and empathic (see also ‘8 Beautiful Teal Crystals‘).

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways to know your aura color, from aura photography to taking an online aura quiz.

If you are more experienced with aura readings, then you will be able to feel and see your aura color.

Andrea Daehma