7 Powerful Crown Chakra Crystals

Ever wondered how you can become more in tune with your spiritual self? By connecting with your chakras, you can experience a whole new form of life.

The crown chakra is extremely powerful and is closely linked with our spiritual energy.

7 Powerful Crown Chakra Crystals

Connecting with the crown chakra can open you up to a new world of possibilities. It also has incredible physical and mental benefits that bring you a positive outlook on life.

Below are 7 powerful crystals that can aid in connecting you to your crown chakra and guide you on harnessing the power you will feel from within.

If you are ready to feel inspired and connect with your higher self, then keep reading!

What Is The Crown Chakra?

The crown chakra is located at the crown of the head, ironically. This energy center governs your relationship to spirit as well as your perception of universal consciousness, wisdom, unity, and self-knowledge.

It is linked to the element of thought. Violet is its symbolic color, fitting given its association with spirituality and enlightenment.

You are expressing your interest in a higher purpose and an elevated way of being when you deal with this energy point.

Attempting to achieve enlightenment? That is a very admirable undertaking.

In addition, the crown chakra serves as a portal to super-consciousness, a condition of existence in which it is impossible to perceive oneself as distinct from anything or anybody.

You are prepared to let go of misconceptions about who you are and why you are here when your crown chakra is in alignment.

X Crown Chakra Crystals

Below are X crystals that are amazing at helping you connect with your crown chakra and open yourself up to a new sense of energy.

1. Clear Quartz

Powerful Crown Chakra Crystals - Clear Quartz

Overall energy can be increased by using clear quartz. It can clear blockages and maintain equilibrium in the crown chakra.

Clear quartz can help to lessen pain at the crown chakra if you are already feeling it, keeping you healthy.

One of the best healing crystals, use this spiritual stone if you experience pain, such as headaches, at the crown of your head.

There are various types of quartz, all with their own meaning and uses. However, clear quartz is the most effective in bringing balance and keeping you connected to your inner self.

The Clear Quartz is a master healer, bringing with it vast positive vibrations, soul cleansing, and increased patience and prosperity for all who turn to quietly special spiritual energy.

If you’re prepared to allow it, it encourages happier emotions and can make even a little bit of delight into something enormous.

2. Labradorite

In addition to being excellent for creativity and mental clarity, labradorite is ideal for opening the head chakra.

You can identify what works best for your personal path in life by being able to view other perspectives on the topic.

Due to its creative character, labradorite, another stone that stimulates many chakras, also stimulates the heart chakra.

Insecurity, fear, and negative energy are all banished by labradorite, which also boosts confidence. It is one of the best stones for reducing anxiety since it makes the user or wearer feel more at ease.

Labradorite is most effective when skin contact is initiated. Wearing the stone as jewelry can help bring you peace and allow you to get the full power of the stone throughout the day.

3. Rutilated Quartz

Powerful Crown Chakra Crystals - Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is connected to the upper planes symbolically.

It is regarded as a stone of heavenly power that elevates and illuminates the soul and strengthens intuition by amplifying purpose.

This stone is a blend of rutile and quartz, allowing it to draw from the strengths of both minerals. The combinated is said to harness great power that is able to channel divine inspiration.

The higher mind is supposed to be energized and the aura purified by golden rutilated quartz in particular (see also ‘Everything You Need To Know About Aura Quartz Crystals‘). It’s even thought to improve telepathic skills like psychic communication.

Rutilated quartz is used frequently as an antidepressant due to its strong ability to ward off negativity.

It does this by encouraging forgiveness, which helps to ward off fear, anxiety, and self-loathing.

If you are looking to draw on the strength of a crystal in order to fight your way through a personal battle, rutilated quartz is a stone you will want in your life.

4. Rhodonite

This stone is not only powerful, but also extremely beautiful. With flashes of pink, this stone is often sought after for its beauty when worn as jewelry or as home decor.

Rhodonite is all about placing yourself in a healthy healing position so you can send those loving vibes back out into the world and do your part for the greater good, whereas Rhodochrosite, its sister stone, is all about sending loving vibes to your soul and taking back space.

In times of stress or vulnerability, we prefer to keep ourselves guarded, rhodonite allows you to open yourself up to love while supporting you on your journey to your higher self.

Rhodonite is radiant. Rhodonite is prepared to get to work on helping you tear down anything that might be having a negative effect on your self-worth for those who want to free their heart of pain and bring down the barriers that might be holding them back.

Rhodonite bracelets worn close to the heartbeat will radiate love to the heart, bringing your entire being into perfect harmony.

You can choose to pair rhodonite with other pink stones like rose quartz or its sibling rhodochrosite if you’re looking for stones that complement the mellow, loving energy of rhodonite.

5. Lolite

It will be simpler for you to communicate with your spirit guides and guardian angels when your head chakra is open.

Lolite is a stone that aids in both of these activities and instills a sense of spiritual equilibrium in your life.

When on a journey of finding your higher truth, strength must be available in abundance. Lolite is the perfect stone for providing an extra source of strength while keeping you balanced and grounded.

The vision stone is all about understanding yourself better so that you can stand strong, true, and independent in your power and have all the information and resources necessary to overcome your fears.

Keep your Iolite stone in your bedroom if you want to break free from codependent relationships and have better perspectives with your partner.

Having Iolite in the house can also help to nurture and make a reality for those struggling with addictive behaviors and wanting to commit to detoxification.

6. Morganite

Powerful Crown Chakra Crystals - Morganite

If you are looking to connect with more than one chakra at a time, morganite (see also, ‘Can Morganite Get Wet?‘) may be a crystal you want to consider.

With its crystal clear, peach-pink innocence, morganite embodies the first soft rays of dawn, which fill the heart and warm the soul, dispelling feelings of insignificance in the face of a huge universe and allowing for an awareness of the overwhelming strength of a Higher power.

This crystal represents divine love. It gives hope, comfort, certainty, and healing.

Morganite has a deep connection to the heart chakra which opens us to welcoming and providing love to ourselves and others.

It is also connected to the crown chakra, unlocking our ability to communicate with spiritual beings for guidance and assurance.

Morganite is most effective during meditation routines and is held tightly against the heart.

It can also be worn as a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is the finger most intricately connected to the heart making it great as an engagement or wedding ring.

7. Kyanite

Both your crown chakra and third eye can be opened by this stone. Kyanite can facilitate communication with your spirit guides and is helpful for enhancing psychic abilities.

It’s one of the best stones available for enhancing your intuition so you can communicate with higher beings on your own, independent of other people.

Positive pockets abound in kyanite; it is a stone that fosters close bonds, loyalty, the blossoming of friendships, and gentle and sensitive dialogue that doesn’t fall victim to people-pleasing tendencies.

Kyanite is deeply connected to different chakras, offering them a cleanse of negative energy.

Even if all of that seems like a bit of a leap for you, Kyanite can still keep things spiritually grounded by clearing out bad energy, boosting your third eye chakra so you can access your deeper intuition, and assisting you in balancing out an excess of yang energy.

The goal of this stone is to pierce illusion.

Final Thoughts

As the crown chakra is connected to the mind, it can be difficult to find balance and open yourself up to your higher self.

Crystals allow you to harness your power and to remain clear minded throughout the process.

Above are 7 of the most powerful crystals that are connected to the crown chakra.

Having them in your space or as a piece of jewelry can aid in relaxing the mind and allowing you to unlock your mind to something greater.

Andrea Daehma