How To Set Intentions With The Use Of Crystals

Every single stone on this planet, from popular crystals to rare metals, is presumed to possess its own special energy and vibration that render them beneficial additions to one’s life in several aspects

How To Set Intentions With The Use Of Crystals

People who want to set intentions and bring that desired energy to fulfill their dreams or achieve their intended goal are often relying on crystals and use them to attract those energies.

Whether you want to manifest your visions and life dreams or simply have a good night’s sleep after several sleepless nights, crystals can help with setting those intentions more effectively.

What Sort Of Intentions Can I Program Into A Crystal?

You can program anything you want, and so long as you can imagine it, it can be achieved.

Perhaps you’d like to draw riches, get a better professional career, cross paths with the man of your dreams, build a happy and healthy relationship with your present partner, complete a daunting challenge, fully recover after a broken engagement, improve your gut instinct, or simply keep negative energy at bay.

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a crystal for it!

Why Should I Use Crystals To Set My Intentions?

The answer is simple, and it’s referred to as ‘crystal healing,’ which is essentially the use of precious stones to restore stability to a person’s mind and soul.

Many people use alternative treatments like crystal healing to find their balance, relax and release their stress during troubled times, therefore it’s not exactly a surprise that alternative therapeutic approaches like this have risen to prominence.

What Are The Advantages Of Crystals?

The supposed healing benefits of crystals typically involve people’s mental well-being, such as providing them with a sense of greater peacefulness, optimism, and concentration, in addition to better immunity and natural pain alleviation.

Moreover, each crystal is meant to help people and better different aspects of their life, depending on their shape, color, as well as their type.

Do I Need To Activate The Crystals?

It’s worth noting, however, that you don’t have to charge or invoke a crystal to release its vibrations and energy. These things are inherent in crystals, and there’s nothing that needs to be done on your part.

In fact, the term “activate,” even though being widely used in crystal communities across the world, may be deceptive.

To activate something presupposes authority on the part of a person and subservience on the part of a crystal, which is simply not true in this connection.

What activating a crystal actually means is feeding it with natural energy so that it can assist you with manifesting your vision, which is among the most effective ways to work together and link up with your crystal.

How Do I Set Intentions With Crystals?

Below you can find the steps you need to follow in order to successfully set your intentions with the use of your crystals.

Step 1: Make A Connection With The Correct Crystal

Every one of the crystals represents a distinct interpretation, energy, and purpose.

We are attracted to crystals in the same way in which we are attracted to specific colors and odors, and we’re attracted to those that hold the energy which we are, on a subconscious level, attempting to bring into our existences.

When selecting a crystal to set your intentions with, consider its color and appearance initially, rather than its alleged qualities. Your gut instinct will guide you to the one that will assist you in manifesting what you genuinely need in your time on earth.

Step 2: Clear The Crystals And Remove Impurities

After you’ve decided on your crystal, it’s critical to purge it of any bad energy it might have caught from previous users.

There seem to be numerous methods for clearing or cleansing your crystal: if it’s late in the afternoon, place it under the full moon, disinfect it with ayurvedic smoke, or dip it in sea salt water.

However, if you are planning on dipping your crystal in the water, make sure it doesn’t have tiny cracks or ridges through which water can enter the stone as it could damage it.

Step 3: Start Setting Your Intentions

Keep the crystal in your dominant hand and use meditative techniques to get rid of any bad or unpleasant thoughts.

Contemplate the bigger picture when deciding on what intentions you will be setting. For instance, try not to say, “I would really like to win millions of dollars.”

On the contrary, set an intention by saying “I want to introduce new budgetary possibilities into my existence, as well as the boldness to pursue such chances.”

With such intentions in mind, start concentrating on your crystal and the purpose you’ve picked for it. Explain your intentions out loud and restate them until you sense an intuitive connection between that energy and the crystal in your hand.

Step 4: Revisit These Energies

You might spend some time on a Sunday evening setting your intentions with the use of crystals, but you need to keep revisiting these energies on a regular basis.

Take your crystal with you when you go out or to work or place it in a visible spot on your home office desk or under your sleeping pillow so that you can see it and touch it.

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This way it can remind you of your set intentions and make revisiting and resetting the intentions and relevant energies an easy thing to do every day.

How Exactly Do I Relay My Intentions To The Crystals?

Consider setting intentions with crystals to be the mental and spiritual process of ‘inserting’ your intentions into the crystal’s core and trying to fill it with the energy of your intentions.

You must envision this actually occurring while you are physically holding the crystal in your dominant hand. So here is what you can do:

Keep Your Eyes Closed

Breathe deep and slowly to feel grounded to the earth and try to visualize yourself in a peaceful, comfortable, and beautiful location, staring at a massive rendition of your crystal, big enough that you can walk in there and decompress.

Go Inside The Gigantic Crystal To Explore It

Imagine how the interior of this crystal will look, sound, feel, and smell. Make your fantasy as realistic as possible.

Design The Interior Of The Crystal

You are the creator and decorator of your gigantic crystal and, according to the intentions you have set, fill the interior with things, symbols, people, or shapes and colors that are symbolic of the intentions. Let your imagination run wild!

Speak Your Mind

Once the interior is ready, you can speak out loud and express your intentions using your own words. Even better, try imagining you are carving them on your crystal’s interior walls.

Fill The Crystal With Your Energy

Keep mentally wandering around the interior of your gigantic crystal until it is filled up with the energy you wanted to ‘insert’ in it.

When you’ve finished with this process, you can carry your crystal around and reinstate your intentions daily, as previously mentioned.

The Bottom Line

Setting intentions with the use of crystals is a form of pseudoscience that many people have faith in. So, if this sounds like something you want to try to change something in your life or enhance a situation, go ahead!

Andrea Daehma