Meaning, Healing Properties And Powers Of Caribbean Calcite

Are you wondering what Caribbean Calcite is and what it is used for? You’ve come to the right place. Read on for lots of information about the meaning, healing properties and powers of Caribbean Calcite as well as much more.

Meaning, Healing Properties And Powers Of Caribbean Calcite

What Is Caribbean Calcite?

Caribbean Calcite is a gemstone that is known to have a lot of very special powers, strengths and properties. 

The gemstone itself is beautiful, containing blue and rose colors that are fairly pale. The colors are meant to resemble the tones of the Caribbean shore and the properties of the gemstone are that they are therapeutic and relaxing. 

The gemstone reflects the sea and the pattern of the wave so it is known to have calming and relaxing properties. We will dive deeper into the properties of the gemstone later on.

What Do Caribbean Calcite Gemstones Look Like?

The Caribbean Calcite gemstones can come in many different colors. They range from light blue to beige to khaki and anywhere in between.

The gemstone contains a rainbow of colors within the one stone but they are never too bright, instead being peaceful and pleasant in their colors.

The colors of the gemstone are very relaxing and therapeutic and so you will feel this way just by glancing at them. The gemstone will quiet the spirit and relax the senses. 

Lots of people see the color and look of these gemstones as beautiful. They are great to take through life with you and bring comfort and tranquility along with them. 

What Shapes Do Caribbean Calcite Gemstones Come In?

There is no set form or shape of Caribbean Calcite. Every stone that you see will be different and they will often vary greatly in color and in other ways.

You will often see royal blue colors in the gemstone, but you will also see green and beige colors. In most cases, the colors are very nature based which is why it is seen as such a grounding and relaxing crystal. 

Often, this gemstone will have specs inside them which often are seen as resembling the sand where the color of the Calcite reflects the sea. 

This crystal is famous across the world and is often recognized and it often looks very similar to the Larimar crystal.

A lot of manufacturers incorporate this gemstone into different sculptures and figurines and there are a lot of products made using the crystal.

Do You Wear Caribbean Calcite?

It is a good idea to wear Caribbean Calcite. If you carry it with you, it is thought to bring this relaxing power along with you ensuring that the benefits are seen in every way.

Wearing this crystal will promote knowledge, insight and perception. You will have the benefits of developing and flourishing with this gemstone.

It will help you to engage deeply with your thoughts and feelings and it will also bring you closer to nature.

You will be able to appreciate the beauty in the world with this gemstone as it will give you time to slow down and enjoy things that would usually pass you by. 

Not only does it give you the opportunity to see the beauty, it also gives you the peace of mind to find joy in these things. 

Benefitting From Caribbean Calcite In All Aspects Of Your Life

The benefits of this crystal cross over between home and work life. You will see the benefits in both aspects of your life, improving your imagination in the workspace and your relaxation time at home.

This will bring more joy to your life in general, allowing you to prosper in all aspects of life.

If you feel that you need some relaxation in your meditation space, having this gemstone located in this space is very useful. It will remind you to be calm in those aspects of your life.

Healing Properties Of The Caribbean Calcite Gemstone 

Much like the water of the Caribbean, the Caribbean Calcite is very relaxing and it releases feelings of serenity and relaxation.

This gemstone is very relaxing and it is great to have in an environment where you need to have peace of mind. This is because it is often used to clear distractions giving you strength to appreciate your day. 

The frequency of the Caribbean Calcite is what gives you the strength to build up this energy barrier. It creates a great atmosphere for you and those who come into contact with you.

It is also great for getting rid of any negative and dangerous forces that will disrupt your peace. 

You will have the chance to feel the innocence, cleanliness and serenity that comes with this gemstone if you engage with its properties. 

This gemstone promotes your intellect too, allowing you to navigate your emotions and rationalize well.

With the help of this crystal you will be able to understand the emotions and limitations of people more easily, meaning you will be more empathetic over time.

As well as this, the gemstone allows you to become much more self aware. You will be able to regulate and control your emotions and enhance your bonds if you engage with this gemstone. 

Healing Properties Of Caribbean Calcite On The Mind 

Caribbean Calcite is a gemstone that is associated with intellect and increasing levels of awareness. It is useful in speeding up knowledge and the intake of knowledge, making it easier to reach enlightened ideas. 

The gemstone does this in a few different ways. For instance, it can be used to calm the mind, making you think more clearly and pointedly.

It also helps you to rationalize your emotions, letting your intellect take the lead. It will shed a new light on lots of different problems, allowing you to work through emotions well. 

This gemstone is very useful when you are learning, as it allows your mind to absorb knowledge easily. It will also help you to put your ideas into practice.

Meaning, Healing Properties And Powers Of Caribbean Calcite

Emotional Healing Properties Of Caribbean Calcite 

The gemstone is very relaxing and it will aid with calming you down. This can come in many different forms, such as removing any pressures you might feel from obligations and allowing you to see more clearly and calmly the things that are important. 

They are a great gemstone to carry if you are looking for an emotional break. The link to the Caribbean beaches and sea promote a relief from agitated minds and this promotes relaxation. 

The gemstone is meant to protect the tranquility of the mind by blocking out anything negative. As well as this relaxation, the Caribbean Calcite brings with it a feeling of confidence.

You will feel much more able to interact with family members and friends and build up relationships if you are surrounded by the energy of this gemstone.

Confidence helps with your ability to communicate well and regulate your emotions effectively.

This gemstone also enhances the intellectual side of your personality. It helps you to navigate your strengths and weaknesses to make yourself a well rounded person.

For this reason, too, it is a useful gemstone to use when you are trying to help others as it helps you to find your strength. 

As well as all of these healing properties on your emotions, this gemstone will also help to heal past hurt and shame. It is perfect for those who feel that their past actions come in the way of their present. 

If you are overthinking things that have happened in the past, then this gemstone will help to bring you out of this negative feeling. This can be in terms of your career, love life or familial relationships. 

Meditating with this stone will help you to move on from any of these negative emotions, helping you to move forward and develop in new ways.

Do Gemstones Help In Healing The Body?

While some people believe that gemstones bring emotional and mental strength, some people also believe that they can be used to heal the body.

It is recommended that if you are feeling unwell or for any serious medical condition that you consult a doctor. 

However, it is believed by some that the gemstones and crystals can cleanse the air around us, making it much healthier for us to heal.

The ability of this gemstone to clear your head and help you to relax will give your body strength to heal and build up strength and endurance. 

Healing Properties Of The Caribbean Calcite On The Spirit 

The Caribbean Calcite has a very positive impact on the spirit of individuals. For instance, the crystal allows you to use your spiritual skills and improve your empathy skills as well as your level of intelligence.

Which Birthstone Links To Caribbean Calcite?

The Caribbean Calcite crystal is often linked to Taurus. This is because they are a very determined star sign who want to ensure that nothing is coming in their way. As well as this, Libra relates to the Caribbean Calcite.

Libra are a very harmonious star sign and they work very well with the Caribbean Calcite. This helps to remind them to remove any problems and remain calm and relaxed. 

How To Meditate With The Caribbean Calcite 

The Caribbean Calcite is a great crystal to help you in your enlightenment journey. It is meditative and will help you to develop and understand your spiritual perspective in much more detail.

Because the gemstone helps you to remain calm you will be able to develop your personal identity with this gemstone if you feature it and consider it in your meditation sessions. 

As well as this, this gemstone will help to communicate with others and allow you to meditate well as a group.

You will be able to gain imagination and understanding through this gemstone in your meditation, so it will help you to understand where you need a fresh start and how to develop from where you are.

Caribbean Calcite And Relationships 

One huge part of life is the relationships that we develop with people, and the Caribbean Calcite is very beneficial in this respect.

Because it emits a relaxing and liberating energy you will be able to get a new perspective on relationships. 

If there is something holding you back from reaching your full potential with others, this gemstone will allow you to break free of these limitations because of the freeing energy that it emits.

It will give you a fresh perspective on whatever you find is holding you back from connecting with others. 

If you want to make the most out of your relationships and cherish your friends and family then this gemstone is a great one to have around. It will help you to cherish what you have and make the most of what you have been given. 

If you find that fear holds you back when it comes to personal relationships then this gemstone will help you to let go of these things and will let you see clearly what path you should take.

How Is Caribbean Calcite Used As A Therapy?

These crystals help to cleanse energies that we do not want around us. Usually these are energies that hold us back or make us feel scared.

As well as this, the crystal will harness the energy that you have been putting into these negative energies and turn them into positive energies. This will help you to feel lighter and more free to feel and connect. 

The main way that this crystal is used in therapies is through removing any energy that is harmful. This means that anything that holds us back will be removed.

Removing these feelings allows you to feel calmer, more serene and much more available to connect.

In therapies that use Caribbean Calcite, the feelings of frustration or fear are converted into energies that are calm and confident. This allows you to bounce back from the things that you feel may be failures to you.  

Meaning, Healing Properties And Powers Of Caribbean Calcite

Where Does Caribbean Calcite Crystal Come From?

This crystal originates in Pakistan. This is on the Arabian Sea. While you might think that the crystal originates from the Caribbean, this is not the case.

Instead, it gets its name from the color of the crustal as it resembles the colors of the sea. It also has white specs inside the crystal which look like the sand on the Caribbean beaches. 

Most of the crystals that you see will be sourced from Pakistan with lots of family run businesses sourcing it. 

How To Combine Caribbean Calcite Crystals 

When it comes to working with crystals, balancing the energy within the household is very important. If you are looking to create a calm and respectful environment, then the Caribbean Calcite is very compatible with Brown Aragonite

These two work together to clear any negativity and remove any anxieties that may be making you feel stressed or coming in the way of your productivity. 

With both of these crystals in the household you will have removed any of the emotional disruptions that might hold you back allowing you to flourish in lots of aspects of your life.

What Is The Energy Color Of Blue Calcite?

The main color in the gemstone is pale blue. This encompasses the energy of opening up and developing. It is a defensive gemstone as it is protecting you from negative thoughts, fears and energy.

It allows you to develop the strength to protect yourself from harm, so it is a very protective energy that it is releasing. 

Often, this gemstone is given as a gift to relatives and it is usually passed from an older generation to a younger one to impart the gift of being protected.

The energy is also very positive when it comes to developing relationships meaning that it is encompassing rather than lonely energy. 

It has a very calming energy which allows your tolerance to be strengthened giving you the opportunity to work through your problems and anxieties.

This gemstone can help to stabilize the emotional frequency of anyone who wants to feel more stable or act more stable at home or in work. 

How To Care For Caribbean Calcite?

You will need to make sure that you cleanse and care for the crystal to ensure that it remains strong and effective.

You should not wash the crystal in fresh or salt water as this can damage the crystal. Instead, you should place it in a bowl of Selenite in order to give it its strength. 

As well as cleansing it every now and then, you should also ensure that you keep an open communication with the crystal.

You should ensure that you massage the Calcite in your hands when you feel anxious or you need the effects of the crystal. 

When you are seeking the benefits more than other times, try to concentrate on the benefits of the crystal to ensure that you are getting the most from it.

Ensure that you allow the energy to take control and work with it to gain the advantages. 

As well as this you should ensure that you mend any energy that may go against the energy of the crystal.

Make sure to center yourself if you are feeling irritated or imbalanced by relying on the crystal to pull you back to the center.

Imagining the ocean, wind and beaches of the Caribbean will definitely help you to communicate with the Caribbean Calcite, ensuring that you are in tune with the energy that it is putting out there.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do You Need To Care For Caribbean Calcite?

Like any crystals, it is important that you are able to care for the Caribbean Calcite and cleanse it every now and again. In order to do this it is advised that you use brown rice or sage smoking to cleanse it. 

It is believed that water or salty water may harm the gemstone so you should not care for the gemstones using this. 

While there are lots of different ways to cleanse Calcite, the best way is to place your Caribbean Calcite in a Selenite bowl to recharge the powers of the crystal.

Will Caribbean Calcite Help To Heal Blocked Chakras?

Caribbean Calcite is perfect for healing blocked chakras. They help to cleanse you of any energy that is not helpful to you so that you can develop and move forward.

It is also great at stabilizing you, allowing you to feel strong enough to move forward. As it helps to heal blocked chakras, you will feel much more free and lighter with the help of this crystal.

How Can I Make The Most Of Caribbean Calcite?

It is not just having the crystal in the house that immediately helps with all of the things listed in this article. Instead, you will have to put in some work in order to have those things take effect.

For instance, you will be required to cleanse the crystals every now and then to ensure that they are having the desired effect. 

In order to feel the effects, the best idea is to meditate using the crystals. When you are thinking of any aspects that you want to let go of that relate to the Caribbean Calcite, you should massage the crystal in your hands during the meditation.

Remind yourself of the powers of the crystal to ensure that your mind is focussed on trying to move on from this.

Ensuring that you are in tune with the crystals allows you to make the most out of their healing properties and benefit from them more.

Final Thoughts 

The Caribbean Calcite is a very beneficial gemstone. The gemstones themselves are beautiful and they bring with them excellent energy.

The gemstones translate negative energy into useful energy that will help you to remain calm, use your intelligence and enhance your knowledge.

If you’re looking for positive energy that will keep you relaxed and grounded, you should consider bringing Caribbean Calcite into your home.

Andrea Daehma