18 Positive Energy Crystals

We have our dark moments when negativity overcomes us, and we are struggling to stay optimistic. There are also times when we feel like we are unable to summon up the positive energy inside us and we must look to outside sources.

18 Positive Energy Crystals

This is where crystals come in. These rocks are taken from the earth and each one has its own unique abilities to be able to conjure up things inside us that we didn’t even know were there. These brilliant elements can amplify emotions and feelings that are lying dormant within us.

So, what are the best crystals for creating positive energy? How can you dispel negative energy? Well, if you are looking for a little help for getting rid of negativity and giving you the spiritual courage to take on hardship, then look at our 18 crystals for positive energy.

18 Positive Energy Crystals

1. Rose Quartz

Just looking at this wonderful pink crystal, you’ll probably feel much happier. This is brimming with positive energy, giving you everything that you need to face hard times with a positive mindset. This is soft and can be easily made into jewelry.

This will help you open that heart chakra to get that flowing right out of you. Sometimes it might be hard to show love in a situation where it is not reciprocated. We would recommend incorporating this one into your romantic life.

2. Citrine

Another beautiful and fiery-looking crystal, this stone will elevate your passion and give you that fire for life that has been missing, perhaps for years. If you place this one around your house, then you’ll immediately see the difference in atmosphere.

This will help to mend your emotions, which will also help you get over any stress-related sicknesses. Bring more happiness into your life with the citrine stone.

3. Carnelian

This is a similar orange color to the last stone but hold this one up to the light and it will be transformed into a wonderful ball of fire in your fingers. This is the ideal stone for raising your spirits, giving you the confidence of a warrior.

This really taps into the root chakra, which has everything that you need to elevate your spirit and keep you grounded when a torrent of negative energy threatens to sweep you away. This is great for bringing only good thoughts into your mind.


This next blue stone will radiate calming vibes that will wash away all the negativity and leave you with only a clear-headed mood of positivity. This one targets the chakra in your solar plexus that can often become so constricted that you might start to feel it physically.

This kind of stone is also a great good luck charm, which is sometimes what you’ll need to approach a difficult situation. Mindset is very important for making good things happen and you’ll be surprised how the inner world can affect the outer one.

5. Tiger’s Eye

The tiger is the most ferocious of the animals, which is exactly the kind of strong will that you’ll need to tackle what can seem like overwhelming odds stacked against you. This one taps into the root chakra, which will help you to feel grounded and safe.

We would recommend having this stone as part of your outfit. Not only will it uplift you, but it goes great with a lot of styles and colors. This would also make a mean ring that shows people that you aren’t someone to be tangled with.

6. Amethyst

This is a very popular stone, raising your spiritual awareness and keeping you cool when the material world around you is going crazy. This one helps open your third eye, letting tranquility and good vibes flow in when you need them the most.

With peace and equanimity comes clear thinking, which is very important if you are going into a stressful work situation where you might have to make a lot of logical decisions. This will also help you deal with a tough family situation where a level head is required.

7. Clear Quartz

With clearness comes clarity and this stone has that in abundance. This will help you make decisions that are clear of emotion and allows positivity to fill the gap left by bad vibes. This stone helps achieve tranquility of mind by opening the crown chakra.

This stone is also known for its absorptive properties, helping to draw away all the negative properties and reinstate your neutral, calm, happy self. You could get a few of these stones and make a whole jewelry set from them for full-body good vibes coverage.

8. Malachite

If you are looking to create a positive change in your life, especially regarding illness, then we would certainly nudge you in the direction of malachite. This wonderful green stone will give you the calmness and clarity that you need to make tough decisions.

18 Positive Energy Crystals

Not only is this a great stone for positivity, but it will also be great for decorating your home. Get a few triangles of this and spread them around your home. This will help to draw all of the negative attributes from the atmosphere, leaving your living space clean and serene.

9. Sodalite

If it is confidence that you feel that you are lacking, then why not invest in sodalite, which is said to restore your natural swagger? Often a lack of confidence will be what stops you from achieving those high standards that you set for yourself.

You could buy some sodalite rocks and place them in a bowl as the centerpiece of your living room. You’ll be able to feel your mood lifting every morning just by looking at it. You can also fashion it into a beaded necklace, a mood ring or a charm bracelet.

10. Selenite

This is a white crystal, which means that it comes with plenty of pure healing energy. If you are trying to get over a long-term sickness, then having some selenite close to your heart will soon start to work wonders on your spirit.

11. Rhodonite

This is a great one for stimulating your creativity and giving you plenty of positive vibes when it comes to your artistic inclinations. This will help you apply your creative energies not just to artistic projects, but to your family and friendships.

This rock will also help you feel a lot more balanced, so if you are feeling unstable in your life, then get some rhodonite to restore a little bit of order. This will also help you to develop clearer thoughts.

12. Fluorite

This next one is perfect if you are looking to increase your concentration levels. Negativity is one of the biggest killers of focus, which is why you’ll have to get rid of those niggling distractions before you approach any project.

This stone has been known to boost feelings of peace within you. This is great if you want to take a breather in between projects and leave your work life behind for a few hours.

13. Black Tourmaline

This next rock is very good-looking, and you can easily apply it to most of your outfits. If you are looking to reduce the amount of negative energy in your life, then wear a nice, thick ring made from pure black tourmaline.

14. White Howlite

Patience is something that we all have a problem with, which is why it is so important to have a stone like white howlite that will help you increase your capacity for patience.

This will also reduce the number of negative emotions in you, helping you to concentrate and get a better idea of how things really are.

15. Green Adventurine

If you are looking to increase the abundance in your life, then we would recommend getting a stick of green adventurine or two. This will also help you in your financial life, which is always a sore spot for a lot of people.

16. Orange Calcite

These tangerine rocks will really help to restore balance in your life. If you are feeling drained of your creative energies, then having some orange calcite will restore those abilities to their former glory and give you the confidence to strike out on your own again.

17. Opal

If you are finding it hard to communicate your emotions, then opal is the stone for you. This will help you open up, not only your own unique expression but also help you to encourage others to relay ideas to you.

This will also promote understanding, which is the key to a more relaxed and positive mindset.

18. Jasper

This angry red stone comes brimming with possibility, helping you to regain some of that assertiveness that you might have lost through repeated negative thinking. This will also help you to increase your stamina.


Positivity can be the rarest element of them all, which is why incorporating one or more of these stones into your life will help you capture the positive momentum you need to succeed in all aspects of your life.

Andrea Daehma