Incense: Benefits, Uses, And Spiritual Ideas

Traditionally, the act of burning incense sticks was a practice performed in ancient Egyptian traditions. 

From here, it has been passed down through generations to what we know today – never going extinct in the process. 

Incense: Benefits, Uses, And Spiritual Ideas

That said, many people practice burning incense without knowing the meaning behind it and what to expect. As such, some people don’t appreciate the practice. 

With this in mind, this article has outlined all the benefits, uses, and spiritual ideas that are introduced to the individual when burning incense. 

Let’s get into it. 

Benefits Of Using Incense

Helps Concentration While Meditating

There are various scents that can be utilized to help improve focus and concentration. For instance, lemon or peppermint. 

Likewise, if you’re meditating, you may want to use Frankincense. 

Clears Negative Energy

Whenever you decide to perform a ritual, begin a project, or even practice yoga, burning incense alongside your tasks helps to set the mood. 

For instance, burning coal or sage is a purification ritual, helping to remove any negative energy in the atmosphere. 

Opens Your Heart Center

A closed-off heart chakra can be opened up with the help of particular smells. For instance, rose and jasmine are two of the best scents for helping you to connect with love. 

Connects To Memories

Has a particular scent ever provided you with a wave of nostalgia with thoughtful or sentimental feelings? This is because a particular scent has the ability to unlock a part of your brain associated with that scent. 

This is because, out of all human senses, the only one that goes directly to the brain is our sense of smell. Therefore, it has the ability to evoke feelings of the past. 

Introduces Fire Elements To Your Rituals 

In various traditional rituals, including traditional Chinese medicine and ayurveda (traditional ancient Indian medicine), they use natural elements to help create a balance before beginning their healing practices. 

Therefore, when you burn incense in conjunction with the other elements (air, water, space, and earth) when practicing rituals such as meditation, it can help to balance and deepen your practice. 

Unwind And Relax

There are various studies that demonstrate specific scents, such as lavender, can evoke a calming effect on the nervous system. 

If you’re looking to evoke a state of peace and meditation, then this can be achieved using sandalwood or lavender. 

Creates A New Routine

If you’re someone who thrives on set routines, then burning incense to help you wind down in the evening to get ready to sleep or in the morning to help you start your day, can be beneficial. 

Connects With Religion Or Spirituality 

All over the world, it is a common occurrence to see incense being burned in spiritual or religious rituals – this ranges from Native American ceremonies to Catholic churches. 

For instance, there are many indigenous cultures that believe the act of burning incense helps to send their prayers directly to a particular Spirit. 

Practice Mindfulness

If you’re looking to engage in the present moment, then stimulating the senses is one of the best ways to do so. 

Here, all you have to do is find a particular scent you enjoy and let it overpower your senses. 

Sets A Timer

Once you light incense, it usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to burn completely. Therefore, you can use this time as an indication to set your tasks. 

Light your incense and then start meditating, working, or journaling and stop once the incense burns out. 

Here, the use of fragrance is a much more gentle timekeeper than using your mobile phone or an alarm clock. 

Incense: Benefits, Uses, And Spiritual Ideas

Does Burning Incense Help Spiritually?

The practice of burning incense can be used for spiritual activities such as spells, rituals, prayers, and incantations. Likewise, it is believed that the energy from incense can help individuals carry out spiritual work, too. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to carry out a spiritual activity, it may be beneficial to start burning some incense. Here, it helps to add additional energy – like a candle flame! 

Likewise, the smoke from burning incense can help point you in a particular direction, too. 

If you’re looking to understand all the benefits of burning incense, you’ll find an example of this above. However, below, we’re looking at the spiritual benefits of burning incense. 

These include:

Prevents Nightmares

Since burning incense is one of the best methods to remove negative energies, it is also ideal for those suffering from nightmares by preventing them. 

While you’re sleeping and inhaling the smoke from the incense, your soul will become conditioned, like you’re wrapped in a comforting and protective blanket. 

As such, it is believed that when you’re dreaming, the smoke from incense can create a protective barrier against nightmares and a comforting sleep – allowing you to have a peaceful sleep. 

Therefore, if you find yourself suffering from nightmares, then it may be a good idea to invest in some incense. Before you sleep, burn the stick, and allow the incense to do its magic. 

Helps To Drive Away Negative Energy

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the root cause of negative events in your life is the result of negative energy. 

Hence, this is where negative occurrences tend to come from. 

That said, you don’t have to allow negative energy to surround you. Thus, to help drive away negative energies you can burn incense sticks. 

When you’re faced with negative patterns in your life, it could be an indication that there are particular negative energies surrounding your soul, or in your surrounding environment. 

Therefore, burning incense will help you resolve these issues. 


Another spiritual benefit when it comes to burning incense sticks is that it provides your soul and body with protection (for more information about healing incense, read here). It is not uncommon to feel unsafe and attacked, incense helps to prevent this. 

Likewise, these feelings don’t have to be the result of physical elements, either. It could simply be a hunch or the product of a dream. 

If you find this happening to yourself, it could be a sign that you need to fortify yourself against these particular elements. 

While there are certain spells and incantations that can be cast for protection, using incense sticks is much more effective. 

Here, some people believe that incense sticks are so powerful that they can protect you from these particular attacks. 

Powerful Manifestations

Are you looking to manifest everything you have ever wanted in life? Do you want your desires to come to life? Well, one way to achieve this is through manifestation and burning incense. 

This combination is especially powerful, especially if you burn your sticks at auspicious times, including a full moon, supermoon, midnight hours, or a crescent moon. 

Here, it has the potential to allow all your desires to come to life. When practicing manifestations, all you have to do is establish a clear intention, a calm environment, and focused energy. 

Once all of these have been established, you can start burning your incense to help achieve your desires. 

Likewise, if you want to manifest your dreams while sleeping, then burning incense right before bed can be powerful. 

Incense: Benefits, Uses, And Spiritual Ideas

Allows You To Focus On Spiritual Work

If you’re lacking concentration when performing spiritual work, burning an incense stick should help. 

For spiritual work, you need complete concentration – you don’t want your mind to waver. This is because a scattered mind makes your spiritual work less effective. 

As such, you need to focus all your energy on a singular practice. That said if you’re finding this difficult, burning an incense stick should help – like lavender. 

When performing your spiritual work, keep your gaze on the smoke. This helps to condition your mind and channel your energy in one direction. 

Maintains A Calm Mind

In certain situations, especially stressful ones, it can be particularly difficult for the mind to remain calm. 

In Biblical times, having an unstable soul meant you won’t be able to receive gifts from God – this can be applied to spirituality, too. 

Therefore, you may be wondering how to keep a calm mind. Well, one of the most effective ways of doing so is by burning incense, especially lavender. 

This helps you to relieve any pressures you may be facing. Throughout your spine, it releases a subtle cool sensation that may even provide you with a chilly feeling. 

All of these differences help you to maintain a calm mind. 


Did you know that burning incense can make you more positive, too? Well, what it does do is provide you with positive vibes. 

When it comes to burning incense, you don’t have to worry about hearing good news or needing certain motivation to become positive. 

With the help of incense sticks, all you have to do is inhale the positivity of the smoke into your lungs – allows you to feel the positive energy in your life and get rid of the negative. 

Here, incense sticks such as lavender, cedar, and cinnamon can aid you in doing so. 

Therefore, if you always have feelings of skepticism, pessimism, and doubt, then try burning some incense to help you become positive. 

Emotional Stability 

If you experience mood swings, burning an incense stick can help balance your emotions. 

When it comes to spirituality, emotional instability should be avoided at all costs. Not only does it affect your ability to communicate with the spiritual world but also how you make decisions and judge people. 

Therefore, you should always aim to burn your incense sticks at night. 

For instance, cinnamon incense sticks help you to channel your emotional energy more effectively – ensuring your mood is properly positioned. 

Good Luck

Burning incense is commonly associated with good luck. According to tradition, burning incense in the early hours of the day helps to release words into the air – providing you with good luck. 

Moreover, burning incense has the ability to allow individuals to attract good luck into their lives.

Similar to how incense drives away negative energies, it is able to attract positive energy, and, thus, good luck, too. 

The Smoke Provides Direction

Incense stocks are not only beneficial for protection, good luck, and love. But they can provide you with a certain direction in life, too. 

For instance, if you notice the smoke moving in a pattern towards the right, then this means yes. That said, if it goes toward the left, then this is a sign for no. 

There are other directions your incense smoke can travel too. Hence, burning incense helps you to find a particular direction in life. 

When To Burn Incense?

While you can burn incense at any time of the day, there are particular periods for different purposes. We have outlined these below. 

In The Night

  • For spiritual protection. 
  • Prevents nightmares. 
  • For spiritual connection and prayers. 
  • Improves sleeplessness. 

In The Morning

  • For direction. 
  • For good luck. 
  • To connect with spiritual beings and say your prayers. 
  • To calm your nerves before the day’s activities. 

Incense can be burned at any time of time, too. Therefore, if you have free time, you may want to light incense. That said, be careful of choking. 

The afternoons tend to be the most heated part of the day. Therefore, it is not always advised to burn incense during this time. 

That said, the cooler periods, such as the night, morning, or evening, are ideal. Likewise, the cool moments ensure your mind is open for spiritual activity. 

However, you can burn incense in the afternoon, too – as long as you keep a window open for adequate ventilation.

Final Thoughts

Burning incense is a powerful method of connecting your mind to your body with the help of fragrance. As such, there are numerous benefits to this practice, including spiritual and general benefits. 

From winding down in the evening to creating powerful manifestations – the range of benefits is extensive. 

Hopefully, this guide has informed you about everything about burning incense and its benefits. 

Andrea Daehma