Is Hematite Magnetic?

Hematite is a crystal used in spiritual healing and can be worn in jewelry, held as a worrying stone, or added to altars around your home.

Is Hematite Magnetic

However, if you have been using hematite recently, you may have noticed something strange – is hematite magnetic?

Here, we are going to be taking a closer look at hematite to find out if this crystal is indeed magnetic or not – and how does that affect its spiritual properties?

So, if you want to learn more about hematite, then this is the guide for you!

So, let’s get started!

What Is Hematite?

Hematite is a type of iron oxide crystal that is often used to extract or create iron. It comes from the earth and can be sourced from soil and rocks, making it a go-to stone for traditional grounding and protection energies.

In appearance, hematite is very metallic in appearance with a black, gray and silver luster. This appearance links it closely to a midnight sky thanks to its star-like gleam and glint.

Historically, hematite was used in mirrors and war paint.

The fact that hematite is closely related to iron also links it to blood, and so it is believed that hematite could help prevent excessive bleeding whether it was on the battleground or in the birthing bed.

So, many people would carry around hematite to prevent extensive injuries.

Is Hematite Magnetic?

So – is hematite magnetic? It is closely related to iron and so, does this mean that hematite too is magnetic?

Well, hematite is indeed magnetic – but very, very weakly. It has a very feeble magnetic field which is not strong enough for it to act like a normal magnet.

So, it’s unlikely to be causing any issues with your electrical gadgets. This is because its magnetic field is so weak.

So although hematite is magnetic, it is too weak to have any influence as an actual magnet.

But what about its spiritual properties?

Hematite And It’s Spiritual Properties

Hematite And It’s Spiritual Properties

Thanks to hematite’s iron ore qualities, it is filled with healing properties that make it super useful to carry around and use.

Its connection to the earth also means that it is strongly connected to the root chakra, making it a stone that is a symbol of stability.

As a result, many use hematite to bring strength to their lives.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and easily influenced by others’ negative energies and moods – but using hematite can help strengthen your resolve and make you feel spiritually stronger and braver.

So, many people find themselves to be more confident when wearing or carrying hematite.

Hematite also has strong protective powers just like a lot of other grounding stones.

This means that it can help you form a protective barrier to reflect any negative energies threatening you from outer sources – which again helps prevent negative energies from blocking your chakras and lowering your mood.

Base chakras are easily influenced by hematite and it can help cleanse them of any negative energies building up there and blocking them.

Once emptied, it can then fill your base chakras with strong, unshakable energy. This can help you feel more balanced and stable, which is great for keeping you grounded during troubling times.

So, hematite has a range of great properties to help support you – and all of this is thanks to the high amounts of iron found within hematite, which also gives it its magnetic properties.

Cleansing And Charging Your Hematite Stones

It’s important to remember to cleanse and charge your healing crystals and stones (see also ‘How To Cleanse Crystals‘), otherwise they won’t function properly, but you need to take special precautions with hematite because of its high iron content and magnetic properties.

This is because hematite contains iron oxide, which makes it unsuitable for contact with water. As a result, this is one healing stone you don’t want to cleanse by soaking it in water or running it under flowing water.

You should avoid all contact with water with your hematite stones – so how can you cleanse your hematite stones?

Smudging is the best way to cleanse a stone that cannot come in contact with water due to its composition and properties. It’s super easy to do as all you need is a fire-proof bowl, some sage, and a match.

Burn the sage in the bowl and move your hematite stones through the smoke to help release the negative energies stored there. Then, they will escape through an open window and leave your life for good.

Due to hematite’s close connection to the night sky and stars, the best way to recharge this stone is by allowing it to bathe in moonlight.

Simply let the stones rest in direct contact with moonlight and they will be able to soak in all of the pure energy emitted.

However, if you are low on moonlight, then hematite also charges itself simply by being in the presence of other gemstones (see also ‘How To Tell If A Gemstone Is Real‘).

Owning other gems or healing stones with close connections to the moon, such as selenite (see also ‘How To Cleanse Selenite‘) or moonstone or opal, then simply leave your hematite in the vicinity of these stones.

The natural power of the moon which seeps through these other gemstones will allow the hematite to recharge as though it is near the moon itself.

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that hematite recharges in soil or rice due to its high iron content, but this isn’t true.

It is a much more magical earth stone due to its magnetism and starry luster, making it more easily recharged through moonlight and starlight.

So, don’t bury it in soil – leave it out in moonlight to recharge it to its full power!

Final Thoughts

So, hematite is a magnetic crystal but its magnetic powers are very faint and feeble.

This means that it has very little influence over its spiritual powers but it does help make hematite a more magical stone compared to other earth stones.

Despite this, hematite still offers a ton of balancing and protective powers so it’s still a very useful stone to use if you want more stability in your life.

Andrea Daehma