How To Use A Crystal Ball

Are you thinking about using a crystal ball? If you have no idea how to use a crystal ball, you’ve come to the right place.

Similar to tarot cards and tea leaves, the crystal ball is another type of divination tool that has been around for centuries and is steeped in plenty of history and mystical intrigue.

How To Use A Crystal Ball

In this guide, we are going to be talking you through how you can begin to use crystal balls (see also ‘How To Use A Crystal Pendulum‘) in just a few helpful steps, as well as provide you with insight on how crystal balls can offer great benefits.

Even if you’re already an experienced crystal ball reader, our guide might be able to help you hone your technique even more. 

So, just keep on reading!

What Is A Crystal Ball?

Before we jump any further, we’d like to take a moment to talk you through what crystal balls are, exactly.

Crystal balls are typically made of either glass or wood, although there are some crystal balls that can be made from precious stone such as amethyst, rose quartz and even clear quartz. 

Traditionally, the crystal ball was initially used by self-proclaimed fortune tellers who would often use a crystal ball as a tool to assist them with clairvoyance gazing as well as for scrying.

In order to assist with divination, the crystal ball is often placed on a table and held inside a small stand so that the fortune teller can then read inside the crystal. 

Additionally, crystal balls date as far back as the 1st century CE… yes, you read that right! During these earliest records of the crystal ball,  Pliny the Elder described the use of crystal balls as a “crystallum orbis” and it was typically used by soothsayers of the day.

By the 5th century, crystal ball gazing was immensely popular and was used frequently in the Roman Empire. 

Like we have already said, crystal ball gazing has been a point of interest and intrigue for many centuries, so it should come as no surprise to hear that it was also very popular during the Victorian era.

Crystal gazing was widely believed to work best at the end of the day during the sunset. 

According to reports, during crystal gazing the ball was said to have misted up from within before then providing a vision inside the ball. To follow on, there were many mystics of the time that would offer this service to those in need of guidance on a particular situation.

Crystal balls are also popular tools in mentalism and other forms of popular culture.

In particular, stage magicians will often use them to ask questions given from their audience, although in these sorts of situations – it is worth noting that crystal balls are mainly used as a prop for entertainment value.

All that being said, curious to learn more about how you can begin using a crystal ball for yourself? Scroll down to our next section to learn how to do it!

How To Use A Crystal Ball: 3 Ways

Now that you have a better understanding of crystal balls and their history in divination – we are now going to be providing you with three ways that you can choose to use your crystal ball. Let’s check them out below;

1. Meditation 

How To Use A Crystal Ball

This is one of the most common ways that you can opt to use your crystal ball! A crystal ball can help to assist your meditation sessions by encouraging you to enter a hypnotic, “trance like” state.

Thanks to the beauty of crystal balls and their perfectly round shapes, you’ll find it an easy target to focus on while you begin your meditative practices.

As a side note, keep in mind that there are many different crystal balls out there, and there are even some that have been specifically designed for meditation!

For example, there are some crystal balls that are made from charoite which not only helps to enrich meditation sessions, but they can also help to encourage you to tap in and connect with your higher self and spirit as a whole.

2. Feng Shui

The next way that you can use your crystal ball is to help balance the energy of your home.

Though you can place your crystal ball just about anywhere you like, if you want to use your crystal ball to specifically balance the feng shui energy in your home there are some specific areas that you can choose to keep it.

In particular, when it comes to balancing the feng shui in your home, some of the very best places that you can choose to keep it are in your bedroom, in our family living room or even in your home office if you happen to have one.

Along with this, if you happen to have a meditation room or studio, you can also choose to keep your crystal ball in there to help encourage good feng shui!

3. Scrying

Last but certainly not least, the final way that you can use your crystal ball is for divination purposes.

While there is no clear-cut way to explain how to use a crystal ball, if you feel called to scrying or gazing, then chances are that you will be able to intuitively begin using it for guidance.

As a side note, if you want to use your crystal ball for scrying or gazing and you’re yet to purchase one – we recommend that you choose a crystal ball that you feel drawn to, as this will raise the chances of you being able to gaze or scry successfully with it.

Wrapping Up

There we have it! You’ve made it to the end of the guide. Now that you’ve read through all of the above, we are hoping that you now have a much better understanding of the history of crystal balls, as well as the different ways that you can use it. 

Andrea Daehma