15 Powerful Brown Crystals

When it comes to picking out beautiful crystals, there are loads of gemstones for you to choose from. Each of them has their own unique appearance, as well as their own uses, allowing you to pick ones for specific purposes.

Powerful Brown Crystals

The range of choice is especially true when it comes to picking powerful brown crystals, because there are loads of varied and fascinating brown gemstones available.

On the whole, brown crystals are symbolic of things like determination, endurance, and strength, but each stone has its own particular uses.

In our handy guide below, we’ve got a list of the best 15 powerful brown crystals! With each one, we’ve got a description of its appearance and a breakdown of the typical uses for the gemstone.

What Do Brown Crystals Do?

Although they each have their own specific uses, brown crystals typically link to the Root Chakra. This is all to do with the foundations of life, and things that are connected to this Chakra are believed to help ground the users.

This allows them to have a clearer and more secure understanding of life, meaning that they can cope with unexpected challenges better.

Brown crystals that have a darker shade to them tend to be really good grounding crystals to this end, with people using them so that they may be more intune with their body, mind, and the world around them.

With better grounding, a person’s energy is less scattered around, allowing a better understanding of the self. On top of that, these dark brown crystals get rid of negative energy, keeping the user’s mind open.

Meanwhile, brown crystals that have a more golden-brown shade to them are mainly used for manifestation, because they are believed to help grant people wealth and the things that they are hoping for.

15 Powerful Brown Crystals

1. Brown Andalusite

The first entry on our list is not necessarily one that you’re going to come across very much, but if you do then it’s a strong choice for a brown crystal.

The best Andalusite stones tend to be the ones that have stronger colors, so getting one in brown is likely to work well.

With that being said, these impressive stones are known for changing color when you view them from different directions.

In terms of its effects, a Brown Andalusite is used for a variety of things. For one, people use it in order to get rid of negative energies.

Additionally, they are used to help bring wisdom, as well as fulfillment and fortune in life.

2. Brown Enstatite

The Enstatite crystal comes in a variety of different colors, such as white, green, yellow, and brown. However, the thin sections of the stone will be colorless.

People primarily use Brown Enstatite in order to give them the courage that they need in order to reach their goals.

Although it’s believed to help people feel a greater sense of competition, it’s not a nasty competitiveness, because the stone encourages empathy and fairness.

3. Brown Sillimanite

These crystals are also colorless in their thin sections, but the stones are available in a range of colors: yellow, white, blue-green, gray-green, brown, and more.

In terms of effects, people will use Brown Sillimanite because they bring a wide range of positive emotions and outlooks to the user.

For example, they bring happiness and joy, as well as a sense of peace and calm. On top of that, they are believed to bring prosperity too, helping users to succeed.

4. Brown Tourmaline

Also referred to as “Dravite”, Brown Tourmaline is available in either light brown shades or dark brown shades.

It’s regarded as a grounding stone which helps people to become more intune with their mind and thoughts.

It’s linked to the Heart Chakra (which is all about being able to give love and compassion to yourself and others) and the Root Chakra which we covered earlier.

As a result, it’s a stone that is used by people in order to let them show their emotions better and let them run through their body much clearer.

5. Fire Agate

Fire Agate

The Fire Agate crystal either comes in shades that are a blend of red and brown or gold and brown (see also ‘8 Beautiful Red Crystals‘). It’s got a really impressive appearance with a particularly shiny quality that almost resembled lava or certain fires.

People use Fire Agate for a variety of reasons. For one, it helps people to make more decisive decisions when it can be difficult to make one.

On top of that, though, it also helps to deal with creative issues like writer’s block, making the mind clearer and more expressive.

6. Brown Diamond

Although diamonds might not seem like the cheapest gemstones for you to get your hands on, the Brown Diamond (see also, ‘What is a Simulated Diamond?‘) variety are some of the cheaper ones.

There are a few different types: the very dark Chocolate Brown Diamond, the dark Cognac Diamond, and the light brown and gold Cognac Diamond.

Whichever type you go for, Brown Diamonds are typically used in order to bring a sense of stability to the user’s life. It also helps to ground you, because brown is connected to nature and the world, making you feel like more of a part of it.

7. Brown Zircon

This is a really astonishing crystal in terms of appearance, with a beautiful blend of oranges, reds, and browns. Sometimes you may even detect some yellow in there too.

As for its uses, Brown Zircon can be used to help users feel more comfortable as a spiritual entity inside their physical body, bringing a greater harmony to these two states and unifying them.

On top of that, the stone works towards the removal of negative feelings like possessiveness and jealousy, while also encouraging compassion and love for yourself and those around you.

8. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz comes in various different shades, but they are unified by being either brown or gray, or a blend of the two. The different shades carry different meanings for the stone.

For example, a darker Smoky Quartz is more to do with grounding the user, while a lighter and more see-through Smoky Quartz will be about encouraging positive attitudes.

On the whole, though, Smoky Quartz is used to achieve a better sense of wellbeing for the self, as well as greater stability in life.

9. Brown Citrine

Brown Citrine has an especially lovely appearance, with a soothing shade of brown that looks almost like honey or caramel, and then lighter or white areas over the crystal too.

As for the stone’s meaning, Brown Citrine will be used in order to bring happiness and joy to its users. On top of that, it’s also believed to bring prosperity, as well as plenty of energy in order to achieve the things you want to.

10. Boulder Opal

When you see a Boulder Opal, you’ll notice that most of it is brown, but there are swirling patches of yellow all over it too.

These crystals are mainly used by people in order to calm their souls, allowing them to gain a greater sense of self-awareness and develop themselves better as a result.

11. Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian

These look almost like little pieces of fudge, with small chocolate-colored crystals that are shiny and have plenty of smooth corners. They also have patches of black all over them.

As for its use, Mahogany Obsidian might be used in order to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings, as well as to encourage creativity and strength. It’s also thought to increase passion within the user too, encouraging sexuality.

12. Axinite

This gemstone either comes in a solid brown shade or features a blend of brown and red or brown and violet. It has a bladed habit and its crystals are wedge shaped.

When people use Axinite stones, they are mainly using them in the belief that they help you to make peace with your choice in life.

If you have regrets in the past and you’re constantly hung-up on them, Axinite is used to move forward and focus on the future.

On top of this, Axinite assists people accepting the paths of life that they may not have control over.

13. Chocolate Opal

This is a really bright and brown gemstone, though if you look at it from different angles you’ll find that it has plenty more colors to display.

In terms of its effects, people use Chocolate Opal in order to stimulate their creativity, because it helps with original thoughts and inventiveness.

14. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

As you can guess, this resembles the eye of the tiger, with a blend of brown, orange, and black.

It’s primarily used to help people become more confident and strong, giving them the courage and determination to chase their goals.

15. Brown Jasper

The last entry on our list, these vary in color, from deep browns to brown-golds and reddish-brown.

Brown Jasper is mainly used to help remove negative energies from people, as well as ground them and bring peace.

Final Thoughts

There are many brown crystals to pick from, each with unique uses.

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