Is Spinel Valuable?

Spinel is one of the hardest stones known to man. It is very hard to cut, polish, and shape. Because of this, spinel gemstones are usually found in rough form.

They are typically used as beads, pendants, rings, earrings, brooches, and necklaces (see also ‘How To Wire Wrap Crystals‘). They are very valuable and thought to be rarer than diamonds. 

Is Spinel Valuable?

Spinel stones are one of the oldest gemstones in the world and were used in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, India and Africa. In fact, the Maya believed that spinel was a gift from the gods.

It is thought that the name “spinel” derives from the Latin word “spinus,” meaning “a needle/thorn.” Spinel is an isometric oxide composed of iron, zinc, magnesium, and trace elements including aluminum.

These trace elements give spinel its characteristic coloration.

How They Are Formed 

Spinel is formed when magma cools very quickly, causing it to crystallize into small grains. These grains grow together to form larger crystals.

In most cases, the crystals are held together by thin layers of quartz, feldspar, plagioclase feldspar, pyroxenes, amphibole, garnet, zircon, tourmaline, corundum, rutile, titanite, apatite, carbonate minerals, and silicate minerals.

Like the many sapphire and ruby hues, spinel is naturally allochromatic (colorless). Only upon exposure to other elements and impurity do spinel gems gain their colorful appearance.

What makes spinel so popular is its natural saturation. Most sapphires and diamonds today undergo enhancement treatments to make their dull colors look more vivid and striking.

However, unlike sapphires and diamonds, spinel does not require any type of treatment to achieve its stunning color.

The most common type of spinel is called a “spinel twin”. Twinning occurs when two octahedral crystallites join together at the base. This creates a single larger crystal. In contrast, spinels without twinning are called “monoclinic.” 

Spinels can also form in a variety of shapes, including cubic, rhomboid, hexagonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic and monoclinic.

Meaning Of The Spinel Gem 

While many people associate the diamond, the ruby, and the sapphire with love, the red spinel is actually the true stone of love according to ancient texts. The stone is believed to bring out the best in people and help them put their egos aside. 

Red spinels are also thought to help people connect deeply with others, especially those close to them. They are often used to promote feelings of affection, loyalty, and commitment.

In addition, the red color of the stone symbolizes passion, endurance, and dedication. These characteristics make it a great choice for couples looking to strengthen their relationship.


Spinel gems are often referred to as “black diamonds,” because of their dark appearance. But there are many different types of spinels, each with unique characteristics.

They’re named according to their color spectrum. For example, pink and red spinels contain chromium, while blue spinels include traces of iron. And black spinels contain magnesium aluminum oxide.


The most common cuts of spinel are round brilliant, emerald cut, cushion, and oval, although many different shapes exist. 

Round brilliant is the most popular cut because it displays the highest brilliance and scintillation. 

Emerald cut is usually used for larger pieces, while cushion and oval cuts work well for smaller items.

Caring For Spinel Gems 

There are several ways to care for spinel gemstones. First, you should avoid putting them near heat sources like stoves and radiators. Heat can damage the surface of the stone, causing it to lose color and become cloudy.

Second, make sure that you never put spinel gemstones in the dishwasher. Dishwashing chemicals can cause the gemstone to rust, which could lead to discoloration.

Third, don’t wear your spinels while swimming or showering. Water can seep into the stone and cause it to crack.

Fourth, try to avoid dropping your spinels on the floor. If they fall on carpeted floors, they might stain the material.

Market Value 

Market Value 

The price of spinels varies depending on their size, cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Spinels are usually sold in sizes ranging from 2 mm to 5 cm, although some larger pieces do exist.

In terms of clarity, most spinels are considered to be flawless, although there are exceptions. In addition, spinels are often graded according to their color, with the best being those that exhibit a vibrant, saturated hue.

A spinel’s price depends primarily on its carat weight, followed by its size and color. A large, vivid colored spinel weighing 2 ct is worth about $2,500; one weighing 1 ct costs around $1,600; while a small, clear, light pink spinel weighing 0.5 ct sells for less than $300.

As far as carat weights go, spinels range from 0.3 ct to 3 cts, although the majority fall within the 1 ct to 2 ct category. Spinel that is 2-5 ct has a value of $3000-$5000.

Characteristics And Meaning 

As mentioned earlier, although the origin of the word “spinel” is unknown, some believe it derives from the Latin word, spina, which means “thorn.”

This is because the stone’s shape resembles a thorn, and the name is often used interchangeably with the mineral corundum. In reality, however, there is no evidence that spinel was ever referred to as such.

While the name “spinel” is popularly associated with the ruby, the truth is that the stone is much rarer than most people realize. Most spinels are actually red garnet, which is composed primarily of corundum.

Corundum is a naturally occurring form of aluminum oxide (see also, ‘4 Aluminum Oxide Crystals‘). However, the two stones are quite different. Spinel contains trace amounts of iron, while corundum does not.

Despite the lack of proof behind the name “spinel,” the stone has become increasingly popular over the years. Its popularity is due in part to its unique properties.

Spinels are harder than diamonds, making them ideal for use in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. They are also extremely lustrous, which makes them perfect for use in large focal pieces.

Healing Properties 

Like other red gemstones, such as ruby and garnet, spinel’s fiery color represents passion as well as longevity, and it has strong connections to the chakras.

Spinels are associated with the root chakra, the center of our physical being, and the base of our energy system. This makes spinel a powerful stone for grounding and stability.

Spinels help us connect to our inner strength and ability to overcome challenges. They encourage mental acuity and intellect, and they give us the courage to face life’s obstacles head on.

Spinel helps balance emotions, giving us the power to calm ourselves down and heal from emotional trauma. It gives us the confidence to express ourselves freely without fear of judgment or rejection.

The most important thing about spinel is that it brings out the best in you. You become stronger, wiser, and happier because of it.


Spinel is very valuable, and it can be found at any reputable jewelry store. The stone is known for its healing powers, and it will bring out your best qualities.

If you’re looking for a gift that will make someone feel special, consider buying them a beautiful piece of spinel jewelry.

Andrea Daehma