Over 13 Beautiful Crystals For Tarot

Few of us can actually see into the future, but all of us are curious!

Over 13 Beautiful Crystals For Tarot

It can be good to have your suspicions confirmed, and believe that you have a bad feeling about something for good reason. And it’s ALWAYS nice to know if something good is coming your way!

Tarot and oracle cards are frequently used by those who believe in their power to receive insight into their future or current predicaments, and to find strength and guidance to navigate their way forward in their lives (for more information regarding the difference between Oracle and Tarot cards, read here).

And this, again, is something that crystals can help with. The purpose of this article is to explain to you which crystals are the best ones to use for doing tarot or oracle card readings, for yourself or others.

And without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Best Crystals To Store With Your Tarot Or Oracle Cards

1. Smoky Quartz

You will need to imbue your tarot or oracle cards with the right kind of energy when they are stored away. The last thing you want is for them to become too good an absorber of any negativity energy in the room.

This is why I recommend storing your tarot or oracle cards with a suitable crystal lying on the top of them. Before you store your cards away after a reading, be sure to charge your chosen crystal and place it on the top of the deck wherever they are stored.

Smoky quartz is an excellent option for this because it eliminates any nasty, negative or harmful vibes.

It also helps to relieve the tarot reader of any anxieties they may have about doing the reading, so that the reading can begin with a feeling of positivity and confidence. 

Best Crystals For Cleansing A Deck Of Tarot Or Oracle Cards

2. Clear Quartz Or Selenite

Stunning clear quartz, with its light sparkle and shine, is an excellent crystal for cleansing your tarot or oracle cards in preparation for a reading. And its doppelgänger selenite works just as well and in much the same way.

There are several ways to cleanse your deck before a reading, and using crystals is just one of them.

Clear quartz and selenite help to cleanse a tarot deck by clearing it of its previous energies that reside following the deck’s last use.

These cleansing crystals also help to strengthen the connection of the tarot reader with their higher self or intuition.

Best Crystals To Use Before Doing A Tarot Or Oracle Card Reading

3. Obsidian

The truth is that the nature of your feelings and energies prior to a tarot reading can affect how the reading plays out.

So with that in mind, you should aim first to clear any undue negative energy that may be in the air, and secondly to ensure that you’re feeling fully balanced, centered and grounded prior to connecting with your angels and spirit guides.

This is where powerful, protective stones like obsidian come into play.

Obsidian is an excellent stone for protecting bearers of negativity from within and without, and guides you instead to light and love, all the while ensuring that you are fully grounded.

Prior to doing a tarot card or oracle reading, whether it for yourself or for others, it is best practice to cleanse both the cards and yourself before you begin.

Best Crystals For Doing Tarot Or Oracle Card Readings For Yourself

4. Angelite

Angelite gets its name from association with the angels.

If you wish to call on heavenly guidance to inform your tarot reading, beautiful blue angelite crystals have the power to invite your spiritual guides to come forth to you from the spirit realm in order to pass on their messages in the form of the chosen cards.

Angelite is also a very calming crystal and can be very soothing for those doing a reading on themselves if they have any anxieties about what the cards may show.

Angelite brings a wisdom and clarity that can help the tarot reader to clearly see the meanings of each of the tarot cards upturned.

5. Moonstone

Moonstone is so beautiful. It has a wonderful semi-transparent nature, ranging from opaque and colorless, to a gentle white, often featuring blues and silvers as well, and on occasion yellow and grays.

It’s an excellent stone for use in tarot readings for a number of reasons…

Moonstone enhances clairvoyance in the tarot reader by stimulating and strengthening their natural spiritual gifts and psychic intuition.

It is connected to female energies and the cycles of the moon and cosmos. And by using moonstone in tarot readings, you can access these energies, so that they can then impart their guidance through the cards.

The moonstone also symbolizes a new start, which is great for those tarot readings who are hoping to hear about a change in their circumstances.

6. Spirit Quartz

You can use tarot and oracle cards to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, where you are in the world, and what your possibilities are.

And a great way to do this is by using crystals together with your tarot or oracle cards. The best crystal for this is spirit quartz. Spirit quartz is an unusual variety of quartz crystal that’s only found in South Africa.

It is also known by several other names, due to its intriguing appearance, including cactus quartz, pineapple quartz, and porcupine quartz.

Spirit quartz has an undeniable ability to nurture and develop your spiritual growth, enhancing any psychic ability that you may already have.

It helps the tarot reader to look deep within themselves and to connect with their higher self and intuition, in order to derive better insight on exactly what the cards have to say.

Best Crystals For Doing Tarot Or Oracle Card Readings For Others

7. Rose Quartz

Doing a tarot or oracle card reading for someone else requires more than just about storing the cards well, cleansing them, and even your psychic abilities and connection to heavenly spirits (learn more here).

It also requires your tact and diplomacy with the person you’re doing the reading for.

So, if you are doing a reading for someone else, I 100% recommend that in addition to whatever crystals you decide to use for tapping into your inner wisdom, that you also have some rose quartz to aid you.

Rose quartz is the stone of empathy and compassion, and it’s an important stone to have at hand when you have to break bad news or if a situation has to be handled delicately with due care and attention.

8. Blue Lace Agate

This is another gentle and calming stone that’s good to have on your person when doing a tarot reading for others.

Blue lace agate is known for stimulating the throat chakra, which is important for communication and speaking the truth.

It helps the tarot or oracle reader to better articulate what the cards are showing them for the person, so that any observations and guidance can be imparted for best effect.

9. Labradorite

Labradorite is a beautiful blue-green stone that has a wonderful rainbow sheen to it.  It’s an excellent stone for connecting with other realms, and is said to imbue the wearer with abilities of prophecy foretelling, past live readings, telepathy, and even clairvoyance, seeing the future.

Best Crystals To Use For Particular Types Of Tarot Readings

If someone comes to you requesting a tarot reading that answers a question relating to a specific issue, then you can use crystals relating to that particular issue.

10. Rose Quartz For Love

For example, if the issue relates to affairs of the heart, you can use pink crystals that represent love and kindness, such as rose quartz to better attune to the relevant energies. 

11. Chrysocolla Or Aventurine For Finances And Prosperity

While for matters related to prosperity, growth, and finances, you may wish to use forest green colored crystals such as chrysocolla or aventurine.

12. Fluorite Or Moonstone For Fertility And Pregnancy

And when it comes to matters relating to fertility and pregnancy, there are special stones for that, too, such as fluorite or moonstone.

Best Crystals For Using Tarot Cards For Manifestation

13. Citrine

Citrine is a joyful, bright yellow crystal, reminiscent of brighter days and feeling full of energy. 

And that’s exactly the kind of vibe you need when you are charging your tarot cards with a view to using them for manifestation.

Citrine is just going to go out and get your desires for you, and realize your dreams. It will rid the area of negativity and anxieties and bring only good vibes, good wishes, and great things.

To be fair, in my view, it’s often trickier to decide which tarot cards to use for manifestation and law of attraction purposes than it is to decide which crystal to use. 

Wrap Up

Crystals are great aids for tarot and oracle card readings. This article is just a guide, however, and you should always go with your intuition when choosing both crystals and tarot or oracle cards. I hope your future shines as bright as a crystal!

Andrea Daehma