January Birthstones – All Of Their Properties And Meanings

Depending on your birth month, you will be assigned to a specific zodiac timeline that describes your particular characteristics and personal traits that define you.

January Birthstones - All Of Their Properties And Meanings

Learning about your zodiac sign can assist an individual in learning more about themselves, who they are, and what situations and tasks they excel at. 

Depending on your birth month, certain stones will be more suited to you as a person and can help guide you through tough periods of your life or those moments when you may need to heal, whether it’s mentally or physically, along with granting you the determination and confidence you need to be at your best. 

With that being said, if you’re born at the beginning of the year and are either a Capricorn or an Aquarius, here are all the birthstones that are assigned to January, along with their unique benefits, meanings, and powers. 

Why Are Birthstones So Important For Individual Growth?

Birthstones are incredibly personal tools that are aligned to your own energies, meaning depending on your time of birth and your zodiac timeline, there are specific stones that will connect with your personal wavelength, just the same as astrological signs do. 

The properties and benefits offered by these particular stones align with the characteristics and traits characterized by each of the zodiac signs, helping to enhance them and make them even more prominent in our daily lives, which is why many people will wear their own birthstones as part of a necklace or a ring so that they can keep them close to them at all times. 

Your birthstone is therefore tailored to you by the nature of your personality, making its effects much more effective and prominent on those who are born in specific months. 

How To Use Birthstones

Many people will wear their birthstone in the form of a necklace, bracelet, or as a ring, keeping the stone close to you in this way allows its vibrations and harmonizing energy to be with you at all times, granting you the benefits and properties that the birthstone offers. 

This works much the same as crystals which also infuse an individual with benefits and qualities as long as it is in close proximity to them, which also means they can commonly be set in particular spots of your home such as a bedroom nightstand or under a pillow. 

Many birthstones also possess qualities that can improve our intellect and understanding of our inner thoughts and desires, including January birthstones, which is why they are also great to keep around during a meditation session to enable you to make more sense of any visions and ideas you may have by clearing out negative thoughts from a cluttered mind. 

Key Traits Of January Birthstones

Willpower, energy, and confidence are three of the main traits of the January birthstones, however, there are also a select few that specialize in enhancing and elevating an individual’s own faith along with their feelings of love and affection. 

Some of these January birthstones are also associated with confidence, power, and authority, which could often be seen being worn by warriors and kings many centuries ago, along with being commonly worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans. 

Like all other birthstones, stones associated with the month of January are also thought to bring good luck, good health, and a greater awareness of spirituality when they are near the user. 

What Is The Most Well Known January Birthstone?

While there are a few gemstones that have now become associated with the month of January, garnet is the stone that is most well-known as the birthstone related to January which is commonly found in Myanmar, Brazil, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. 

The primary reason it is so popular is because of its history as being an admired stone amongst individuals of high status including the nobility, kings and queens.

Not only was it commonly worn by clergy all the way back in the Middle Ages, but garnet was also incredibly popular among royal families and wealthy individuals in Europe across the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Garnet has also been used in some of the most popular ornaments and pieces of jewelry in the world, such as the pyrope hair comb which features an array of rose-cut pyropes with a garnet stone sitting at the crest, symbolizing a queen surveying her court. 

Because of its rich and wealthy history, this has made garnet most widely recognized as the stone that most closely relates to the month of January, especially in regards to its properties of well-being, vitality, strength, and passion for friends and loved ones. 

Properties Of Garnet

Properties Of Garnet

While garnet is commonly seen in red, it can be found in just about any color.

Garnet is actually comprised of a group of silicate minerals that have been used since the Bronze Age, especially among clergy and nobility, where it was seen as a symbol of trust, friendship, and love. 

This gemstone radiates a strong warm aura that helps to revitalize and purify a person’s energy while also bringing them serenity and passion, with it being well known for its association with improving a person’s love life and personal relationships.

Garnet is therefore identified as a stone of inspiration, bestowing vitality and charisma to those who feel that they need to thoroughly clean out negative aura and energy from their body, mind, and soul by flushing out body toxins and keeping circulation strong. 

Other Birthstones Related To January

While most months will be assigned a single birthstone, more recently, certain months have had more stones related to them which have become commonly known as ‘modern birthstones’. 

The name was given to these stones because as birthstones have become more popular on the market, these stones were seen as being more affordable for those born in a certain month to purchase, along with the stone itself possessing similar qualities and abilities to those associated with the month of January, and with garnet. 

Most often, these types of ‘modern birthstones’ are stones that are either associated with the month before or after the one they have been attached to, so while they are less well known and only loosely connected to the month historically, these stones are still associated with those who are born at certain points of January. 

These are the four modern birthstones associated with the month of January:


While amethyst is the gemstone of February, it has also been linked to January and is easily recognizable for its deep and rich purple or lavender appearance.

Amethyst was actually worn as part of a necklace or ring for many Roman wives because it was seen as a sacred symbol of love and affection.

It was not only worn by women however, many men of poorer status would wear amethyst as a way to naturally attract wealthy women while also making them more charming and charismatic. 

Amethyst is also a natural tranquilizer, meaning that it relieves strain, stress, anxieties, and fears from a person by cleaning their mind of negative aura and dispelling irrational feelings of anger, rage, and fear. 

Astrologists have linked amethyst to those who identify as Capricorn, so if you are born later on in January, Amethyst could be one of your own personal birthstones. 


Chalcedony is a birthstone attributed to Capricorns which is often described as a creative stone because of how it imparts mental flexibility and verbal dexterity to anyone who keeps the stone close to them. 

Chalcedony was actually most popular because of how well it worked for carvings, especially amongst the Romans who would commonly be seen wearing it inscribed inside a seal, amulet, or ring. 

Its presence and relevance within history has carried forward into the modern day as many believe that the wisdom of those who used the stone all those years ago has been passed down, especially among members of the Rosicrucianism spiritual movement during the 17th century in Europe.

Chalcedony is therefore most associated with ancient wisdom, determination and enthusiasm, making it a perfect stone to keep close by during a stressful situation such as a job interview (see also, ‘Best Crystals to Wear for Job Interviews‘) or when you need to clear your mind of doubts and insecurities.



The smooth, opaque, and impure Jasper gemstone may often be seen sporting a red appearance, however, the stone is very well known for having many different color schemes including green, purple, and a clear white. 

Jasper is a birthstone that has become linked with the entire month of January, making it relevant to both Capricorn and Aquarius individuals.

This birthstone is linked with feelings of calmness, serenity, and deep relaxation and is an excellent companion for people dealing with stressful or anxiety-inducing situations. 

This gemstone is commonly known as the ‘supreme nurturer’ for its incredible ability to keep someone calm and peaceful and is seen by many to be the best gemstone for relieving stress.

This protective, warm and nourishing stone will fill you with strengthening energies while ridding any negative emotions and doubts. 


Known as the January guardian angel birth rock by many, onyx actually has a very rich history and role within Greek mythology where it was believed to have derived from the fingernail of Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and desire. 

Onyx is actually also referenced in the Bible (see also ‘What Does The Bible Say About Crystals?‘) as it was said to be a stone set into the wedding ring of Mary and Joseph, alongside the stone being mentioned by warriors who wore it in their breastplates due to its properties of safety and protection against harm. 

With that being said, onyx is ripe with powerful vibrations and is known to provide shades of strength, willpower, and strength, which is why it was most often worn by nobility and even kings.

Late Romans would actually carve onyx stones in the shape of the mighty warrior Hercules to reflect these attributes.

Wearers of onyx stones are encouraged to keep moving forward and to push through any obstacles, whether they be physical or emotional, with it still being a very popular gemstone that is used for many carvings and as part of jewelry set collections today.


If your zodiac sign is Capricorn or Aquarius and you are born in the month of January, it can be well worth making use of one of these birthstones that are all associated with the first month of the year and that all feed into your personal nature and energy, providing you with an array of benefits and qualities that can help to make your life a lot easier, especially during difficult periods. 

While garnet is recognized as the official birthstone of January, don’t be afraid to also look into utilizing a few other modern birthstones that have become more closely associated with the month of January as the years have gone by.

Andrea Daehma