13 Powerful Crystals For Anger

With intense emotions like anger, it can lead to destructive habits or behaviors, which can ruin relationships with friends and family, so if this is something that you are struggling with, you want to remove any negative connotations around anger.

13 Powerful Crystals For Anger

An imbalance, either through the space around you or physical energy, could mean a blockage in your throat chakra, which can cause excessive or adverse reactions, something you want to reduce through inner peace.

To achieve this, you can use a healing crystal, and to find out which ones you can use and how they restore this balance, you can find out more about them below.

1. Aquamarine 

Not only does this stone cure throat and respiratory issues, but it can clean the throat chakra, so you’ll be able to express yourself and speak your own truth, and in turn, it allows you to be tolerant of others, and become less judgemental.

Being able to clear the throat chakra also gives you clearer energy, so not only can you become a more compassionate individual, but you can have a calming presence that is approachable and difficult to temper. 

2. Rose Quartz 

These pink-colored stones focus on improving your relationship with yourself and others around you, so if you have worries or strained relationships, this stone is considered a grounding stone so that you can feel more rooted to the planet.

Reflection and compassion are great qualities. By understanding compassion and how to approach relationships, you can release any resentment and anger holding you back for a considerable amount of time. 

3. Peridot 

If you find that inner peace is hard to formulate, this stone helps to balance emotions, and the mind can show you clarity and encourages good health and restful sleep, something that many of us overlook during this journey.

You can also generate gratitude for your life and the people in it, where you can let go of prior grievances and jealousy, so you can be more resilient to negative comments and emotions that you can often come into contact with. 

4. Smoky Quartz

Another variety of quartz, this stone is known for healing cooperation, as the focus is on the root chakra, so any emotions holding you back can be let go of, and you can begin to see the truth of things. Something that can lower the weight of any excess energy you have.

You can also find that anger can appear in times of stress or grief, and this stone allows positive energy to wrap around you and act as a barrier should any negative emotions or stimuli are to appear in your physical or mental environment. 

5. Turquoise 

This stone has a few properties that it can reduce stress, anxiety, and anger. It can be a soothing presence where the energy around you allows for eliminating pain, so having one of these nearby can be like a warm embrace.

Suppose you find that your anger leads to stressful and emotionally draining situations. In that case, this stone can de-fuse these occurrences, and the best way to experience how it works is by looking at your throat chakra, which can be significantly improved by it. 

6. Blue Kyanite 

If worn around the neck, this stone can restore tranquility, peace, and harmony by reducing emotional and mental stress so that bodily flow can flow without any limitations. It is a popular stone to help with sleeping issues as it helps you feel relaxed.

This is very useful as a lot of strain and burden can weigh down on your mental and physical presence, and over time, this can build up and cause negative reactions, so for a calmer and more pleasant mindset, carry one of these in your pocket. 

7. Chrysocolla

For those who want to become more patient, wise, and compassionate, this stone can help with strained and tense relationships. You will be reminded that there are lessons learned from your concerns or the darkest regions of your mind or circumstances.

You might not be able to identify the issue and need an inner boost for self-limiting beliefs. This stone can connect your truth to reality.

So any emotions or thoughts that are holding you back can be minimized and made less of a barrier in your life. 

13 Powerful Crystals For Anger

8. Selenite 

If you find your space has a lot of mixed energy and want a cleanser, this stone is ideal, as it can help you shed worries and energies that can weigh down the heart, so you aren’t tied down and are free of any negative or limiting thoughts. 

This stone also benefits your crown chakra, which outlines your connection to your spirit and universal consciousness, so if you need inspiration, connections to the divine, or communication with the angel realm, a selenite can be carried around in many ways. 

9. Lava Stone 

Even though these smooth but dented rocks aren’t classified as gemstones, they have some powerful effects on them. You can alleviate anxiety, encourage tranquility, and stimulate creativity, something you may miss out on for a while. 

For wanting to connect with nature and be grounded, this stone can give you strength and courage in times of stress. If you’re going to show off your authentic expressiveness, you can combine it with Amazonite, aventurine, and labradorite for the fullest effect. 

10. Rhodonite 

Nurturing and maintaining relationships through love can be a challenging endeavor, so as a balancer that keeps any pain away from your space, you can finally confront your fears and worries about your past relationships where you can clear and activate the heart. 

You may be feeling resentful or haven’t forgiven someone for something. In that case, you can learn to accept this and become less selfish to promote calmness in any situation, and you may be in a self-abusive or self-destructive phase of your life, which can be healed. 

11. Amethyst 

This all-purpose stone is one that you want to include with your space, as these can help with feelings of fatigue, anxiety, or stress, which makes them popular with those who use them in bedrooms, where these feelings can occur more often. 

You may want to have a feeling of refreshment as you wake up, as all of the thoughts that could be blocking your chakra are removed and allow you to communicate better plus tap into your thinking, so you could benefit from wisdom from this stone, which can be hard to find.

12. Bloodstone 

This stone may sound sinister, but you’ll find that the grey and simple colors can give you the ability to kickstart something in your life, whether that be a new creative endeavor or a new relationship, as you will find your motivation is significantly increased. 

If you activate the health and recognition areas, you have a basis that looks after your well-being, and you can be in the present moment, so if you feel that there isn’t any structure to your life, this centering can put you on track by giving you strength. 

13. Pink Opal 

Suppose your issues concern the heart or anahata. In that case, this stone can unlock any intentions you may have and allow you to express your desires with a tranquil and calm mindset, so this stone is excellent for those who have recently experienced a breakup or are grieving someone.

These negative feelings can harbor anger, so by having a stone that strengthens the connection to our inner selves, we can become stronger and learn that perhaps we don’t need to lean on others as much as we have done already. 

How To Use These Stones 

If looking to unblock the throat or heart chakra, the pink opal, selenite, amethyst, smoky quartz, and aquamarine should be worn as close to the area as possible wearing them on a necklace or used under a pillow are effective methods of using them.

Or you can hold onto a crystal in your hand or place it in your pocket, where you can draw from its energy and use it to focus on your breathing or thoughts, as these are positive elements of any form of contemplation or meditation.

You could also add them to an altar, place them in various places in your home, use them in your decor, use them during yoga, or create a geometrical grid where you can magnify their power (see also ‘18 Beautiful Crystals For Yoga‘).


With some recommendations, you can mix up some of these stones, but the amethyst, in general, is the better one to have as it is an all-in-one stone, so you can find it can help you in many other aspects of your spiritual and emotional journey. 

It’s a good idea to have a good mix of these stones, as you may have different emotions in various spaces, so you’ll need that spiritual and emotional clarity. 

Andrea Daehma