Is Snowflake Obsidian Expensive? (Gemstone Guide)

A relatively striking looking stone, known for its visually pleasing pattern and contrasting colors, snowflake obsidian is a much sought after mineral for many reasons – due in part to some interesting properties that have piqued the interest of mineral collectors and proponents of crystal healing alike. 

But exactly how expensive is snowflake obsidian, and what properties does it have? 

Is Snowflake Obsidian Expensive? (Gemstone Guide)

What Is Snowflake Obsidian? 

Snowflake obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral – taking its name from the distinctive white, speckled markings that it has randomly dispersed across its onyx black base color (to find out more, see ‘What Color is Onyx?‘). 

Where Is Snowflake Obsidian Found? 

Generally speaking, snowflake obsidian can be found predominantly in north and south America, although some limited reserves have been found in both Italy, Scotland, and some countries within the continent of Africa. 

How Is Snowflake Obsidian Formed? 

As mentioned, snowflake obsidian is formed inside volcanoes, specifically when volcanic lava and gas cool down at an accelerated rate. 

When this lava cools, small particles of white minerals become lodged in the stone, forming the intricate patterns for which the stone has become famous. 

Is Snowflake Obsidian Expensive? 

The best thing about snowflake obsidian is that it is relatively inexpensive to obtain and refine, meaning that it is especially popular amongst jewelry makers – however there can be some variations in the appearance of the stone that can increase the value somewhat. 

This tends to be found in stones where there is the most contrast between the black and white parts of the stone. 

This means that stones where the black is extremely dark, and the white is extremely bright are the most expensive and valuable – however, these are much rarer, and due to the naturally occurring nature of the process, this is a completely random occurrence.

Why Is Snowflake Obsidian So Popular? 

Aside from the attractive, visually contrasting color scheme, there are some other reasons why snowflake obsidian continues to be so popular. 


Firstly, as we mentioned, snowflake obsidian is relatively inexpensive, which makes it a popular choice for jewelry makers – due to the low costs incurred through sourcing and manufacturing (see also ‘4 Beautiful Snowflake Obsidian Crystals‘). 

This also makes it a popular choice for customers to buy, who are drawn by both the attractive visual look of the stone, but also by the affordability. 

Health Benefits

Those who are proponents of crystal healing (see also, ‘What Crystals Aid in Cancer Healing?‘) consider snowflake obsidian to be an incredibly beneficial stone for a number of reasons – namely due to the healing of injuries and emotional problems. 

What Does Snowflake Obsidian Represent? 

In the world of crystal healing and therapy, snowflake obsidian has numerous meanings, and represents plenty of benefits for the users. 

Grounding & Purification

Firstly, snowflake obsidian is considered a source for purification and grounding – easing the soul, body, and mind into perfect alignment, and focusing the attention of those who find themselves overcome by stressors in their lives. 

This belief comes from the visual aesthetic of snowflake obsidian – namely the black and white, a contrast that has been associated with light and darkness, good and evil, and night and day. 

These two colors together represent the perfect balance that we all should be aiming for, and as such has become the perfect symbol for inner peace.

Ultimately, what the stone represents is the development of inner strength, which is why it is such an important stone for many people. 

Mental Healing

It is also linked with mental healing – namely from mental and emotional stress that the individual might be holding onto. 

The presence of the stone is thought to alleviate this pressure, bringing these hidden feelings to the surface so that they can be dealt with and left behind as you continue on your spiritual journey. 

For this reason, it is a commonly used therapeutic tool in these circles, where it can be used to help facilitate a safe and inviting environment where the person can unburden themselves in a comfortable way. 

Purifying Energy

It is also associated with the purification of negative energy – both in the body and the home – and as such is a common addition to the decor of homes, and to various pieces of clothing. 

This is said to be the way that it helps to facilitate the mental clarity with which it has become associated – drawing the negative energy from the room and allowing for peace to reign. 

Is Snowflake Obsidian Expensive? (Gemstone Guide)

How To Best Use Snowflake Obsidian? 

There are numerous ways that you can implement snowflake obsidian into your life – all of them dependent on the help you are looking for. 

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

As Jewelry

One of the best ways to keep yourself feeling great, and to imbue yourself with the benefits that the stone has to offer, is through the wearing of snowflake obsidian (see also, ‘What is Snowflake Obsidian Used for?‘) jewelry. 

This can be in the form of rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, and as well as being highly beneficial to the individual’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health, it also has the look of an attractive fashion accessory that always looks great. 

In The Home

You could also have it at home, either in safe places to create peace and tranquility, or in the form of decorative accessories used as statement pieces. 

This can be a great way of creating a feeling of peace and safety in your home. Your house is supposed to be a source of safety and sanctuary from the stresses of the outside world, and with the addition of this stone into your decor, you can make that idea a reality. 

In The Workplace

Work can be a source of stress, anxiety, and imbalance for a lot of people – and workplaces can be a hotbed for negative energy and emotions. 

This is why having some snowflake obsidian in your desk drawer, or on your person in the office, can be a great way to protect you from this badness, and keep you feeling calm and confident. 

In The Car

Driving can also be a stressful and potentially emotional experience, where a lot of negative energies and emotions can collide. 

This can be great for those prone to road rage, or who feel stressed and nervous behind the wheel. And what better state to be in when driving than balanced, alert, and completely peaceful? 

This could be as simple as having a piece of snowflake obsidian in your central well, or it could be as an accessory that you hang from your rear view mirror.

Either way, having a small trinket in your car can be the best way to keep you safe, calm, and balanced when out on the road with other people. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about snowflake obsidian, and just how expensive it can be (see also ‘6 Beautiful, Most Expensive Crystals‘). 

Luckily for jewelry makers and consumers alike, snowflake obsidian is a very inexpensive gemstone to come by, but there are numerous reasons why it is so sought after by both mineral collectors and experts alike. 

So, if you want to get your hands on some snowflake obsidian for yourself, then thankfully you won’t need to break the bank to do so!

Andrea Daehma