How To Manifest Someone To Dream About You

There are many reasons why people want to manifest someone to dream about them. It could be to send your crush, partner, or family member a message while they dream.

Perhaps let them know that you are thinking of them in a period of trouble or you want to gain some insight into a certain situation that you have been thinking about.


Whatever it is, you should learn to set that intention and try your best to will it into being.

There are methods that you can try to raise the chances of that specific person dreaming about you. In this article, we will look at the ways you can manifest someone to dream about you.

These include visualizations, intentions, affirmations, taking the right action, and improving your manifestations.

How To Manifest Someone To Dream About You

To manifest someone to dream about you successfully should mean that you know how to visualize properly.

Identify the individual and then invest all your thoughts and positive energy into them and the situation that you want to manifest.

You want to manifest an individual with a range of positive emotions when you think of them so send them your best.

Consider their positive traits and everything that is good about that individual as a means for convincing yourself, and the Universe, about why you want them to dream about you.

Visualize Them Getting Into Contact

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you have had a dream featuring a certain someone?

Typically, you would try to tell them so visualize that individual texting you or calling you to say that they had a crazy dream and that you were in it.

Imagine how good that will feel when you know that they have dreamt about you.

Try to go even further and imagine what the message or call would consist of, how their face may change as they tell you, and the sheer joy they may exhibit.

Intend To Dream About Them

If you are fairly mindful about a certain individual then it may be that you dream about them first so set that intention. Whatever we dream and put out into the Universe, we can expect that desire to return to ourselves.

If you do happen to dream about that certain individual then that should increase your chances of them dreaming about you.

Recited Affirmations

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Try to ensure that that certain someone remembers you each and every day by reciting affirmations. These are typically to combat negative emotions or thoughts.

However, if you have an affirmation that you want this individual to dream about you then continue to recite it.

Take The Right Action

After taking the previous steps, it may be time to ask the Universe outright what it is that you are looking for and hoping to manifest.

Make sure that your visualization is clear and that you do not tell anyone else the details. Say the words to yourself and spread them out to the Universe to clarify your own needs and intentions.

Improve Your Manifestation

Even having taken those steps, you may still need to improve your manifestation process for the best results.

That should mean being clear about your intentions and what you want to happen from the individual you want to dream about you. If it is love and affection then make that clear.

You can also improve your focus by having a picture of that individual as your screensaver on your smartphone so you are prone to thinking about them more often.

As part of your manifestation, involve the individual in your daily meditation and focus your mind on them. Clear all the other thoughts and distractions from your mind and center on that person.

Try to keep your energy calm, as well as your mind, as a manifestation can only come when your mind is wholly clear.

Final Thoughts

Having your visualization and affirmations set are important yet so is simply remaining positive. Being optimistic about that individual dreaming about you can tell the Universe that you are fully prepared for it happening.

The desire to have that individual dream about you should feel positive on every occasion that you think about it.

There is a certain Law of Attraction in that like attracts like and once you focus on good things happening then those good things are more likely to happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Known As Manifesting?

The act of manifesting is to do with creating something out of pretty much nothing.

This centers on bringing those intimate desires that you hold out into the world through the sheer power and will of your emotions, actions, and thoughts.

Put bluntly, manifestation is focused on energy including the people or situations that you focus on and those that draw your attention.

For instance, if you focus on negative elements such as fear and worry then these will show up with more regularity in your life. However, by focusing on more positive things like joy, love, and success then they should appear more often in your life too.

Find out what you want and focus your attention on them as manifestations are truly based on thought tied with emotion.

How Do You Visualize The Things That You Want To Manifest Into Reality?

One of the first things that you should learn in order to manifest properly is visualization. Find a sedate and quiet location to simply spend a minute or so visualizing whatever your desired outcome is.

Breathe in and out deeply then work out as much detail into your visualization as you can.

Focus intensely on seeing that visualization then release those good feelings from inside. Finally, release any negative thoughts and energy out to only repeat possible affirmations.

Once you have taken those steps, your visualization should be clearer which should assist the manifestation into reality.

Andrea Daehma