Malachite: Spiritual Meanings, Healing Aspects, And Uses

Malachite: Spiritual meanings, Healing Aspects, and Uses

The Earth and other celestial bodies have provided us with so many minerals and stones that we can use for spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional healing. One of the most powerful crystals available to use, however, is Malachite.

If you’ve never heard of Malachite before, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this enchanting, vibrant crystal and its potential when it comes to improving your wellbeing.

Whether you’re struggling with fertility issues, another medical condition, or simply want to feel empowered to grow as a person, Malachite can help you to heal and enhance your personal development.

This is a complete guide to the spiritual meanings of Malachite, as well as this crystal’s powerful healing properties. Read on to find out what Malachite can do for you, and how you can use this crystal to change your life for the better!

Introduction To Malachite

Malachite is a mineral formed of green copper carbonate. It’s a monolithic crystal that can easily be identified by its rich, green shade and opaque level transparency, in addition to the dark, swirling patterns that can sometimes be seen on the crystal’s surface.

It is thought that the word ‘Malachite’ is derived from the Greek malakee, otherwise spelled malache. The crystal may have been so named because it bears a resemblance to Mallow leaves. Alternatively, it may have a connection to the Greek word for ‘soft’, which is malakos.

Malachite has been used at least since the ancient Egyptians, during which period, it was mined between Sinai and the Suez. Since then, the popularity of Malachite has endured in various ways.

It is still frequently incorporated into jewelry, as the Romans and Greeks did. It has also been used to make ornaments and decorative structures for centuries.

However, the idea of Malachite as a healing and protective crystal can be traced back to the Medieval period, when it was considered a protective token to ward off the Evil Eye as well as some illnesses.

Malachite is connected to the Heart Chakra and has many powerful spiritual meanings as well as healing properties.

We will be discussing the spiritual and healing properties of Malachite in this guide, and explaining how to use Malachite properly to get the most out of this gorgeous crystal.

Malachite’s Spiritual Meanings

From a spiritual perspective, Malachite represents many different things. The main meanings of Malachite are similar to those of Tourmaline and Turquoise, including protection, resurrection, fertility, and the afterlife.

Malachite is also associated with joy and the removal of pain, as well as growth and empowerment.

So, whether you’re struggling with self-esteem, anxiety, personal development, existential questions, or fertility issues, using Malachite as part of your spiritual practices can be very effective.

The Healing Properties Of Malachite

Malachite has a lot of general meanings and symbolic associations, but it is often used to treat and heal specific physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Here are the ways in which Malachite can help you to heal:

Malachite As A Physical Healer

As we mentioned earlier, Malachite is associated with fertility. This means that when it comes to physical healing, many of Malachite’s powers are focused on female health, specifically in the realm of reproduction.

If you suffer with pain and other unpleasant symptoms during menstruation, Malachite can help to ease these symptoms. The crystal is also used to help regulate irregular menstrual cycles.

Not only can Malachite reduce menstrual pain, but it can even help to make labor easier and less painful. This is why some people refer to Malachite as the ‘Midwife Stone’.

With that being said, Malachite can also be used to heal many different physical conditions. It’s a diuretic crystal, so it’s frequently used to treat illnesses related to the kidneys and gallbladder.

Blood and bone health is also improved with the use of Malachite, whether you suffer with low blood pressure, brittle bones, breaks and fractures, or osteoarthritis.

You may also find that your immune system is strengthened when you start using Malachite, and you may feel better within yourself because this crystal can encourage your liver to get rid of toxins it may be holding on to.

Mental And Emotional Healing With Malachite

As a crystal of spiritual, mental and emotional growth, Malachite can help to alleviate some of the mental and emotional blockages to personal development. That may include reducing the symptoms of anxiety or helping you to express your feelings without fear.

Your friendships and relationships are likely to improve when you incorporate Malachite into your spiritual practice because the stone encourages empathy.

Sometimes, confrontation and difficult conversations are necessary to allow relationships to grow and get stronger, and Malachite will help you to feel more confident in having these tricky interactions.

Because Malachite can help with sexual healing in the physical sense, it can also help you emotionally and mentally in relation to your sexual relationships.

If you have trauma related to sexual encounters, Malachite can help you to work through this and release the painful emotions you may be reliving as a result of these experiences.

Similarly, if you have experienced or are experiencing any forms of emotional abuse, Malachite’s protective and empowering qualities can help you to heal from this and seek out healthy relationships in the future.

Often, the things that stand between us and spiritual growth are buried deep within our subconscious minds.

Malachite can help to shine a light on the psychosomatic factors that may impede our spiritual development so that we can find a way to work through these issues and come out the other side with clearer perspectives.

Using Malachite For The Best Results

Malachite is a powerful crystal, but if you don’t know how to use it, you won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits of its healing properties.

Here are the best ways to use Malachite for good results:

Cleansing And Charging Malachite

Malachite Spiritual meanings, Healing Aspects, and Uses

Your Malachite crystal needs to be fully charged and cleansed of any negative energy before you start using it.

You can cleanse Malachite with tepid water, as long as you dry it throughout afterward and don’t let it sit in the water for too long.

When it’s time to charge your Malachite stone, you can bury it or place it under a tree so that it absorbs grounding, protective, and healing energy from the earth.

Malachite can also be cleansed by moonlight, which is an especially good cleansing technique if you intend to use Malachite for the purposes of sexual or reproductive healing.

Wearing Malachite

If you want to enjoy the healing powers of Malachite wherever you go, your best option is to somehow wear Malachite on your person. There are many ways you can do this, so you should choose the option that feels most practical and comfortable for you.

Since Ancient Greek and Egyptian times, Malachite has been worn in the form of jewelry.

Not only does this sunning green crystal look incredible in a necklace, bracelet, ring, or a pair of earrings, wearing Malachite on your body can enhance its power because its healing vibrations will make direct contact with your skin.

You may find that wearing Malachite helps you to benefit more from the crystal’s protective properties because it means you can have direct skin contact with the crystal in any and all situations, enhancing the vibrational effect the stone can have on you.

If you would like to carry Malachite with you all the time but can’t or don’t want to wear jewelry for whatever reason, you could put the crystal in a pocket.

Depending on what you’re doing and where you are, you could even hold it in your hand. This latter option can be effective when meditating.

Positioning Malachite

An alternative to wearing Malachite if you don’t enjoy wearing jewelry is to position the crystal somewhere in your home or office space where you can benefit from the energy that radiates out of the stone.

This is a particularly good idea if you feel that your home or office is being negatively affected by bad energy.

Some places you might want to consider placing your Malachite crystal include near your front door (to ward off negative energy and invite in positive vibrations), near your bedside (to inspire you to get up in the morning, contribute powerful energy to your sex life, and help you to feel safe and protected as you fall asleep), or on your desk to calm your mind and encourage growth as you work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Zodiac Signs Are Connected To Malachite?

Capricorn and Scorpio are the two zodiac signs with the strongest connections to Malachite because Malachite is a birthstone for both of these signs.

As a protective stone, Malachite can help to keep emotional, energetically-changing Scorpio safe and secure on their emotional and physical adventures.

On the other hand, Malachite can help Capricorns to loosen up and push themselves out of their comfort zone by helping them to feel safer and more empowered to do so.

Is Malachite Toxic?

You may have heard that Malachite can be toxic to humans, and to an extent, that is true. However, if you’re worried about getting sick from your Malachite crystal, rest assured that the chances of this are extremely low.

While Malachite does contain a lot of copper, meaning it has the potential for toxicity, this is only likely to happen when dust from the crystal is consumed or inhaled, which usually only happens during the process of cutting and polishing the stone.

You should never put Malachite in your mouth, and don’t be tempted to use any Malachite elixirs to treat physical or mental symptoms.

Which Chakra Does Malachite Open?

Primarily, Malachite is connected to the heart chakra, which is why it’s so effective at emotional healing and improving relationships.

Malachite also connects to the Solar Plexus chakra, hence its grounding and protective qualities, and the Third Eye chakra, which explains the crystal’s ability to enhance wisdom and, therefore, personal growth.

Can I Put Malachite In Water?

Putting crystals in water is a common cleaning method, but when it comes to Malachite, you may want to reconsider whether this is a good idea.

That’s because Malachite is a soft crystal, so it can be more easily damaged by prolonged contact with water.

It’s fine to run Malachite underwater for a couple of seconds as long as you dry it thoroughly, but don’t leave it in water for long.

Is Malachite Rare?

Malachite is rare compared to many other crystals and minerals. Malachite’s mineral deposits have been significantly depleted over time, so while there is still plenty of Malachite available to purchase at the moment, it’s possible that it could become very rare in the near future if depletion continues.

What’s The Difference Between Real And Fake Malachite?

Since Malachite is quite rare, you may come across fake or imitation Malachite when looking for this crystal. The good news is that there are a few ways to tell the difference between real Malachite and fake crystals.

The patterns on Malachite’s surface can sometimes tell you whether the crystal is real or fake. If the pattern looks too uniform, the chances are that the crystal isn’t real. You should also check that the crystal has a mix of various shades of green, since Malachite doesn’t usually consist of only one color.

Final Thoughts

Malachite is one of the most powerful healing you can use for spiritual, emotional, or physical healing.

Since Malachite can be used for a wide variety of different healing purposes, it’s a good crystal to have in your collection. You could use it to enhance your spiritual journey one day, soothe menstrual pain the next, and strengthen your relationships the day after that.

Remember to cleanse and charge Malachite before using the gemstone, taking great care not to damage the crystal with too much water exposure. Never consume or inhale Malachite dust or elixir, and only use the crystal in the ways suggested in this guide.

Andrea Daehma