How To Make An Orgonite Pyramid

There are many spiritual tools out there that are used for rituals, meditation, and just cleansing your own personal space. From crystals to ornaments, to incense, there’s no shortage of things you can use in your own practice.

One such tool is called an orgonite pyramid, and if you have never heard of this tool before, then you’ve come to the right place.


You can buy these wonderful objects from stores, both in real life and online, but if you are a bit crafty, then you can also make one yourself.

We will be going over everything you need to know about making an orgonite pyramid for yourself, and we’ll also be going into a bit more detail on how an orgonite pyramid actually works. So let’s get started!

How To Make An Orgonite Pyramid

While an orgonite pyramid might seem quite difficult to make, you’d be surprised to know that it’s a lot easier than you might think. As soon as you get the resin molds involved, all you really need to do is fill it up!

You will need a few things before you go about making your orgonite pyramid though. Here’s a brief look at what you will need:

  • Metal Shavings

First and foremost, you will need metal shavings. You need to make sure that these metal shavings are not too fine and not too large.

One of the best kinds you can get would be quarter-inch aluminum loops, but you can use any kind of metal along the lines of iron, copper, brass, nickel, and bronze.

  • Quartz Crystals

The next thing you will need is quartz crystals. Again, you don’t want large tumble stones or chunks, in fact, the smaller and more imperfect, the better they will be!

Because quartz crystals are so common, you won’t have any trouble finding a batch of small pieces for a cheap price. If you live in an area where quartz can be found in abundance naturally, go and have a look for them yourself.

  • Fiberglass/Epoxy Resin

Out of everything you need for your orgonite pyramid, the resin is most likely going to be the most expensive thing you need to buy. You can use any type of organic resin for your pyramid, but liquid resin will yield the best results.

In order for the resin to harden, you will also need a chemical additive known as a hardener, but wherever you go to buy the resin will usually have the hardener available too.

  • Molds

And finally, you will also need a pyramid mold. As long as the mold can withstand boiling temperatures, you should be all set!

Making The Pyramid

Once you have collected the metal shavings, clear quartz crystals, resin, and molds, you will be ready to make your pyramid.

There is no set way to make an orgonite pyramid, so you can really assemble it however you like, but there are some ways that have proved to be more effective.

The most effective way to make your orgonite pyramid is to first get your mold ready and pour in the resin.

Once you have done this, you will want to add in your metal shavings first, making sure that they are closer to the tip of the pyramid. This layer will be smaller than the layer for the clear quartz.

After you’re happy with your metal shavings, you can go ahead and add you’re clear quartz crystals. Most people make this layer bigger than the metal shavings, but it’s completely fine if you’d rather it be a smaller layer.

If you think anything needs to be rearranged very carefully do this while the resin is still wet. Once you’re happy with how the orgonite pyramid looks, leave it to set and dry for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, peel your orgonite pyramid from the mold and have a look at your creation!

IMPORTANT NOTE: When handling and using resin, make sure the surfaces you use are fully protected, and do not use resin without wearing gloves and keeping your hands protected.

How Does An Orgonite Pyramid Work? 

So now you know how to make an orgonite pyramid, you might be wondering what does it actually do?

Orgone Energy has been a subject of debate for centuries. Some people believe that it is chi, while others believe it blocks EMFs. Orgone Energy was actually discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian scientist in 1897.

How To Make Orgonite Pyramid

He wrote many books in his life and when he changed from the field of psychology to bioelectricity and cosmology, he ended up discovering a particle that he went on to name Orgone.

Dr. Willhelm Reich strongly believed that Orgone energy could be manipulated and used to heal lots of different things. From people to larger collective issues, he believed that if Orgone energy was used correctly, it would benefit the world.

He believed that Orgone Energy could get stored in the body and cause lots of ailments, which in turn would cause lots of tension in the body, both physically and mentally.

In essence, the Orgonite Pyramid transmutes this energy into something positive and removes any blockages from your energy field.

Lots of people also believe that orgonite pyramids also help with blocking the frequencies coming off of electronic devices from affecting the human body and mind in a negative way.

It’s quite popular to keep orgonite pyramids near your electronic devices.


Though there is a lot of debate around Orgone Energy, there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s incredibly interesting. Orgonite pyramids are definitely a bit of a mystery, but those who have made their own and used them swear by their powerful effects.

As long as you have the right “ingredients” so to speak and you follow the steps we have provided, you will be able to make your very own orgonite pyramid in no time!

If you are looking for an object that will block negative energy from entering your body and home, then an orgonite pyramid will work wonders for you.

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