15 Of The Best Metallic Crystals

Metallic crystals are a kind of crystal that is made up of metal elements, giving the crystals a particular sheen that is commonly associated with metals. 

15 Of The Best Metallic Crystals

All metals that are in their solid state are crystalline, even if they are microscopic in size! Because of these, metallic crystals can technically be grown at home, though they are more commonly grown in chemistry labs (see also ‘How To Make Beautiful Crystals At Home’).  

The crystals that come from these metals are often incredibly beautiful and with this in mind, we are going to be looking at some of the best and prettiest metallic crystals that you can obtain for yourself to decorate your home or use on a spiritual level if you so choose. Let’s get started. 

1. Copper Crystals

Copper is an element from the periodic table that creates a malleable and soft metal with a high level of conductivity. 

When it comes to the spiritual benefits of copper, copper is best known for its healing benefits as well as its emphasis on stimulating energy flow. 

As a crystal, copper is also known to boost confidence and align emotional and physical stability due to its role as a warming stone, allowing for the release of excess resentment and anger. 

2. Covellite Crystals

This particular kind of crystal is made up of copper sulfide that is hexagonal in shape and is usually black or deep blue in color, though it tends to also have flecks of dark red and gold on the surface. 

In spiritual terms, covellite promotes optimism and positivity as well as emphasizes the importance of maintaining balance, focus and determination. 

As well as that, covellite has a calming aura that can help with that emotional balance and focus. 

3. Magnesium Crystals

This member of the metals family has a beautiful crystalline form that can range in color from bright white to shimmering silver. 

In terms of the properties that magnesium crystals are thought to have, they are said to have a positive influence on negative feelings such as anxiety and oversensitivity. 

4. Silver Crystals

Silver is an ancient, precious metal that has had its uses in a wide variety of ways for thousands of years. 

Usually derived from silver ore- though sometimes mined from native silver- silver can be completely pure or can be mixed with antimony, gold or arsenic. 

Crystals created from silver are thought to bring positivity to the user, as well as promote perseverance and patience. 

It is also commonly used amongst other crystals, as the silver is thought to attract and retain the qualities from other crystals and use them in tandem with the properties of the silver. 

5. Pyrite Crystals

You might know this next metallic crystal by its nickname “Fool’s Gold” due to its uncanny resemblance to gold, particularly to the untrained eye. This is due to the brass yellow color that the metal has, as well as the metallic luster. 

However, pyrite is a brittle and, unlike gold, can break. Gold on the other hand will bend rather than break. Pyrite is also different to gold in that it will leave a brownish black streak behind, whereas gold leaves a yellow one.  

As a crystal, pyrite is thought to have properties to aid with self-confidence and give the user courage to come out of their shell and become a more dynamic 

6. Bismuth Crystals

Bismuth (see also, ‘Can Humans Handle Bismuth?‘) is known to be one of the most metallic elements to be found on the periodic table, with a brittle yet hard exterior that is coarsely crystalline. 

Its lustrous nature makes it a very popular choice of crystal, as do its properties which focus on reducing isolation within individuals, including spiritual, emotional and physical isolation. 

Bismuth (see also, ‘Bismuth: is it Naturally Rainbow or Not?‘) is also meant to encourage wisdom, as it is thought to create a strong connection to the user’s higher consciousness. 

7. Zincite Crystals

These crystals are made up of the mineral that is zinc oxide and have a structure that is hexagonal in shape. In terms of color, the crystals tend to range from red to an orange yellow. 

Zincite is thought to be an excellent crystal to use to boost creativity as well as one that can aid with overcoming negative emotions such as feelings of disempowerment when it comes to being able to make positive changes to your life. 

8. Gold Crystals

Gold is one of the most popular minerals in the world, so it is no surprise that gold is also a popular metal in the world of spiritual crystals. 

There are a number of properties associated with gold as a crystal, from symbolizing spiritual purity to producing a calming aura to lower anger or over excitement. 

That isn’t all that gold crystals have to offer though, as they are also thought to cleanse, develop and balance your thoughts as well as aid with self-confidence to battle any feelings of inferiority. 

9. Peacock Ore Crystals

This sulphide metal is made up of iron and copper and features a unique look due to the oxidization of the outside of the stone, leading to a beautiful mixture of purple and red colors. 

Also known as chalcopyrite, peacock ore is another metallic crystal that is thought to develop self-esteem and optimism whilst also activating creative energy, making it a great choice of crystal for artists who might be struggling to get their creative juices flowing!

10. Hematite Crystals

An iron oxide compound that is slightly magnetic and usually found in either silver, gray, red, black or brown colors, hematite is a metallic crystal that is thought to have a strong grounding nature to it that can create a calming aura. 

This is due to hematite being thought to support the root chakra as well as the solar plexus chakra, leading to an improvement in emotional fortitude and courage as well as creating that calming feeling. 

11. Galena Crystals

This lead sulphide mineral is one that occurs naturally as an octahedral crystal, but that can also be found within hydrothermal veins with other kinds of sulphides. 

In terms of the spiritual nature of galena, these crystals are thought to encourage bravery and strength if you have any particularly difficult tasks ahead of you. 

It is also a crystal that emphasizes the importance of accepting responsibility, thanks to the focus on improving your inner strength. 

12. Platinum Metal Crystals

Platinum is a well-known metal with a silvery, shiny exterior. However, it is incredibly rare and therefore worth a lot of money, and so it can be difficult to find crystals that are genuinely platinum-based. 

As a crystal, platinum has a mellow energy that can work wonders for those with heightened emotions, such as strong feelings of anxiety.

13. Stibnite Crystals

Stibnite is a unique choice of metallic crystal as it has an orthorhombic crystal system which can lead to prismatic, long crystals that are beautiful and artistic in nature. 

When it comes to coloring, stibnite ranges from metallic gray to black, and it is associated spiritually with the release of fears via the cleansing of emotions. 

As well as that, stibnite crystals are also popular for use in mediation, as they are thought to have a strong ability to encourage focus. 

14. Creedite Crystals

The crystallized form of creedite can range in color, sometimes being colorless or white, but sometimes being purple or orange. 

The orange form of creedite is particularly eye-catching due to its spiny nature, forming into balls with porcupine like bristles emerging from it. 

Creedite is something of a rarity when it comes to crystals, known as a “stone of light” that helps the user to access a clear meditative state. 

It is also thought to strengthen the connection between the user and their body, making for a crystal that is well suited for mediation. 

As well as that, the opening of the channels encouraged by creedite is also thought to heighten creative visualization and lead to an increase of inspiration for the user. 

15. Cinnabar Crystals

A rhombohedral, tabular and prismatic crystal, cinnabar is made up of mercury sulfide (see also, ‘12 Crystal for Mercury Retrograde‘) and can range in color and transparency, from bright red to brownish red and from translucent to opaque. 

Cinnabar is well known for fusing with quartz, with the cinnabar quartz being a popular crystal due to helping to stimulate the emotional body, build courage, enhance rationalization and release deep-seated anger, resentment and fear. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have fifteen beautiful metallic crystals that have a range of different properties. 

No matter how you choose to use them- be it from a spiritual perspective or purely for aesthetics-, you are sure to find the metallic crystal that suits you the best with our extensive list. 

Andrea Daehma