How To Manifest With Crystals

Crystals have been used as a way to promote love, longevity, wealth and health for a very long time. More often than not, today crystals are used as a way to manifest particular desires and goals in a person’s life.

In fact, crystals are a great way to help a person to focus both their work and energy in order to achieve a more fulfilled and balanced life.


If this is something you are looking for, then you can also use crystals to manifest positivity into your life. However, how do you manifest with crystals?

In this article we shall take a look at how to manifest with crystals, and what it all even means.

So, What Actually Is Manifesting?

Before you can really understand how to manifest with crystals, you will need to know what manifesting is in the first place.

To put it simply, it is a process that uses the laws of attraction to bring your desires to the forefront of your reality. It is about making these thoughts manifest into your reality.

What a person focuses on in the mind may eventually be something that they see – that they manifest into their actual lives.

When crystals are brought into the mix, it lets a person focus on more than just their thoughts, but also the energy within the world too. Because there is energy within the universe at a level of subatomic particles.

The thoughts we have carry a particular vibration. This often stems from the ‘like attracts like’. So, if we focus on something we want to achieve – to manifest – this begins to become a part of the vibration within the universe.

Basically, when we manifest, we are hoping to create a particular state of mind which carries a similar frequency of vibrations to that of the life we are hoping to manifest.

Using crystals is a great way to match and balance out those vibrations.

Are Crystals Needed To Manifest?

Crystals are not needed to manifest, in fact, you do not need anything to manifest. However, having particular crystals can help to balance out vibrations to help you to achieve what it is you are hoping for.

They can also bring a sense of calm and relaxation, as well as a ritual to your manifestation.

Also, having crystals for manifestation can help to motivate you in the long run. When it comes to manifesting, you will need to be proactive in your decision making to help you move forward.

Having crystals alongside you can help with the process of manifesting.

What Crystals To Manifest With?

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Here are some common crystals to manifest with:


Citrine is a great crystal for bringing an abundance (see also ‘15 Best Herbs for Abundance to Add to Your Collection‘) of cheerful and bright positivity into your life, meaning that it is a great aid in helping to make your dreams a reality.

It can also help you to stop procrastinating and be more focused with what you are doing.

What does it help to manifest: positivity, extra energy, and happiness.


Aventurine can help to steady the flow of financial prosperity within your life. It can also make you more receptive to new ideas too.

Because of that, it will diminish any limited beliefs and help you to be more open to change.

What does it help to manifest: Financial stability and extra luck

Clear Quartz

Known as being very versatile, clear quartz can amplify any type of energy. It can bring positivity from whatever intention you have of it, and works great when put with other crystals to amplify their energy.

It is also a good cleanser crystal too.

What does it help to manifest: helps to amplify the energy of other crystals


If you are having negative thoughts which are blocking your chances of achieving the goals you set out to do, then pyrite can help to dissolve any limited beliefs that you have.

This crystal can open up the solar plexus chakra to help remove any self-doubt, and to encourage you to have better self-esteem.

What does it help to manifest: productivity, success, and wealth


This beautiful green crystal can be used for those who are looking for both forgiveness and willpower, whether for other people or yourself.

The strong energy within the crystal can aid to remove feelings of low self-worth and bring you confidence.

It can also be used to help with trust and commitment, making it a great crystal for those closest to you.

What does it help to manifest: confidence and willpower

How To Manifest With Crystals

Using crystals to manifest will help to release the same energy that you are hoping to attract. You could call it a double whammy of attracting positive energy.

However, there are many different ways to use crystals while manifesting.

Have A Dedicated Space

Having an ‘alter’ to do your daily manifestations with crystals can keep you focused and dedicated. This can be having crystals within a dish on a shelf, to something more elaborate.

However, do add the four elements: water, earth, fire and air. For example, a dish with water, crystals, a candle, and incense sticks.

Wear The Crystal

To manifest on-the-go, wear the crystal as jewelry. Fortunately you can purchase this rather than having to create your own!

It also means you can manifest anywhere.

Display Large Crystals

Having crystals around the home is beneficial. For example, having one beside the bed may help to manifest love.

It is up to you where you want to put the crystals and why.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to attract an abundance of energy to help your daily manifestations, then including crystals is a great idea.

They can help to balance out vibrations and to bring you extra focus. Fortunately, there are many ways to use crystals to manifest.

Whether you choose to create an altar or wear jewelry to manifest on-the-go, make sure it is personal to you – after all, we are very different!

Andrea Daehma